Daikoku pigs are vegetarian and have the power to compare to the Japanese people's "protective hand".

If they were to receive further protection, how much violence would be created there? I felt too nervous in my limbs.

(You have to do it.)

Of course, it's not as good as losing the "qualities" of God who lives in this body.

I often think about it these days. No matter how powerful the valley god was, Kai... the physical abilities of the people themselves were known in the first place, so the overall value added to it would be stretched.

Although the stiffness of the body skin itself is not so different, the muscle mass and the total amount of violence that can be output in the human race and the pig race are quite different. If God in this valley had been given a powerful race, I cannot help wondering if a powerful "Guardian" had been born many times over.

(... no.)

The fog bale peels off as the distance between the two approaches.

Slightly, I can see that Daikoku's "protective hand" dyes his whole body bright red and breathes on his shoulders. It was an unusual amount of bleeding that could be seen from afar.

It wasn't just your "protective hand" that came out of the mouth of "Shindo". Even the herd of elemental bodies that were supposed to have been chased just now, they spring strawberries and collapse like coins.

At that time, a trembling earthquake roared from the bottom of my belly. The "protector" slipped his back foot to the sound and fell unusually into the river. It's a mess.

The fog rolled back behind it.

Something that drove away the herd of Daikoku pigs appeared lukewarmly in the mist, and made a shruggy, sharp fluffy sound.


The screams, which were not due to the tremors of the air, focused on the inside of the skull.

It wasn't just Nevin's voice that spoke directly. The vigilant voice of the other Guardians blinks across the entire range of senses.

And the burning heat of anger that covers it burns Khai's consciousness.


The angry one is "Guardian" Urban.

It was Urban who was supposed to be going beyond the woods that exposed the huge armor from the depths almost as if it were a thrust. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Though the mystery beyond the millennium was disturbing his breathing without a trace, he spoke eloquently about the creation of an abnormal situation.

Looking behind in the middle of the boundary river, the Daikoku pig's "protective hand", who stood unabated, and others who ran unusually to hide behind his back.

If the big black pigs were all bloody, so was Urban.

The neck and limbs of the Kora tribe are wet with plenty of body fluids, and even the Kora, which should be robust, are sunk everywhere, some of them peeling off and exposing the contents.

That sophisticated freak is fighting for his life. With that alone, Khai's alert water level rises sharply. If the wound was caused by the "protective hand" in front of me, of course, it is not a good opponent to take lightly.

However, Urban, who pushed out his "protective hand", looked behind him and barked again to intimidate him so as not to see such an opponent.

And the pigs appeared to gush forth from the foot of the standing Urban.

Those filthy pigs were probably deserters chased to the east. Kai, a human race, is not very distinguishable, but I only found that the old and young, including the children, are disturbed.

The number exceeded 100.

Fearing the big black pigs occupying the area around the bridge, the pig refugees spreading to the left and right, fleeing for the squirrel (Ispani) tribe.

When Zeena, the queen with her tongue, walks out into her hands with the little sword she has thrown out, the ash monkey clan that follows him holds a stone axe and turns it into a wall on both wings. Around Zeena, there are five of their spindle "God-forbidden" warriors, as well as guards in rough black clothes... black claw crowds and so on.

"Guardian of the valley! I asked for a backup."

"... what?"

"There are southern clans here. If you're behind it, can you expect it?

Zeena, who succeeded the King God, must be strengthening his domination over the entire race. It's like drawing strength from the southern clan of the Great Leader.

Kai, who is unable to distinguish between individuals such as ash monkeys, has no objection.

As queen of the Grey Monkey tribe, Zeena couldn't watch the pigs break into this side of the forest.

If you don't get out of the river, kill him.

On the walls of the ash monkey tribes lined up, the pig refugees had to stop at the middle of the river. No matter how physically powerful they are, it is difficult to defeat a controlled grey monkey army with weapons. I'm with the babies.

The Daikoku pigs on the bridge are also looking back to confuse the bloated Fae army behind them.

Unaware of the disturbances that are beginning on the boundary river, Urban remains staring behind. At that time, Kai will also know what the profound anger of the great mystery is directed at.


