Detective Conan's Exchange

Detective Conan's Exchange Chapter 1

brief introduction

"Welcome to the exchange, whether it’s money or fame, whether it’s social status or other people’s lives or other things, as long as you can say it and I can do it, you can exchange it, you want to do it for yourself What is the exchange? Explain in advance that you can exchange money with me, but you cannot exchange money with me, because money is meaningless to me."

"Actually, I am the demon who descended into this world!"

① "Detective Conan" + "Magic Fight" + "Hell Girl"

Chapter 0001

The Mori Detective Agency is a normal detective agency. There are two people living with a father and a daughter. The third-rate detective Mori Kogoro and Karate master Moriran are relatively well-known in this area. If nothing goes wrong, this detective office will be in the future. The fame will get bigger and bigger, because a certain Grim Reaper elementary school student, all this has been answered in the comics and animations of another world.

However, something unexpected happened here. Next to the Maori detective office, there was an additional office that shouldn’t exist. Its name is Huanye Equivalent Exchange Office, or Exchange Office for short. Here, you can trade for your office. Whatever you want, whether it is goods or money, or fame or status, or even a healthy and long-lived body, or someone else’s life, as long as you can produce something of the same value, you can exchange it. There are rumors. Said that this is an office opened by a demon.

Inside the exchange, there lived a teenager with black hair, black eyes and yellow skin. He was neither tall, strong nor short and thin. He was a typical Asian man, wearing a white T-shirt and white slacks. In a white coat, the dressing is a bit different, but it doesn't seem to matter how he dresses up. The important thing is that he has his own office at a young age, although this office seems a bit nonsense.

The young man’s name is Huan Ye, a weird name, and he seems to be a bit weird. He is currently alone and doesn’t seem to have any friends. If you want to say, because he often eats and drinks together in the past, he, Maorilan, and Maori Kogoro can barely be regarded as a friend, although Mouri Kogoro hasn't seen him much.

The exchange office is the same as the Mori Detective Agency. There is no business, even worse than that of the detective office. It has been open for several years, and it seems that there is no business. Such a comparison seems to make Kogoro Mori find a sense of accomplishment. , So I like this teenager who often runs over to eat and drink, although this like is almost negligible.

That night, Juvenile Huanyi stood in the office of the exchange and looked at the outside scene through the window. Night had already fallen, and it was already night, but there were not many people on the street. The only thing there was Maori Lanla next door. With a little boy rushing here, it seems that Mao Lilan is going to take the little boy home.

"Has it started?" Huanye touched her chin, but didn't touch her beard, so she was relieved, "The exchange house's business is estimated to increase!"

As he was talking, I saw the uncle Maori next door ran off, jumped into the taxi, and left directly with Xiaolan and the little boy. I didn’t know where he was going, but he looked anxious. , There should be a commission.

"If I remember correctly, it should be the little girl's business. It seems that I should go there. The first business of the exchange house will be opened with that little girl!"

After making a decision, Magic Night did not delay. He took a bite of an apple placed on the table, and then went out. To do business, you can’t just wait. Sometimes you need to take the initiative and the exchange is not. The detective office, if you just wait, there will be no business.


According to the memory in my mind, the kidnapping of the little girl was actually a play directed and performed by the little girl and the housekeeper. However, afterwards, the little girl really met the robber and was really kidnapped. In the school, the little girl seemed to have seen the chimney, but the so-called chimney was actually a building, but from the side, and because it was night, it was mistaken for a chimney.

"Then, it should be here!"

After looking at the building, Huanye turned his gaze to the other side. There seemed to be only one school there.

So there was no time wasted. Huanye walked slowly towards that side, holding an apple in his hand while biting. In fact, he didn’t like to eat apples, he just liked to drink apple juice, or he likes juice. But now, it can only be done.


The school is an elementary school, and there are no people at night. Huan Ye walked in here and quickly found the location of the little girl. Without thinking, Huan Ye kicked the door and walked in, and saw that she was tied up and thrown on. The little girl on one side also saw the kidnapper on the other side.

When the kidnapper saw Huanye, he immediately took out a knife and pointed it at Huanye, and said with a roar, "Who are you fucking? Do you want to die?"

Huan Ye looked at the kidnapper with a disdainful smile at the corner of his mouth, and didn’t say much, but the kidnapper seemed to be irritated by his smile, and rushed towards Huan Ye with the knife, wanting to take this directly. It's really easy sometimes to kill the guy who's in the way that comes in suddenly.

However, Huan Ye is not an ordinary person. Facing the kidnappers who rushed over, the disdainful smile on his face was even more obvious. The apple on his hand was in his mouth, and his right hand made a fist. The next second, the fist was directly printed on it. On the kidnapper’s nose, the huge impact instantly collapsed the bridge of his nose, and blood shot all over. The kidnapper had fainted because of the self-protection mechanism of the brain, and his body flew back uncontrollably, and finally fell to the ground motionless. Of it.

He took out a paper towel and wiped the blood from his hands, then threw the paper towel on the ground, snorted, and continued to bite the apple, walked to the little girl and squatted down. The little girl didn't seem to be too scared. , Looked at Huan Ye curiously, Huan Ye looked at the little girl, and the corner of her mouth raised a smile again.

