Disciple of Immortal

Episode 35 The Hall of Greed and the Shinigami

When I broke into Greed's building, I looked around and was confused.

The ruined hall was littered with the remnants of the golem.

And Yozakura, a kimono woman who is seriously injured and falls.

Damia, the goggle man who looks after her.

Obviously sitting on the floor in a state of fatal injury, Mituru, an alien transplanter she met in Taolonggo.

Lovis was suddenly biting his sliding throne with a crimson blood paint all over his body.

I had no idea what was going on.

"Um... um, what's the situation?"

Lovis trembles at my words.

I don't raise my head while hiding my face, as if I'm thinking about something, or as if I'm making excuses.

Mr. Lovis?

"No, no, it's not a big deal..."

"No matter how you look at it, it only seems like a big deal."

There are at least three critically wounded who are dying.

"Gleed, when I heard that Gleed was responsible for the city polo lock commotion, I came to crush him." However, his golem is unexpectedly tough, so it's like this. "

"I see..."

At first glance, the muscles sound like they're passing through.

But something is wrong.

I looked around the hall.

Greedo's golem is bleeding, isn't it?

In response to my words, Lovis looked back vigorously and looked at his thrown sickle.

Lovis's face turned pale.

This is a lot of things!

"I've been badly injured, but are you okay?"

"Yes, yes, I was confident in the robustness of my body. I didn't expect you to worry about Kanata-sama....."

Does Greed's golem have a blade?

To my words, Lovis shut up.

"... would you believe me if I said that?"

Lovis stops for a moment and says something like that.

"No, I think it's a bit harsh..." Um, I'm in a hurry right now, so can you tell me what's going on? "

I was worried about Lovis, but I still didn't know how Philia was doing.

I thought I'd better hear it from someone else, but Mitul looks at Lovis with a gentle look on her face.

I don't think he knows much about the situation either.

Anyway, there's no doubt that Lovis engaged Golem, face to face with Mitutu, and then almost everyone was seriously injured.

”Well, yeah... actually, I was about to defeat the golem and move on... but you mistook us for Greedo's team and attacked us”

Just as he was saying, Lovis pointed at Mituru.

"Yeah, yeah, we're not innocent either, so I don't know how to be blind about that. However, he started to announce that he wanted to slap you first than Greedo...!"

"...... do you do that in this situation?"

"Yes! I was surprised too." If we don't put Greed down as soon as possible, we won't know how many dead people will die! ”

"Even though you're Mitsur-san, you can't act so selfishly..."

"If you came here, you would know Kanata-sama." Outside, the Knights of the Kingdom fought for their country, forcing their golem opponents to fight! That's how he got here! He's just a selfish fighter. "

"So that means you passed through as well...?"

"I was heartbroken, but I thought it was more important to hit my head with a quick slap. That golem... Perhaps Greedo still has a powerful hand. It was just the right kind of fighting force for the Knights of the Kingdom.”

Even though what you are saying should not be wrong, the policy of thinking is changing two or three times.

"Well, that's why I was thinking of keeping it light and quiet." They seemed to be trying to kill me... but I was thinking of retreating to Greedo. You guys, I did say that! "

Greed turned to Yozakura and Damia, begging.

"... the bosses of Temae and the others, is it a double personality or something?" Isn't it a little strange? "

"Oh, nothing from me..."

Mitul and Damia were exchanging some words.

Yozakura, hugged by Damia, keeps her silence with a dyingly grumpy look on her face.

I really don't know the details at all, but I'm even wondering if I don't have to know anything else.

"Damia! That's what I told you to do to end the fight!"

"Yes, I told you, but in the end..."

You said it!

"I was saying..."

Damia leaned down and spoke.

"I thought you were dead, but you were still alive. In the rumor of the wind, I heard that Lovis Lordgray was killed by the [Blood Cauldron] during the [Red Scepter] disturbance in Manarak."

"No, that's..."

Lovis heard that and his complexion glowed as if he had come up with something.

"Yes, yes, I actually met the goddess in that commotion...!" I switched my mind... disbanded the organization and embarked on a journey of atonement. That's why it's not a mistake to say that the [Black Reaper] is dead. "


This guy... I wonder if he's addicted to anything scummy.

"It's a white goddess with golden and crimson eyes." I decided to lead her and live by good deeds. ”

Le, Lunaère-san!?

Oh, he says Lunaere-sama, right?

"You know each other..."

"Yes, yes, yes!"

Lovis nodded with a smile.

If I had met with Lunaire, I'd like to hear more about it, but I don't think I have time to talk about such a long story right now.

"I don't really understand the situation... well, I don't know what it is, but I generally understand it. Things are going to be in a hurry... I'm headed to Greedo. A friend of mine was kidnapped by Greedo."

I see! If that's the case, you better hurry up! I was hoping I could help you with a little help... but like me, you can only pull Kanata-sama's leg. Now, let's do it! "

"Yeah, yeah..."

I removed Lovis from sight as he lowered his head and turned to Mituru, who was sitting at a distance and frowning.

"Um... it looks like Lovis can move, so please take Mitul to a safe place." Looks like something happened... well, Mitsule isn't a bad person, so... "

"...... I've been calling you by name for a while, but, uh, do you know each other?"

"Well, for once... yes"

Lovis turned pale and twisted his cheeks heavily.

“Yeah, yeah, of course! If you're friends with Kanata, this Lovis is responsible for making sure you get there safely! Here we go, Damia, Yozakura! Bring your friend, Mitsur-san!"

"... yes, yes"

Damia replied hesitantly.