Dimension Wave

Camon Usauny

Five days after defeating the Dyinburgh Worm, the reclamation couldn't have ended without a problem... The construction of the castle was completed.

A castle that can be seen from anywhere in the oasis. The rabbit's ears are also attached to the castle.

The castle is the base of the island of Carmilla, and it is a magnificent structure of no size.

When I think that this person has ownership, I get the impression of being super rich.

It's like I own the country anymore... I'm a game-only lord, but it's amazing to think about it again.

On a large scale, there is a dormitory and cafeteria in the large courtyard just like our castle, and there is also a hot spring that has been drawn from somewhere.

In addition to the eye-catching museum, there is also a workshop in the oasis.

The workshop on Carmilla Island is used for making weapons, but I think it's like an atelier or a factory, with different directions and a research institute that places great emphasis on making preparations and improving varieties.

There is a small field in this workshop that is not that large, but some plants can grow at the same rate as in the dungeon due to special effects, so I can promote variety improvement.

The convenience of the game is amazing!

The plots where Millie and Toris were involved were scattered with fossils and jewels, and they were different from Carmilla Island.

The collection room is also decorated with fossils and gems collected by Millie and Torisu.

What was amazing was that Millie had added her own text compilation materials, and it was another museum.

By the way... the original dinosaurs made by bad guys with me are also on display in the collection room.

Because I plan to have my daughter attach her own settings, I have prepared a blank text.

Incidentally, there are pole and large carrot objects in various places that mimic the ears and wasps attached to the castle, but it seems that Clay installed a practical effect substitute that was exchanged with coins for the wasps.

It seems that it has the effect of promoting the growth and quality of plants and strengthening their defensive capabilities, so it has become this way by adjusting its appearance.

"I made it all at once." I hope this is the end of the reclamation.

I can't get out with this, can I?

We're taking Santa Hat Usawney to the Castle Throne.

There are two thrones on Carmilla Island as well.

Thank you Pyeong for pioneering this island!

Uthawny, who was supposed to declare the end of the exploitation, finished.

Of course, the other Usawney and Peckle were together.

Kingspeck, Chris is standing among the throne in the form of a pecker representative.

"This place used to be overflowing with greenery, Pyong." It turned into a desert, and Pyon was devastated. However, thanks to the lord, Pyon was able to recover. "

Hey, backstory guy?

To make this place overflowing with greenery, take a step back!

Yeah. That's why you're declaring liberation, isn't it?

I thought in my heart... but Santa Hat Usawney is in disrepair.

"I've secured the route to the invaders' fortress, Pyeong!" I want you to take them down because they're blocking the route to the outside world. "

That's what Santa's hat Uthawny said.

Isn't it a liberation event?

Next event?

I think so. Let's check it out a bit.

Emoji and Clay are checking various things against Santa Hat Usawney.

As Usaunie said earlier, it seems that you can't complete the castle without completing this event.

It contains elements that are very different from those on Carmilla Island.

When I finished the castle, I was able to free it.

"The Four Heavenly Kings get in the way." You have to crush it thoroughly. "

Is it okay to go on the offensive?

"Looks like it." Rather, considering that Dyinburg was coming this far, Carmilla Island became more uneasy. There's going to be an event over there. ”

Ah... I'm getting pretty worried too.

Lord, prepare for this battle.

That said, Santa Hat Usawney hands out to Mr. Emote.

"Pyong, you can always call Usawney." I'll help you if you need me, Pyong. "

This line is exactly the same as the one at Peckle.

Ah, you've mastered duck thorny.

"That's the skill of the bond lady when she calls me Peckle." Walla's Lady

I see! Uthawny anywhere!

"It's supposed to develop further from here..."

"I've already freed you, so you can do this Pyong!"

It seemed like Emote-san's skills had also been upgraded.

I also learned Camonbrave Usawny!

Well then, please, Pyon!

"It's a showdown with the previous reward! It's time to launch a counterattack against the Demon King's army that hindered development!"

"Whoa! Let's do it!"

Nice to meet you, Pyong!

Brave Usawney raises her hand next to Brave Peckle to assert herself.

The evolution of the Santa Hat Usawney has been going on since the City Liberation was confirmed.

"We're almost there, let's all go together." You can't be quarantined anymore than I thought.

Clay is thirsty.

I see. We need to build the castle and start looking for our daughter again.

Um, Torisu et al. I feel like I'm pretty much here.

"Given the amount of time I spent in the dungeon, I'm sure there's a lot of it."

Oh, I see.

That's right. There are many children, but they don't feel too bitter.

Certainly, I think the person who worked hardest was Mr. Emote.

I had a research farming acceleration facility in my workshop for a few days, but otherwise I used to dive into the dungeon to improve the variety.

Clay has done a lot of checking on supplies, so we've finished building the castle.

Someone with a high level of merchant ability seems to be the right person around here.

"Oh, it's not that hard." You're going to plant it, right? You water it, sprinkle it with potions, check for insects and strange diseases, and go to bed. Then you can sleep until the next stage, so just do the same. "

I'm just saying that I'm used to it, but I'm afraid I'm going to be paralyzed in time.

"Honestly, the experience didn't change in five days." On the ground, the specifications seem to be different, and if the time you're awake is too short, your sleep time will also be shorter. "

Mr. Emote, who understands that much, is really sophisticated.

So you're going off on the offensive, but do you feel like everyone's going?

"I guess so. Let's go."

Everyone nodded to Sister's words... and decided to challenge her to a quest to liberate the city.

When I moved around in a way that I asked the Usaunees to guide me... I reached a place like a wilderness with some kind of large crater in the corner of the desert where I had to walk without guidance.

By the way, some people have the image that the desert is literally only sand, but the wilderness is also the desert.

Does it feel like it's a harsh environment for humans to live in?

There are places like the desert where it is difficult to secure drinking water, such as the sea.

A gruesome stone fortress was built there... it looked like a demon king's castle in game style.

There are alternating rock and sand sections on the ground, and magma passes through the castle moat.

I'll see you there.

Sounds like it.

"This place is..."

"Millie, what's wrong?"

"No, there was information obtained from mining sites and a crater that closely resembled a stone slab... it was written that the ruined dinosaur city was sleeping." However, because there is a fort, I wonder if it is somewhere else. "

Huh... there's some kind of romance about the Dinosaur Capital, but what is it about the Capital?

Isn't there somewhere that I can find it later?

“Yes, I'll go look for it for archaeology.”

Well then, let's go.

Immediately after everyone tried to go, I heard Pawn and the sound of emails, messages, and chats coming from somewhere.


Me and Emote-san react at the same time.

"What's the matter, you guys?"

"No, I heard something suddenly arriving."

And when you check the system... text or email?