Snowy Mountain Quests. I thought it was a quest I could do many times, but it was conditional on Nine Tails being able to Tame. There was no one in the village that Renchan and I visited together.

"I miss you a little."


I'll take a look around the village together. Really, nothing. Lulu said that the book left in the village said about the ice cave. Well, it doesn't seem to be a flag of any sort, so if you don't have to look at it, you just know where it is.

Leave the village and go to the top. It looks like the fox is gone, and it has become a really lonely mountain. I don't think anybody checked it because I got into this state. That's why they've never found us before.

The summit is an area with large rocks. There are nine tails standing on this large rock, attacking the approaching player, which is the flow of quests I have experienced.

That magnificent Nine Tails was very cool. There are players who come to the snowy mountains without any rewards to see him.

In the shadow of the great rock was the great hole.

"I wonder if this hole is a cave. I can't believe there's a hole in this place...."

I don't think I could have found it because I had to tame Nine Tails. I was a tamer myself, but I didn't think I was going to take too many other tames with a shiro.

"Well, well. Well then, a little bit."

Start broadcasting. A sphere of light immediately appeared, and comments began to flow.

Oh, I'll see you later.

A penguin! A penguin!

"Huh? Where are we?

"Guys. I'm on my way to the snowy mountain. As I was told, there was a big hole on the rock side without nine tails."

Move the sphere of light to show the hole. Oops, comments are flowing. It's quite a big hole. I think I can get through if it's about the size of Dia.

"Well then, Ron. I'll see what's going on first...."


When I tried to explain, Len shouted a short voice. Soon after I wondered what happened, the white shadow I saw jumped into the hole.

You're lucky to know.

"You guys are lucky! Wait!"

I'm in a hurry and Len jumps in. I'm the one left behind.

"Hey, Ron-chan, wait!

There's no setup! No, of course it's not bad for Renchan!

I followed Renchan in a hurry and jumped into the hole.

All of a sudden, it's dazzling.

Well, it's raw delivery flavor.

After about five seconds of free falling, it was really a game, or I got off the ground without any particular shock. Lift your face up immediately and look at it. Yeah, what are you doing with her?

"Little... cute..."

Little penguins... chicks? What are you doing? My pussy.

There seems to be no particular danger, so I'll just check the surroundings for now.

The cave is like a dome, and we almost fell into the middle. A small round light can be seen directly above. Maybe it fell out of there...

This place fell on a decent dirt ground. It just seems frozen and very slippery.

If you skate, it'll be fun.

"I think skating can die here."

Isn't that right?

Yeah, I knew it. Really?

Surrounded by water. I mean, ice? It's probably a pond, and I think it's like an island in that pond. Not all the ponds are frozen, but there are holes everywhere.... ah, a penguin came out of the hole. I wonder if they're looking for fish from there.

Oh, you really are a penguin.

How cute to walk around.

The penguin chick is particularly cute. It's so fuzzy. "

When I saw the chick Len-chan was stroking, I knew it was fluffy. Ron smiles too. But no matter how I look at it, I've been close from the beginning...

Well, it's Roon-chan!

A genius to get along......!

In fact, aren't you reacting to hostility? Even if you want to catch him, it's hostile, right?

"I see. How's it going around there, Mr. Lulu?"

"I just can't deny it. If you knew there were penguins, you'd want to take them home."

I don't know how to make sure.

Only the operator will know about this. We have no choice but to guess.

Well, it's a game to enjoy, too.

Well, what about Renchan?

"Wah, wah, don't fight...!

Somehow, lucky and penguin chicks stare at each other in front of Renchan. I wonder, I can see the sparks scattering in my eyes.

"What, what happened?

"Young Beast Duel"

Lotus in a hurry is cute, but help him.

No, I want to help the mountains, but I have no idea what happened...

Yeah. For now, let's pull it away.

Approach the two and grab the roots of their necks. (Caller) I lowered the rash. Lucky for you, the penguins are squealing all over the place... are you angry? But Renchan is the top priority.

The lentil was obviously relieved.

So, what's up, goodwill?

"Um... I was fighting over which one hit my head."

"Ah, yeah... I see....."

Yeah, yeah. Oh, I see.

"It's peaceful...."

Mirei www

Well, that was more of a reason than I thought.

It's just a place to meet ww

Besides, it's on Roon-chan's head ww

You look like an idiot in a hurry.

Lucky on your head, penguins on the ground. I'm sorry, but Ron has a lucky prime seat on his head. Occasionally, it seems to give to other children, but not to children who have not been tamed.

The penguins seemed a little fluffy. It's no use looking at me like that!

"Penguin's eyes are pounding."

Did you really want to go that far?

I wonder what's going to get you so far......

No, really. Is there something on Ron's head?