"Open your mouth."

Hearing what Huan Ye said, the little girl was a little unsure, but she blinked her eyes and opened her mouth slightly. Seeing this, Huan Ye put the half-bitten apple in her hand into the little girl’s mouth. Then he helped the little girl to untie the rope, then took the apple back, spotted the place where the little girl’s tooth mark was, and bit down.

"Well, the taste of the little girl is really good!"

If there is a slightly older person here at this time, he will definitely look at Huan Ye with disgust, and there will be a noun: abnormal!

Or it's a psychopath, it's not a good thing anyway.

But the little girl didn't understand, she just looked at this big brother who squatted in front of her and saved herself with some doubts. Huan Ye was also looking at the little girl. Well, she was a very cute girl, she should be ten years old. Look like.

"Little girl, what's your name?"

"My name is Gu Jingzi, who are you, big brother?"

"I? I am, the devil who has come to this world!" Huan Ye's mouth raised an inexplicable smile, looked at the puzzled Gu Jingzi, and continued, "I am now running an equivalent exchange office. If you have anything you want, you can exchange it with me!"

"Exchange? Anything is okay?" The bright-eyed Gu Jingzi asked quickly, and the smile on Huan Ye's face seemed to be brighter, "Of course, as long as I can do it, then there is nothing that cannot be exchanged. of!"

"Then I want my dad to spend more time with me, okay?" Gu Jingzi said quickly, and when he said this, his expression seemed a little sad, "My dad is always busy doing business, and nothing When did you play with me?"

"This, there is no problem at all." Huan Ye said that this is just a trivial thing for him, something that is easy to do, "Then, what do you want to exchange?"

"I can pay!"

"This is not possible. Let your dad accompany you. This involves time. If time is involved in the exchange project, it can't be solved by money. Let's change it."

"Then...what do you want?" Gu Jingzi couldn't say anything, so she had to ask what Huanye wanted. After hearing this question, Huanye touched her chin, what did she want?

After thinking about it for a long time, I didn’t understand, but looking at Gu Jingzi, his eyes rolled, and a smile appeared immediately, "Well, you are my first trader and let me make my first business. Come on, let me give you a preferential price. Just do one simple thing."

Speaking, he threw the apple core on his hand aside, hooked Gu Jingzi's chin with his fingers, and moved up in the little girl's puzzled eyes...

Therefore, the guy Huanye is a beast. Taking advantage of the young girl's ignorance, he directly grabbed the first kiss from other people. She was obviously only a ten-year-old girl, and he was able to get it off.

However, perhaps as he himself said, he just descended into this world, devil!


I don’t know how long it took. The little girl who felt a little out of breath pushed Huan Ye’s body with her little hands. Huan Ye did not continue, she let go of the little girl and watched her blushing and panting slightly. , The corner of his mouth raised a smile again.

"Is it fun?"


The little girl replied, in a daze, she seemed to understand something, and she didn't seem to understand anything. What happened on this day made the little girl a little overwhelmed, but it is certain that this night will let her Unforgettable forever.

Huanye didn't say much, but took out a business card and handed it to Gu Jingzi. After she took it, she said, "Take this away. There is my phone number and address on it. If you want to What you want to exchange, just come to me, now, let me take you back, and let the exchange be realized."

After speaking, he stretched out his hand, Gu Jingzi put the business card away, and took Huanye’s hand, Huanye took her out of here, and while walking, he said, "The specific things to exchange are only It’s limited to the two of us knowing. If I let others know, I have the right to stop the exchange."


Regardless of whether he understands it or not, Gu Jingzi still responded. A white and delicate little hand was grasped by Huanye. Although he did not understand anything, at this time, he always felt inexplicably at ease, unlike his father or other uncles. The feeling when the aunt pulls herself is always a kind of infatuation, maybe it is like a brother, or some other feeling, anyway, Gu Jingzi's little head doesn't understand these things.


The two quickly returned to Tan Jingzi’s house. At this time, Tan Jingzi’s father was still discussing the case with Mori Kogoro, the neighbor of Huan Ye’s neighbor, and Xiao Lan and the little boy named Reaper... It was on one side, seeing Huan Ye bringing the little girl back, and was a little surprised.

Huanye didn't care about this, and directly brought Gu Jingzi to her father, and said with a smile, "I am Huanye from the Huanye Exchange, and Qianjin is my client."

"Exchange?" Gu Jingzi's father didn't understand, and it was difficult to understand at this time, but Huan Ye didn't explain so much, and the voice seemed to say with a certain magical nature, "In the future, I will spend more time with Jingzi. Play, understand?"

"Yes, I understand." Gu Jingzi's father nodded without hesitation. Seeing this, Huanye smiled again. With special abilities, he couldn't refuse and returned Gu Jingzi to him. Then he waved his hand directly to Gu Jingzi, "The exchange is complete, goodbye!"

After speaking, I left directly. It would be more comfortable to go back to sleep at night!

Chapter 0002 The Second Business