So, I'll follow you with Ron-chan. We're going to the end of the wall. I can only say that because I don't know the direction.

There was a hole in the wall. It's a size that makes it easy for everyone to go through. Looking inside, it wasn't as big as this dome, but there was a pretty big room.

I wonder if the bear is in the middle of that room? Sleeping round...?

That polar bear is the boss. He's the only monster I've ever seen. "

"It's suddenly happening again. Penguins don't attack."

I see. So be careful.

Well, it's too late.

"You guys will definitely keep talking while you realize it...."

No, well, yeah. Of course I've noticed, but I don't know what to say now.

"It's a bear!

Our Lotus stormed. Yeah, I knew.

"That's Lotus. Ahahah"

I'm not even worried anymore ~

Well, don't worry, it's useless.

"If I had such a huge bear in front of me, I'd be surprised if I knew it was a game."

Because it should be normal, I want you to take care of that sensitivity.

Oh, the bears are roaring. I'm not trying to attack Renchan, but I'm intimidating her.

"Lotus... is on alert...?

Oh my God, have you changed the specifications?!

If you change it here, it's too malicious.

It's going to be a specification change for Renchan. I'll be angry.

But I don't think you need to worry about that. Even if Renchan stood in front of her, she wouldn't attack her. I'll come a little closer, too.


Renchan's greeting went through as expected. No, well, it's a bear.

Ron is lucky on his head... aren't you lucky!? A penguin chick!

When will it be?

I switched them!

If so, who's lucky?

It's sticking to Renchan's back.

Damn it www

What are you doing? Wow

I feel sorry for you! Len-chan, let me help you!?

It seems that Len-chan didn't notice either, and her hand stuck on her head for a moment. Bring the chick in front of you and tilt your neck.

Looks like we decided to keep going for now. Lift the chick's wings.


Welcome aboard! Penguins! It was, though. No, but there was a good one. I was so lucky on my back.

"What a tearful effort..."

Tell someone about Ren-chan......

"Lucky, good luck. Good luck."

Yeah, I'll tell you when it's over.

Well, the polar bear was confused to see it already. Isn't that right?

Lotus stares at each other properly. What kind of conversation is going on between these children? It's supposed to be. Nobody knows that...

The bear suddenly began to walk. Ron chases after it. Something went wrong.

"Can somebody explain? I don't know what that means anymore."

I want to hear it.

Looks like it won't be a fight.

I don't know anything either. I definitely want to see it through to the end. "

"Eh, really nobody knows? What about the others?

I told you, I'm the boss. We fought and defeated them. "


No, but I don't think you're convinced. It was like fighting anyway, and I think I would defeat it normally.

A big hole is where the polar bear walked. It looks like a pond under this ice. There is dark water in the hole. Renchan began to hang the fishing line as a matter of course.

"Ah... Yeah, I guess I'll just have to save Lucky for now..."

Just do it.

"Still clinging to me is too healthy..."

Get closer to Len-chan and pull the lucky one off your back. Lucky wanted to go back to Renchan, but I want you to stay with me today. I'm sure it'll be over soon.

You're lucky to have a hug. Hmm, soft and fluffy. Cute nail.

Lucky really likes Renchan.

I still want to go back. Wow, that's cute.

It's good to be close.

We'll be together forever. Lucky for me, it's only natural that Ron should be on top of her head.

Oh, there's a reaction to Renchan's fishing rod. Len-chan immediately pulled the fishing rod. There's an automated system, so catch it right away... Is that it?

It's hard to catch. Ron-chan is in such a hurry.

"I mean..."

That's all I'm trying to catch.

"Hey, what are you doing, Miray?! Help me! Help me!

"Ah, yes, I see! Just go....."

Before I ran away, a polar bear stood behind Renchan. I thought it was a surprise, but it was just a worrying thing.

The polar bear lifted up Renchan's body and threw it up. Ron is desperate not to let go of the fishing rod. As a result, large fish were thrown into the air together.

Big, really big fish. It looks similar to the salmon just now, but it's completely different in size. It was a much bigger salmon than a polar bear.

"What, Lenchaaaaahn!?

That's too expensive! I wonder if the fall damage will occur here!? Ah, no, but I'm sure it's okay, the polar bear is under Renchan...

No, wait a minute.

"Perfect for bears! Can you give up that role?


That's right!

It's always oneechan's job to help her!

The reason why you're hanging out with the polar bear is too silly.

What nonsense! It's very important to me!

I'm still pretty good at this. I can't believe you lost so fast when you were in this early neighborhood! You're kidding!

"I'm gonna lose!

"What are we... being shown...?

It's a battle between a bear and a human. If you look at it, you'll see.

But the human side is unilaterally on top of each other.

Yeah, I don't know www

Whatever you say! It's oneechan's job to save her!