Even though it was a special evolution, I feel that the big black pigs have become too large over time.

And even in that excess, the whole thing that was going on with Uluban was just an anomaly.

(Jijii is not fighting face-to-face)

Kai's eyes capture Urban, the Guardian, taking full advantage of the enormous spirit he had. The abnormal individual's posture with his front leg collapsed is the magic of Urban's released example... it should also be called "Gravity Magic".

The huge front leg is swarming with muddy moisture. It is proof that the thick legs of the trunk of the tree are tough enough to be able to bend their knees even under extraordinary pressure. Perhaps escaping the gibble of gravity will predict a future diagram that will stand up supporting the giant body that will poke the cloud lightly.

The meat that I endured only by shaking my upper body loosely even against Urban's intense body grew all hairy.

It's as if Urban is a child to be assembled into an adult.

It's a bug.

Exactly out of digits.

Those who are blessed by the God of the Land are often larger than primitive individuals.

I think the muscles and bones of the body tend to be dragged and enlarged as you continue to wield your powers. Or Fu (Fu), a member of his family, whose nutritional status would have been much better.

However, there should have been limits to the change.

Although I am now crawling on the ground, I think this peculiar individual would probably be 20 yuan tall if he stood up. I wonder if I weigh a few hundred thousand pints lightly.

In a cage of tremendous pressure, the lifted front leg carves a heavy step.

"Is that the Great Pillar of the New Species?"

Zeena, staring at the other side, threw up.

The queen of the Grey Monkey tribe is stirring up a struggle. Overflowing from his whole body was a burning white spirit.

On the face of Zhu, the neighborhood of the Grey Monkey Clan's greatest god emerges. The divine crest of the Great Gods, which united the land gods and tens of thousands of tribesmen, reveals a strange linear line that is truly worthy of the mightiest warriors of the race.

"Eight years old"... no more.


The big mouth of the crushed queen made a smile.

I can see that it is driven by the difficult urge unique to "Protective Hold".

I wanted to prove that the God I dwelt in was "above"... my instinct to prove to God that I was stronger did not seem to be unrelated to the king God, the apex of the race.

The grey monkeys began howling.

Barking and stepping with excitement.

May the king's presence be scorched.

Follow the advance queen's troops, and more follow them out of the woods. Not a thousand. Kai noticed that there would be many times as many soldiers.

Fearing the unknown power of the 'New Species', they came to the land with the full power of the species.

Ha, ha.

Kai shook his head with surprise signs.


I was unexpectedly horrified.

The fog on the roof of Xaxis reflected the sky blue.

Beyond the holes passing from blue to indigo, like peeking into the infinite sky, there were countless "eyes".




There were frozen god's eyes gathered there that only saw without emotion.

It's like a part of a myth.

Ebo gazes at the surface of the earth with the gaze of countless foreign gods wandering in the air as they look from the bottom of the water.

An overwhelming number of gazes from the transcenders.

I feel the fact that it has been observed (...) as a pain that stings my skin.

This battle is already in sight of the gods.

The mysterious feeling of entering some unique atmosphere... state (mode) filled my mind. The sky fell so close to the gods looking down.

"Lord! Big pig color!

Kai glanced at Polek's urging voice.

The distinctive signs of the creepy Daikoku pigs are fading rapidly.

As if the sun had plunged into the shade, the "color" of the big black pigs would increase vibrancy. Every dark shade reveals flesh, and it becomes clear that they are truly a large species of pigs.

Zeena said that their 'new species' appearance had solidified.

The golden age of evolution, in which the shape deforms (metamorphoses) as desired, must have come to a complete end. At the same time, the ambiguity felt by them... the impression of something unusual and twisted in the world resembling the 'evil god (Diabo)' disappears at the same time as the black fades away.


The cheers of the creatures that crawled through the earth fell.

Zeena waved her sword, and the Ash Monkey tribe struck an avalanche and advanced to the boundary river.

The creatures collide with each other as they raise their anger, and the blood sprays up like waveheads. What started there was nothing more than a simple killing.

There is no such thing as tolerance or symbiosis or a disturbing ideal. They were dominated only by the simple and selfish, very natural logic of weak predators, who tried to eject others and prove their superiority.

Daikoku pig who was scared of the violence of "Guardian" Urban in the river... no, now it's just a big pig, panicking to the furious army of the Fae that attacked from behind and showing its readiness to intercept. Unlike the deserters of the fleeing pigs, the big pigs, who are born incarnates of violence, knock out the stone axes of the grey monkeys with their bare hands and smash the wooden shields with their fists.

