That's why I'm back at Renchan's home. Those who greet me are the furry ones. Ren-chan strokes the puppies before running to the snow mountain. I can tell from the look on your face, and I know you're excited.

By the way, there are still snow statues and barrels in the snow fields, but I wonder if they won't disappear. I wonder if it won't disappear...

When I climbed the snow mountain with Renchan and went to the frozen pond on the way,


There were three pairs of penguins, and three pairs of polar bears. It's kind of a strange sight to be just playing with a kid. The polar bear is supposed to be a carnivore.

Such children gather first when they notice Renchan. As I stroked and stroked, I started to get around to Len-chan.

"Fluffy ah... eheheheheheh..."

"Renchan's face is really melting..."

You're in trouble!

I'm happy to be happy, too.

I wonder. People's happiness comes to my nose, but Renchan's happiness is honestly delighted. "

"No, isn't that just too twisted?

I'll be happy to make you happy.

Oh, Ron-chan's back. Penguins and bears... seem to have returned to their respective parents. Is it time for dinner? Each one starts eating rice. Parent-child friendship. Peace.

Looking at it like that, Len pulled the sleeves of my clothes. Yes, what is it?

"What's wrong? Renchan"


"Oh? What's wrong with Roon-chan?

Something's stuck to Miray.

It's so cute in my feet.

Oh, this, huh? It was sudden, but was it caused by the penguin parents and the bear parents and the child? Ron is hanging on to me.

Then gently slap your back. Len-chan is holding on tightly, but I don't care. All right, good boy, good boy.

What is it?

Ron-chan, what's wrong?

Are you okay?

Ahahah. I'm glad we're all nice people.

"Perhaps, seeing penguins and sirokuma's parents and children made me want to be sweet to someone. You seem to be very friendly."

Hee...... Could Mirai's parents be friends?

"You don't have to listen to real people."

It's a violation of manners.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Let it go.

There's nothing hard to say without being in such a hurry.

Looking into Renchan's face. Nh, no, no, I'm holding on. I must have missed you. Can I go to the hospital now and see him...?

"Mirai? What's wrong?

Are you sure you're okay?


I'm worried...

"Don't worry too much about it. They're my parents, but don't worry, they're usually close."

I see. I was relieved. "

"But then, why is Renchan so?

"Hmm... No, I don't. After the game, I'll be alone in the dark room."



I see. That's right..... "

Normally, I take a bath with the nurse as soon as I finish the game and fall asleep right away. It seems that if there is a nurse with free hands, we may talk together for a while, but it seems that we don't have much time.

Play in the bright world and return to the dark room after playing. Honestly, I'd be devastated. If I thought about it calmly, maybe I shouldn't have invited Len-chan.

Roon-chan's suffering can only be understood by Roon-chan. What I did may have been an inconvenience, just passing through the intermediary.

Miray! Hey!

Mirai-chan, don't let it get dark!

"Don't cheer up, you idiot!

"What an idiot. What an idiot. I'm going to banish you."

"Wait, suddenly go back to your sanity and don't poop on the counter."

Please stop.

No, I admit it's stupid. Don't let me jerk off.



Is that it?

Oh? How's Renchan...

Are you back? Are you back...?

Len-chan looked at my face and smiled naughtily. She immediately walked away from me and smiled.

"It's okay! I'm sorry, I just wanted to sweeten it a little."

I see. Is that enough?


Oh, yeah.

"It's a lonely, complicated mood where Renchan is growing up and feeling happy."

"Hey, sweetheart...."

"Stop it. Cold eyes come to mind!

What is this?

I thought it might be true, but it didn't happen!

As usual?

Yeah, that's right. As usual.


"Yeah, what's up?

I'm tired today.

I see. Well, it's a little early, but why don't you log out? Take a bath and go to sleep. "

"Yes, good night, Oneechan."

"Yes, good night."

Len-chan disappears.

………… All right.

Well, I'll be right there.

Oh, come on.

It's already dark. Take care and go.

Say hello to Ron-chan.

The audience seemed to understand. They're really, really nice, so I love them.

I ended my subscription and just logged out.