Usually, when alert on the street, it's mainly to prepare for the appearance of bandits.I've never been lucky enough to run into any of the city's guards because of their enthusiasm.

We live in the Black Forest, so we know that wolves rarely leave the forest.It's possible to catch prey in the woods without having to take the risk on the streets and meadows.

Apart from my family, only the beasts who live in the forest know it. They don't seem to actively teach the residents of the city, and ordinary people seem to be concerned about raids from the forest.

And now we say,

If you hide the signs, Atai will be troublesome.

"My nose is good, so I'll cover it."

I'm looking at Atai, too, but I'll take care of it.


We're watching for an attack from the Northern Expedition.They have mixed skills.Some will be able to get rid of the signs.

Helen is more skilled than that, but it's hard to find her when she's completely cleared of the signs.However, the smell can't be eliminated.

If I try to get rid of it, there will be an impossibility somewhere.I missed it.) It's not as sweet as Samya.And if I could find Samir and Liddy's bow, even if I got close, Helen, Diana, and Anne would still be there, so if I could just find them, I could take care of them.

Thus, he went down the street with more vigilance than usual.

In terms of the results, vigilance was a complete sadness.Being vigilant was obvious, so you may have been wary of it.At least if there were bandits lurking around, they wouldn't be willing to do anything about it.

When I see a guard standing at the entrance of the city, seemingly blurry - of course not at all - the tension dissipates for a moment.

But I quickly tightened up.Until I get to the store in Camilo, I will not lose my mind completely.Even if I greeted the guard as usual, I didn't let my guard down enough to make me look weird for a moment.

Entering the city doesn't take your vigilance off.That said, there are a lot of crowds, and Lucy is making a face around the wagon as usual.

If you think Lucy might find you, you'll have to step on two legs.I just wanted to look around.

No, my nose is twitching a lot today.Perhaps she is aware of the atmosphere of the wagon and is vigilant.When I get home, I'll give you a nibble.

With that vigilance, I arrived at Camilo's shop without being attacked anywhere in the city.

Put the wagon in the warehouse as usual and go around to the back.Then, as usual, Daisy-san flew away.Helen tried to go around in front of me, but I blocked it with my backhand.

I don't think it would hurt to suspect her, but I suspect her as well.

In fact, you're always smiling,

"Welcome! I'll be waiting for you!"

and greeted me. I gently tap the pompom and Helen on the shoulder.Helen, slapped, shrugged her shoulders and entered the store first.Maybe you'll check it out.

"Thank you. Don't ask for these girls again today."

Yes! Leave it to me!

As he stroked her head, he grunted, then called out to Krull and Lucy and ran out.

As usual,



As if to say, "Wait a minute," two daughters chased after each other.

After watching it with a smile, I walked through the door that Helen had just opened, thinking about what I would be waiting for.