Lin coconut roast the squid in the street was seventeen when he saw the star brother. The man bought a squid string of 50 yuan, and he took his shoulder behind him when he took the chili powder. Lin coconut is a neuropathy that runs out in the mental hospital, almost no bottle of pepper powder is sprinkled on the opponent's face.

The latter left shed the right hide, and the pepper powder fell on a very new suit, and he did not have any angry, just asked him: "Do you have to dance?"

Lin coconut said.

When I was still in my child, my parents were still there, I didn't have a shortness of my family, and my family had a long life, Lin Cocus learned. Piano guitar painting dances, I have learned for several years. It was not until a few years ago.

The star brother pinchs the squid of 50 yuan to eat in the roadside to the dark forest coconut, only to ask him: "Are you very lack?"

Lin coconuts live together, although not very lack of money, but not enough for him to continue to go to school. Star brother looks at his face and dance skills. A mouth will take the exercise to do an idol. The month is not a dream to say the sky. The Lin has not really stepped into the society, and it is missing the ability to distinguish it. It seems that I don't understand the star brother.

The exercise life is two years.

Lin coconut is holding basic salary, and the province will send it to grandmother, and only have a chance to go home in the festival. Lin Cocus gradually understood, with it, it is better to continue to go home to do the roadside booth, and will go home and grandmother after paying home every night.

At the end of the company, the company will expire. When there is still three months from the end of the year, Lin coconam's grandmother is hospitalized. Lin coconut asks for the company, the company sees that he has the meaning of thinking, and it does not mention the consensus of the contract, even throws another contract to him. "You signed this, I will give you three now. Monthly fake. "

Lin coconut did not speak.

Leaders also said: "Is your family not getting sick and hospitalized? Lack of money can be borrowed to the company."

Linbu listened, I didn't say it.

When I was carrying out the suitcase to the hospital ward, I was so happy to say to my grandmother. "Wait until I came back next year, I can come back with you."

Who knows that the old man can't be able to spend this year, and even can't get this harsh winter.

Lin coconut is finished in the past, laying a dustproof cloth in the family, and holding the baggage back to the company.

After the New Year's Day, the company sent him to the small island recorded by the other three.

When you go in, the dormitory is called by the company, Lin Ji and his own people live together, and there are two people of another company.

The show is the eleventh draft show of the hundred miles, and only 11 people in one hundred people can group. Everyone's retaining rights are held in the hands of the fan, the strength and the lens are equally important. On the first day of the Island, five roommates were in the next door, and they went to the cafeteria in the cafeteria, and the Lin coconut lying on the upper bed.

He didn't want to advance and didn't want to make it. He just want to go home soon. He promised to have a grandmother to go back to accompany her.

In the company and Lin coconut, I have been a two-year roommate, I helped him pack the food, and the five people in the middle are pulled into another dormitory to play the wolf. Number, called Lin Cocus to come over.

Lin coconut played a mobile phone in bed, only went out of bed. Following the memory from the corridor, I found it, and finally stopped in front of the opposite dormitory.

Looking up, I hit one person and sat in the sofa. The other person was squatting in the legs of the person. He took the shoulder of the person. He leaned his head to the face, but he was used by the other hand. Celese the chin and suddenly in half.

As so much, this picture is not strange in the company's dormitory.

Lin coconut is quietly apologized, but when you want to close it, I saw the person sitting on, and looked up, looked at Lin coculant, lifting the line, but fierce, "Changcheng you like this I can't see it, the door is only barely to enter the eye. "

The person who smashed his eyes in his eyes, and faded his affection.

Lin coconin is slightly smuggled, and the bottom is slightly discomfort, but it does not want to have a life. After back, you will go away, but the back is on the back of the person.

He turned his head, and this found that there was still one hand to hold the chest station outside the door, and the words smiled without sound.

Lin coconut turned around to watch the lunter, the people who have seen in the brain, have seen a variety of handsome outlines that have seen, and finally fixed in the sofa in the door to lift the lower jaw and sweep over. Eye.

In the next second, the phone ringtone sounded in a timely manner.

Lin coconut picks up the phone, accelerating the footsteps in the Summer Winter, "there is no", turned to turn the episode and then throwing the person behind the brain.