The logged out Lotus was blurry. It's a dark, very dark room. It is a dark room that does not change in the morning, day, evening, or at any time of night.

There's nobody here. There is only Jialen. Of course, my family comes to visit me every day, and doctors and nurses come to see me often.

Still, Jialen is alone in this room. Always sleeping alone in the same dark room.

I miss you. I want to talk to you guys.

I hate solo nights.

How come I'm the only one who thinks so many times?

I think everyday that everyone is jealous.

Still, lately. Oneechan comes every day. It tells me a lot of fun stories. That was enough. I was satisfied.

That was supposed to be it.

I started that game, I walked under the sun, I touched the animals, I knew it. I want to play outside more, too.

But that's a wish that can't come true.

I miss you. You're heartless. I hate myself who thinks so, who is causing trouble.

Above all else. Above all else.

"I'm scared...."

I'm afraid. I'm afraid of being alone. I'm still not sure about the illness. I don't know what happens next. I don't know whether it will heal or not.

Maybe it gets worse and I can't see anybody anymore...



Suddenly someone hugged Jialen. I will look at you in a hurry. Oneechan looked down on Jialen's stomach.

Yeah, what are you doing, sister?

"Oni-chan...? What the hell are you doing?

I'm replenishing Renchan's share.

"Er... Doctor, can I introduce you?

"Hold on. I wonder what that means, Ron. No, I thought it was a pretty tight curse!?

My sister raised her face. It suits my eyes. Stay still and stare at each other.

Fuhee, oneechan laughed.

I knew Renchan was cute.

"Oneechan feels sick sometimes."


My sister pushed me down. Really, as usual.

"Oni-chan, aren't you...?

I'm afraid to ask. I don't like to be angry, but I thought I shouldn't have that attitude.


"I mean, I ended up like that, and it got cold...."

"Ahahah. I don't mind passing by all the time!

That's a lie. I mean, if that's the case, I wouldn't be here at this hour...

"It's true."

Oneechan is stroking Jialen's head. Gently and politely.

"I am. I'm still a student's kid. I can't tell you what's smart. Normally, even though I know that Bright Lotus is crying at night, I can only pretend not to notice and talk about it as usual."

I'm not surprised they noticed. Because it's oneechan.

Oneechan said to Jia Lian, who was listening in silence.

"But I can stay with you. Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I'll stay with you for a year, ten years, and beyond. I'll love you as much as your mom and dad are busy at work."

I don't know if I need that.


Yeah, that's good. This is good.

"Deliver it to Renchan, my love!

I'm going.

"Hacked off!?

In this way, I can talk about it with pleasure. Oneechan will be there. I am more confident that I am happy than anyone else.

Is your sister an aunt? You don't say anything clever. They don't even say a word of relief. And you don't get cautious or angry.

Just stay by my side. You'll stay with me. It takes longer than anyone else to give Jialen time.

It's not a lie that you want your sister's friends to take care of you. But more than that, he spends his time for himself. When Jialen is lonely and about to cry, she rushes to the side. I'm so glad that it gives priority to Jialen.

Oh, after all, I'm so happy.

"Hey, you want to stay today? Isn't that right?"

"Of course. Let's take a bath together and sleep together."

"Hey, are you okay studying? Are you mad at me?

"What do you mean your elementary school sister is worried about studying...? No, it's okay. Because I keep an average of 90 points."

Oni-chan, the teacher is kind enough to be an idiot.

"Hold on. Hey, hold on. Who said aunt?


"Okay. When I get back, let's separate the laundry because it's disgusting and say,"


Not really, I didn't know.

Hey, Ron-chan


"If you ever want to quit the game, just tell me.

Oh, I knew you'd say that. Jialen smiled bitterly inside and showed her a smile.

"Great, I'm fine. I miss the lucky ones."

I see.


Besides, even though it's a game, I spend more time with oneechan. So, keep your mouth shut.



"Thank you."

"Huh? Ah, yeah? You're welcome?"

After all, I don't think you understand. But it seems to be oneechan, so that's fine.

While laughing, Jialen hugged her beloved sister. This evening, I'm all alone.