Among the bushes scattered with sheaths, there was one that was slightly smaller than a bayonet, brown and mocking.

The mocking is repeatedly shrinking. Looks like she's breathing. At first glance, it's like a cushion, but it's more than breathing.

If you look closely, you can see something that looks like a pin and a pointed ear.

"... a creature?"

But I guess Diana didn't expect it, and that's what she said.

However, if you don't respond to Lucy's voice, your liver is sedentary... but it's not responding too much. Even if we decided that it wasn't enough to take Lucy, we used to wander around there a while ago, and now that I've scratched the bushes, I can wake my head up and look here, even if it's a bear or a tiger.

Besides, the breathing is not relaxed, and it seems to be slightly faster.

It looks hard to see, but I wonder if you're injured.

It didn't smell like blood.

Samir's nose is twitching. The fact that she didn't touch her nose is probably not a serious injury.

"Well, it could be a disease."

"If that's the case, I'd like to help you..."

Diana said with a puzzling colour in her words. If I was sick, I could explain that there was no disturbance of magic power or smell of blood. "But in that case, the problem is..."

If you're sick, of course it's Krul, Lucy, and Hayate, but it's not for us.

That's right.

Lydie nods. Fortunately, after spending less than a year, she feels a little sick, and the sick family doesn't include me.

In the unlikely event of a fever, various medicinal plants are collected and stocked in the warehouse, such as those that are effective against pain and abdominal pain, but they are not necessarily effective against all diseases.

If this creature has a nasty disease and we catch it, there's basically nothing we can do in this Black Forest.

For example, if it was rabies as in the previous world, it wouldn't help. No, even in the previous world, it was a disease that would not be saved if it developed.

Even if the disease is not so fatal, the closest place to the city is if you want a cure, but there is no guarantee that anything bad with this forest herb will be cured in the city.

Giselle-san and the Fairy Clan still knew what the cure was. Or maybe I owe Mr. Lewisa a lot, but I'm a little suspicious that you can move at your convenience.

Regardless, whether or not you risk them to help this creature. There is already a risk in checking whether we should help.

It doesn't necessarily help if I reach out here. I put my hand out and got some kind of illness, but I couldn't help it. I couldn't even put my eyes on it.

Diana's puzzle must be something she was concerned about. It's not that she's cold, but I think it's a natural concern when you think about your family.

"I can't say that."

I crushed without telling anyone. [M] I can't help but leave it to nature. Even if it was the way it should be.

Let's reach out. I'm here because I grabbed a hand that was stretched out in a way.

"It's a bad dream to be worried all the time about what happened. Let's at least see if it's okay. I'll help you if I decide it's better to help you."

Everyone nodded to my little determination.

However, just because you've made up your mind does not mean that the risk is reduced. Of course I do. I reach out to my mockingbirds. Kachari was heard from behind. Perhaps Helen is ready to "deal with" something.

My hand came quite close. If it's okay, it's ok to jump out around here. But the mockingbirds didn't move. Finally, my hand touched the mockingbird.

I thought it was soft and fluffy, but it felt pretty stiff. It was also rough. Stiff is normal for a wild animal to have stiff hair, but it's the soil that's getting wobbly...? I wonder if the soil was about the hair and it was difficult for Samya to sense the smell.

The moment my hand touched it, it twitched for a moment. And then slowly and slowly, where there were two sharp objects, that is, I turned my head around here.

My crisp eyes are looking at me. The whole face is a little raccoon-like. His eyes were full of surprise for a moment, but he kept his eyes on Koten and me and knocked his head down. Still, it doesn't seem to be in very good shape.

"Excuse me a moment."

That's what I said, Raccoon.). I was probably assuming that my body temperature was high because I was a beast, but I still felt that it was quite hot.

And the raccoon is left to me. It's strange that a natural beast is held by a human in a drifting stone and is irresistible. Something must be wrong, as I was worried about it.

Everyone nodded again as I looked toward them with the raccoon in my arms. I quickly headed home from no one. Of course, to keep Lucy away from me (although he wanted to know what was holding me).

Hu and the cold wind stroked my skin. All my worries had disappeared from my head.