The child of the protected pig tribe was three years old.

It's only been three years since I was born, but I had enough meat to double Kai's upper back.

Even that immature muscle has a violent capacity to kill without hesitation if it is an ordinary human race. Because of this, it seems that the unconscious arrogance towards the powerless minority will be fully demonstrated even at a young age.

Soldiers are displeased with the pigs, who are beginning to feel uncomfortable with their attitude, even though they are mostly relieved by the brighter atmosphere of Xaxi after the pigs have left. The Spikes (Ispani), who had vandalized the Xaxis and killed many of the tribesmen, did not seek to leave by surrounding them with the desire to kill their enemies.

Even though he was alert to many opponents, he was a fat boy who was not afraid at all, but as soon as Khai arrived on the spot, he blued and crawled to show that he was not willing to rebel. It seems that the demonstration just now worked pretty well for us.

It was a bit of a hassle to calm down because just getting closer would make me say, "Death Dog, I don't want to".

Okay. Okay.

"What are those big pigs?"

When Kai asked, the oldest of the children raised their heads and turned their eyes. He also seems to have developed intellect so much that he doesn't think he was born three years ago. Vocabulary begins to be at least responsive.

"Alle, pig man (aug), no."

They say it's an alien, 'new species'.

At the northern limit of their habitable area, on the northern border facing the snowfields, the pigs have raised their country and prevented the "bad things" from invading, but they have finally lost 1,000 yuan of land to the east.

The 'evil ones' ascended to the true creature with the land and God, and they answered in a way that they did not know well, as they understood in the middle.

Adults said that's how it works.

The Hero King (Bibi) Bugal, who realized that he could not recover the land, fled quickly, limiting the land of Fos, but the Fos tribe, which lost its traditional land, persisted in resisting even though it was abandoned by the king. They slaughtered each other thoroughly until the tribal people were halved, and the big black pigs who emerged as mighty finally drove them away.

After the abandoned Foss tribe passed through the forest and headed south, the Daikoku pigs began to desecrate their surroundings in an attempt to fill their oversized stomachs.

That's where the pig hell began.

"Is that how the race is born?"

Polek answered Khai's simple question.

"All races, including us, are 'evil' … and hated by those who target the land, so they are called… but they are told that they were born by gaining a form for themselves to live. Our ancestors used to call them 'primitive species', unsure where they would come from."

"Are you born suddenly instead of 'evolution'?"

"Sinca? I don't know, but the race can decide for itself just how much of its beginnings it will be given by the mercy of the gods."

Khai roared.

I understand that in this world that is turned over in just a thousand years, there will be no deviant systems such as evolution. The diversity of species is determined by the species itself at the moment of its birth.

Just one chance.

Young people who are just born and don't know anything are suddenly forced to shape themselves, and naturally they have to derive their answers from the little experience and knowledge they have gained so far.

Those big black pigs saw and killed each other's brilliant pigs. I saw the mighty samurai as a specimen of seeds.

It's not just imitation. They must have seen the pigs as food to make them hungry. They must have wished to be stronger in order to prey on the mighty.

That intense feeling gave birth to the giant.

"Oretachi, come out Saletta. Death, sir, words, waretta"

The children trembled and cried loudly.

New breeds with great power.

Even with a large family of pigs, Hero King (Bibi) Bugal issued a merciless king's order for the emergence of an irresistible natural enemy. While the land was disturbed and the grain storage became scarce, it began with a mouthwatering.

In the foggy land of eastern Fos began the deserters.

Many of them were old and unsatisfactory. Many parents said they couldn't abandon their children.

And the King of Heroes whispered:

"Foss tribe, southern tundra. Chase, chatter, chatter"

I crawled around my spine.

This is not just an abandoned people. There was a rotten smell of politics (festivals) that pursued selfishness to the point of mercilessness.

You did it.


"... closing the hole. That's right."

And the abandoned people pursued the tribe of Phos, which had vanished out of hope.

If the "bait" offered escapes, the predators, the Daikoku pigs, will chase it.

Hero King (Bibi) Bugal tried to rub the unruly Daikoku pigs against the fleeing Foss tribe.

(Did the motherfucker get angry with that?)

We must close the hole as soon as possible.

Kai pointed his gaze at the mouth of "Shindo", but quickly looked around at the warning voices of the soldiers that were emitted at that time. Numerous signs are breaking in, surrounding the soldiers of the valley kingdom filled with the orchids of the Spike tribe.

