If you were just a little stunned by penguin chicks, would you be a parent penguin? A big penguin came walking here. Look at us, but do nothing in particular. Keep looking at the chick.

When the chick noticed her parent penguin, she walked towards her parent. Stay at your parents' feet. I wonder what happened to that.

"Wow... I'm in..."

Looks like Ron is surprised too. I'm staring at penguins with my sparkling eyes.

"Um! Hello!

Say hello to Ron-chan. The parent penguin groaned and raised his unique voice, and basically lowered his head.

"That's a polite penguin... Are you guys seeing this? You're losing to a penguin.



No, wait, no way!

I don't know, some of the comments seem a little rushed. Before I tilted my neck, Penguin spit something out of his mouth.

Something, or fish. I feel like it's melting subtly.

And I'm going to give you the fish.

"I wonder if this is it. Thank you for taking care of the kids, I guess."

Of course, but......

The pictorial side is too bad wow

I'm pulling you all the way to Ron-chan.

Oh, really. Rarely, Ren-chan's cheeks are pulled. That's right, even Ren-chan doesn't want to receive what's been spit out. I know how you feel, I know very well.

Still, Renchan moved. Grab the fish and laugh at the penguins. I feel like I'm pulling it, but I don't care.

Thank you, I'll take it.

In Len's words, Penguin slapped his wings with joy. It's cute, but I don't know what it is, because of the sight just now, I can't imagine anything...!

This is a very difficult one.

That's strange, even though I smiled just now...

"I don't know if it's operation or development, but I want to tell you not to make it so realistic."

Really, because it looks like Roon-chan is pulling, right?

Now, considering the other penguins, the parents and children of the penguins were still looking at us. To be precise, give me Ron. The chick is also very adorable with her face out from below.

"Er... Is there something you want me to do?

That's right, Ron-chan, that's nice to the fufu too.

If I were you, I'd definitely go home for the fish.

Honestly, I feel stronger about going home, but I can't do that if Ron-chan stays. It's okay, I'm just watching. Yes, I'm just watching.

Mirai's eyes are dying.

"I know how you feel."

"Hang in there, Mirai. I'll be honest with you this time."

"Ahahah... Thank you....."

Lotus followed the walking penguin. I wonder where I'm going.

Penguin showed me a small hole in a frozen pond. Fish can pass, but penguins don't fit. Do you want the fish there?

Looks like Renchan thought the same thing and turned to me.

"Hey, do you have a fishing rod?

"Of course."

"Of course not..."

Normally I don't carry anything like that...

"What are you guys talking about? Ron is just fishing. I might be interested in that. That might be enough to have a fishing rod."

Oh, wow.

"Of course it's Mirai's thought. It's flying."

"Shut up."

I didn't think you'd come up with that kind of prediction if I thought you were pretty. No, it's fine.

I'll make a fishing rod out of the inventory and give it to Renchan. Silver, a little modern fishing rod.

"Thank you, Onee-chan!


Good luck, and when I stroked Len-chan, I nodded happily and ran away.

"I'm satisfied with that smile."

Mirai is a normal driver.

Oh, I see. It's not normal, though.

What is normal?

I wonder if they're selling fights.

"But I want you to think of that fishing rod as a world view."

That's it, wow

It's a fishing rod that seems real ~

That's from Gachaya......

Yes. That fishing rod came out of a mess with everybody from time to time. Relatively rare, but not the best rare, so I actually have multiple.

"Ah, yes. Are you watching the guy who fished for me yesterday?

Ah, it's me. Something wrong?

"No, I thought I'd send that fishing rod as a thank you yesterday. I'll send it to you. I have a proper name. I'll send it to you when it's over."

"Hey, um, no, thank you for that!

"Damn it... not only did you meet Roon-chan, but you even got a fishing rod...?

This is an unlicensed case.

Punish? Yeah, punish.


Yeah, it's kind of noisy, but I don't care.

"Everyone will be happy enough to just meet Renchan, but I think that's a different story again. I think we need to thank them properly."

Hmm... hmm? Are you serious?

Idiot, Mirai is decent!?

What's wrong, Miray, you're not feeling well!?

I'm banishing you all, you bastards.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Forgive me.


I wonder what they think of me. It's about common sense. I think so. No, I'm aware that when Renchan gets involved, she'll fly.