(Mould, Ni)

(Heart freezing! Warrior Tarno!)

The other invisible Guardians are thrilled to stop Urban. The voice should have been heard by Urban.

Instead, it was an annoying rage.

A small shadow attached to his head and desperately trying to return to sanity. Nevin keeps screaming as he punches his fist. Even with the same "Guardian", there are cases where the difference in strength is obvious from his physique.

I don't know what sort of selection was made in the old world, but not everyone has the strength of isolation, even when it comes to 'guardians'.

Urban scratched the soil with his back foot.

As you continue, you descend into the deep fog and rush into it. Nevin is crying like a child, shaken up and thrown into space.

(Jiji is dying!)

Fear of tightening your chest.

It was Urban's giant body that came back with the sound of masses hitting each other right after that. The armor pulled in its arms and legs to tear down the trees, causing the pigs to flee. At the root of the trees barely caught, the necked Urban exhaled blood.

A screaming voice was heard from the pig refugees who were stuck in the river. The Guardian, who literally led us to this point with his life, is about to lose it.


The deep fog moves and shadows appear.

The shadow approaching as it pushed the giant barren cedar was incredibly large. That's the giant creature walking on two legs... almost four legs... a giant who can't support his own weight too much and walks with his arms on the ground on his front leg. Something that must have looked like a big black pig, perhaps with a question mark on it.

Looking out of the standard, Kai doubted his eyes.

Obviously beyond the limits of being an organism.

In terms of correlation between gravity and bone strength.

In terms of fuel economy for life support.

A lot of things are too broken. That's how I felt.

"You pigs... you gave me too much wisdom."

The bitter words of Zeena barely give Kai a thread of thought.

The short period of time between the birth of new species… The routes of evolution leading to their future are logically infinite. It is undoubtedly a golden age in possibilities, during which empirical knowledge that contributes to the recognition of the status quo is literally worth golden.

The pigs came into too much contact with the 'original species'. The King of the Pigs, who abandoned the lost eastern lands, was right, and the Foss tribe, too obsessed with the return of the lands, gave themselves the opportunity to expose and learn the superior traits of the race.

As a result, the pigs created more 'natural enemies' than themselves.

(This is one of the ways the world works)

The birth of mimic species.

The analogy is abundant in this world.

A race of similar shapes.

For example, the queen of the Grey Monkey, who now commands the division in front of her.

Royalty close to the appearance of Zeena and others who call themselves the "oldest clan", and other beastly ash monkey clans. From her mouth, "the oldest clan" is a precursor species, and others without wisdom are new species.

The Shaga, a family member, looks like a small pig. If they were part of a pig clan, they would have lost their breasts.

The rattlesnakes and big ears lurking in the woods are also generally in a small animal form.

Then the tribes are...

Kai imagined that he was gone.

(... I don't know if it's direct or indirect, but the dwarfs are mostly human apart from size.)

Maybe there was an intermediate species in between.

Or maybe there was a more vivid cross-breeding. The intersection of men and women that Arue and the others are always making noise comes from the theory that cross-breeding between different species in different shapes is never possible.

Regardless, new species are born in this world, and then they are eliminated by the principle of weak meat eating.

Perhaps the dwarves used to live on the same open land as the tribes.

Then were they driven away by a new kind of people, and driven into the forest? Even such a trail can be easily imagined.

Racial rivalries continue to occur around the world.

This "superevolution" makes it susceptible to unilateral ravages rather than long-term conflicts.

The sparkle of the potential of these creatures... In this world where the gods love seeds to grow, violence tends to increase their sparkle, while, for example, the dexterity of the minors of the dwarf tribe, the good ears of the Great Ear tribe, the spines of the Spike tribe's hair, etc., are difficult to tie to the strength of driving others away. If you leave them alone, they will chase you more and more and eventually crush your 'possibilities'.

"Is that so..."

With the wisdom of the old world, the "Guardians" who continued to be close to the "new species" will witness a great deal of destruction with their eyes.

Though they are strangers who live for a thousand years, they suffer from mental exhaustion. Sometimes you put too much shoulder to shoulder with a specific species to lose your coolness.


Nevin's appeal didn't get through.

"Guardian" Urban had completely forgotten me.