There is something I know because of the fog from the Xaxis.

It seems that this was originally a settlement that was destined to live in contact with the fog of the great forest and its neighbors.

Dividing the village and its depths is a boundary river with a shallow water depth, and a protective fence is erected on the village's shoreline. Rather than being alert to the intrusion of external enemies, it seems that the main purpose is to prevent the ethnic group from inadvertently getting lost in the deep.

Even though the forest is deep, there is not much agricultural land that is not burnt because of the water conservancy of the boundary river. In order to improve the water drainage, it seems that the cultivated land raised by the stone walls was covered with grass, and the taro, which is also the staple food of the ash monkeys, was made.

A portion of the fence facing the boundary river scatters the members as if it had been destroyed.

From there, a crude bridge was built and stretched into the deep fog.

(Did you stretch the road from there?)

Valentine's cedar was cut down over a width of about 10 yuan, and the "New Way" leading to the back looks like a shadow painting.

(... nowhere or nothing.)

The path to the genuine application site of the species in the depths where the pigs craved it.

On the bridge and soil that leads to it, the remains of the pigs are buried as if they were embankments. Of course, it seems to be a good diet for the Daikoku pigs. They were not left behind, and they were devoured and the only ones who left behind the prototype were those immersed in river water.

The confronted Daikoku pigs were surprised at the sudden appearance of the foggy mulberry, and they forgot to attack each other. Perhaps it was only in the system of this world that we were discussing, pointing to the graveyard of the Land God.

At that time, feeling the signs, Khai turned his gaze towards the river.

There are things that slip down from the mouth of "Shindo".

I quickly learned that it was a pig survivor, but the size of the body stimulated me to feel uncomfortable and blinked. The kind that never came out of the battlefield... were pig children.

Two or three of them cry as they run with loud voices that are too loud to hear. One of them holds a smaller pup in his arm.

The three pigs who rolled out of the fog shined their eyes for the fog to clear up... but found a large number of big black pigs on the opposite side of the bank and stepped on them like they had caught a twist.

Just in the middle of the bridge.

The children, who were able to swim their gaze out of extreme fear, saw Kai and his family standing great to break the group of Daikoku pigs, and ran out again with determination.

I don't think they're on our side, but if they're hostile to the enemy, they've decided there's still a way to save them.

The movement of such children's minds can easily be seen through.

Kai sighed and drooling.

Why does a child come out here?

I have already realized that the countless remains that are rolling around the bridge from which they flee are nothing but pigs on the battlefield known to Kai… nothing but weapons. There are bodies inside that are smaller than the ones that are running away. The so-called 'things to be protected' within their race make up the majority of the victims.

The race is a sight to be rejected differently.

What the hell happened here?

Where did they come from?

Slightly, there is still a shadow crawling out of Shindo.

Out of the fog appeared a big black pig that was bigger than the children who fled even with perspective. Several of them appeared after that.

At least now it was clear where the daikoku pigs who were hanging in this town came from.

"... apparently something important is happening in the pigs' country."

And the pig's sons crossed the bridge, and came as close as ten more to Kai; and they finally fell down, and took hold of the grass, and breathed. The baby in my arm burst into tears.

One of the weeping little ones just looked up at Kai and tied his mouth.

Normally, as a 'weak man' with them, they sought refuge with the tribes that would have trampled on them without even putting their teeth on them.

Holding back as a strong man (pride) blocks the mouth that opens.

captures a huge daikoku pig with a wider field of view than a person, and his eyes tremble when he looks down from left to right. You must have thought of the worst possible death as far as you could imagine being eaten alive, and your mouth opened and closed many times without being able to speak.

The barely squeezed out was a plea called "Sukete".

I would have done nothing if Kai didn't say anything. I have not yet fully understood the relationship between the pigs and the Daikoku pigs, nor have I dispelled the question of inner circles within the family.


Can you help me?

I see. I have a war with them. "

"... thank you"

Pollek rushes over to the pig's pups and moves them here as he stands up.

Honestly, I understood that it was a tough situation to hold a limp in my hands. When Kai turned his gaze to the left and right daikoku pigs, they backed down as if they were under pressure.

Only after seeing Kai's out-of-the-box combat abilities, did Xaxi's Daikoku pigs stop feeling depressed. Although the equilibrium with you was good, the concern was with the newcomers who were just getting into Xaxis... who didn't read the air on the spot.