You will notice that something white surrounding the Xaxis with a misty distance is white fur if you close your eyes well. No, because the water droplets that drip off the wet soil are cloudy, it indicates that the whiteness is caused by rubbing stone powder or something.

And it came to pass, that the folds were greater than the soldiers of the valley kingdom, but soon they knew the identity of those things.

"Ash Monkey (Macaque) Kita!

"Monkey, attack!

The intruders stood up creepy with white paint on their faces, but they couldn't fool the smelly little ones.

For the tribes living in the forest, the Grey Monkey tribe was a great tribe to be feared and respected, and there would have been many families under its influence before returning to the valley country.

Soldiers from the valley kingdom gathered around Kai in the center, fearfully, as the pigs flocked with a horrible herd.

Kai shouted at the new intruders who arrived at busy times with their bitter faces crushed.

"What are you doing here?

Some of the white-painted ash monkey tribes can be found pompous and "protective" in majestic figures. As Khai advanced toward one of them, the soldiers rushed to the left and right.

Faced steeply, the "protective" individual stood up.

Then he turned his gaze and realized that the opponent was the Guardian Kai, and the "Protector" was blindly wounded. Probably saw Kai in that "Diabo" crusade. The frustration of the leader was instantly transmitted to the surroundings, and all the ash monkeys under his command became immobile.

Kai is a benefactor of the race and a powerful backer for the southern clan of the majority... and a valued ally whose contribution is indispensable. Although Kai was scarce in consciousness, Kai was becoming a "protector" for the Grey Monkey tribe in the eastern part of the Great Forest.

A familiar voice stops Kai from stopping as he stops.

Somewhat something else appeared from the fog.

"... I'm not going to fight." Guardian "

A small figure in a white coat stops behind the walls of the ash monkeys.

Unlike the others, the person, who had not exposed his hair to outside air, exposed his face by caring a little about his head and then taking off a wet fur coat.

I also saw a very long hair overflowing with my hair, and the face was edged.

The man wearing scaled armor... he was a grey ape clan, not a person, so Kai slapped his tongue on someone he recognized.

"Instead, my clan would have belonged to me... well, have you already been faithful?"

Crazy princess.

"I'm crazy, but I'm not a princess anymore. Can't you see the power that lives in the stray?"

Sage, Zeena.

Kai also saw the scene when the princess embezzled the god of the main race and named him "King."

King of the Ash Monkey Clan, no, queen.

As soon as Queen Zeena appeared, she noticed that the fog of Xaxis was farther away and clearer. I wonder how powerful the roof of the Great King is.

"What do you want with the Ash Monkey King?"

"Don't be daft. I'm not gonna have a baby."

Zeena dropped the word bomb as she looked at Kai's body as she licked it.

I want to do something about the chills running around and praise him for not changing his expression. Whether she's face-to-face or close to people, her essence is still far from them.

Though small in the Ash Monkey tribe, the higher Zeena's gaze compared to Kai, the more distant she finally observes the tragedy of Xaxis. An obviously abnormal individual in his eyes... When he stops at the big black pig, he quickly walks out like he forgot the bullshit and begins examining the giant corpse.

He doesn't turn a blind eye to the gruesome death, turns his mouth flatly closed, looks around at his teeth, checks his muscles, etc.

Zeena raised her face after examining it as usual and spit on the other side of the whirlpool of mist towards the genuine application site of the pig clan. The mouth that moved silently was cursed, saying, "Destroy."

Looks like the new species has taken hold of itself.

With the hands of Zeena, the exchange propagates to the gathered ash monkey tribes.

A lot of white paint on my face... probably wiped off the white soil with my hands, and I tried to do the same with my hands and feet.

Kai also noticed why they were painting them white.

Because you can't imitate the characteristics of the race.

The Grey Monkey clan is aware of its strengths and breaks its heart so that it will never be imitated by newcomers. I don't think that detail belongs to the Ash Monkey as a whole, but rather to the wisdom conveyed by the royal family they call the 'oldest clan', those who looked very similar to Zeena and others.

By becoming a queen, Zeena herself must have inherited the deep inside, and I feel that the light of intellect inside her eyes has become stronger.

And the pigs imitated the pigs, and drove away their masters. I'm going to do the same thing myself this time... "

It is not a slow evolution left to elimination by chance.

It is the specification (system) of this world.

(Hyperevolution by imitation…)


The barren cedar trunk swayed near the mouth of "Shindo".

The black shadows that appeared were too great.

"God got it too. Then a mighty warrior will be born."

It was the image of the Daikoku pig clan's "godforsaken".