The three newly arrived "bait" who chased after the porcupine... are nailing their eyes to the pigs. Seeing the unfamiliar families trying to protect it, it still seemed a little confusing, but the few things that stopped me were slightly intimidating me.

(I don't want to... this one, too.)

The "Shindo" mouth, which keeps spitting out the big black pig on this side of the deep, is also a hole. Wouldn't it be dangerous if that were the case with the old roads where the "New Way" was connected?

The exit of Kodo, which can pass through the depths of the forest, is now occupied by the valley country. This meant that the possibility that the big black pig might be hanging out with himself had been thrown out.

Shit, this is it.

As if you were laughing at Kai while making her look pale, three of them are rushing into defenselessness. If these three mishandled them, they might be able to breathe back and regain their aggression.

You need to show it overwhelmingly.

(Kills instantly)

The power of Daikoku pigs is something to be afraid of.

The opponent is a monster who exhibits the physical abilities of the "three ages" of the human race in an unprotected body. If you can easily defeat it and show it, there are still limited ways to do it.

I can't help it.

Although the spiritual power recovered quickly thanks to the grace of the god of the valley, "sword magic" with the fear of depletion if used temporarily more often... Although I patrol, the decision was quick.

Turn the grabbed tip into two straight vertically without a hand.

The second one, whose body was about to split left and right, opened his eyes with dismay. I refrained from launching a slight attack because I was afraid that the amount of blood scattered in the air would devour the power of Sword Magic.

The second one was obviously trying to stay there in fear, but couldn't undo the enormous amount of kinetic energy that had propelled the mass forward. The second blade was also cut diagonally by Kai's late return knife.

Even though the consumption of spiritual power was so intense that I felt a cold feeling in my lower abdomen, I was conscious of the expression so as not to be distracted by it. Fix the feeling of laughing thinly.

The smell of raw blood that spreads and the foul smell that makes you nauseous... the smell that creatures' organs emit makes your face look distorted.

The last one is a demonstration sacrifice.


Capture the fully fleeing opponent by jumping in on their own.

The third one tried to take off his arm, but he grabbed it and forced it to face his back to send him a sleeve.

The weight difference between Daikoku pigs and Kai is probably several dozen times higher. There is a difference between adults and babies in height alone. It was Kai who tried to kick his feet out and lift them up by taking the giant from his back... but he noticed an idiot who was too small to hide behind his opponent.


Policy change!

Switch to Zoola Stream Martial Arts.

The trick seemed to breathe, dropping the opponent's giant body and grabbing one arm and twisting it up.

It was a technique for other races where the physical difference was isolated, and in this case the difference was too large to be forcibly diverted. With Khai's whole body, it's the same as an arm. As I twisted my arms to my back, I put my knees on the back of my neck to compress the carotid artery... That was the technique, but my neck was only close enough to reach the soles of my feet, so I stepped on the cervical spine.

Kai slowly gazes at the rest of the Daikoku pig as he sets his arms and looks down on the shoulders of the crying Daikoku pig.

If it comes in, come in. That's how you provoke with your eyes on it, but there's still nothing to move on.

While relieved to be able to control the air of the venue, without revealing his heart to his face, Kai pointed to the entrance of the "New Way" and raised his voice.

"Now, get back to the land!

It seemed impossible to kill them all, but it was obvious that it would be quite a disturbance, and I didn't want to endanger the safety of my family and the children I protected.

"Go home!"

You understand what you're trying to say, even if you don't understand the words.

There were a few who were frustrated by being forced to act, but there were events here that further changed the course of events.

A flying arrow stood at their feet.

Kai was also surprised, and when she rushed to her consciousness, she was feeling a little unexpected and filled outside of the city. As the Tabernacle of the Great Ears and the Spike (Ispani) united and the Ridge of Guardianship grew, the soldiers of the valley kingdom who remained followed them.

They told me not to come.


"God, Ita!

He is innocently making noise when he finds us.

With that cheer, an arrow pours down like rain.

After seeing countless people gathering, the big black pigs rushed out. A mysterious strong man named Kai showed unrivalled strength at this size, and the small clans that had never seen the crowd appear quite creepy to them.

When Kai let go of his arms, the oppressed Daikoku pig also ran away. Without Kai, perhaps, they could easily be ravaged with dozens of them, but the Daikoku pigs fled desperately without even showing up to fight.


"Oletachi wins!

The chased Daikoku pigs ran into the depths one after the other.

The armies of the valley full of mucus rose to victory.