If there is an equal number of troops, they are powerful people who are born and feed the pigs, who are superior to the ash monkeys. Even though they were useless, they weren't meant to be backed up by the ash monkeys.

Of course, ash monkeys don't just bump into each other. Among the forerunners, Zeena's "Protector" and others are also armed and face the enemy's push.

A big pig who was forced to bleed by an unintended beating mixed in during the meeting hit the big pig's "protective hold" behind him in an attempt to retreat.


Urban was distracted by the big pig's "godforsaken", leaving him to frustration and waving his arms around, beating a grey monkey soldier with his back fist. A warrior whose body had been shattered with his unthinkable destructive power was thrown like a bullet at the foot of the mulberry side and rolled before the eyes of Zeena and Kai.

Of course, it is a mass of meat that does not even stop at the original form.

This is an incredible force with a single blow.

Even the "guardian" of the big pig who marches across the river is a small thing compared to the non-standard king god of Urban's opponent, so it would be worse for the "guardians" to be disadvantaged.

The big pig swayed the ash monkey he grabbed like a toy. Exactly like a child swinging a stuffed animal, what was swinging around quickly turned into an unspeakable meat doll and was thrown into a line-up of grey monkeys lined up with shields.

Seeing the disadvantage of her allies, Zeena's side is soaked with dark joy that is not mixed with anger.

The leg is beginning to sweep into the vortex of battle.

The next step is to take a bigger step forward.


Zeena refused to stop Kai.

Strong is good in this world. The ash monkey race is now competing for each other's strength, just like the new species of the big pig. In order to protect the dignity of the race, it would have been more natural for the king to pretend to face the "Rating Battle".

Grab the foreign weapon that the sidekickers humbly offered and throw away the wrapped fur. What appeared was a wet white glow.


It was also said to have been passed on to the ash monkey royal family.

Perhaps because of the ease of processing, the huge lower jaw bones with a similar feel to that of the Peripheral family are tailored to look like\ 37470; (Makari). Hardwoods that glow black from grip to tip are arranged to compensate for the lack of strength.

In order to pave the way for Zeena, the "God-forbidden" warriors under his command push out and push the giant pigs in with an iron axe.

Apart from the special effect on the "protective hold", the tights, which are just bones, are not very strong and will break quickly if they are swinging around. The queen walks slowly through the wind on her shoulders, majestically, through the open streets of the warriors.

I was no longer disadvantaged or barren.

The Ash Monkey tribe decided to prove their power to the gods.

It was undoubtedly a 'ritual'.

"Look at that!

As she screamed, Zeena's steps began to run.

While the shabu-shabu and the river water enter, it eventually becomes a disease.

Zeena, a much smaller soldier than the rest of the Grey Monkey tribe, was never discovered until the brink of confusion.

You must have noticed the signs of the great gods with your senses rather than your sights, the big pig's "protective hold"... the enemy, who seems to be "four years old (quart)" from the linear of his crest, finally turned back after losing the time to turn his consciousness to Urban.

In the middle of the boundary river.

The warrior of the big pig, who did not know the spell for the tight tool "protective hand", waved his arm in a rude manner. It was a massive attack because I knew someone else would break like a toy just because of my suspicions. Still, Zeena handled the back of her hand with the same momentum as the wind.

Their first dried goat will be lightly staggered like a masturbation... and a few moments later the big pig warrior will scream.

Zeena's clasp broke the big pig warrior's finger crotch.

Zeena wasn't too slow to say she had the fixture. The tightness, which is only a helix, does not differ greatly from the strength of the "protective" bone. There was also a risk that it would be damaged by hitting bones of comparable stiffness.

Especially hands and the like are mostly bones.

Based on the fact that if it hits, it will crush, Zeena cut her finger crotch… surely across the boneless area.

No matter how huge the Great Pig Warrior is, his experience and knowledge are equal to that of a newborn baby. The pain of cutting meat would have been my first sensation.

The movement of the big pig, who gave his arms up with his hands wrapped around him, was mostly instinctive. Zeena sprinkled the blood on her face with her arms and rushed into the pocket of a big pig.

Even with the addition of a tight-knit reach, Zeena's small height only reaches her knees. The queen, who had soaked the mud in the northern battlefield, knew how to break the creature's body like a breath. Instead of stretching out, he instantly bent over and severed the tendon of his ankle, which was bare.

So when the big pig warrior loses control of one leg, he leans over and rushes between his crotches into one of the creatures' greatest hurdles. Kai thinks it's her way of doing it without any extra effort.

He was a big pig warrior who tried to wake him up immediately, but Zeena had already arrived. Her screams were barely heard on a battlefield full of screams, but as in a silent movie, her harsh opening and closing of her mouth seemed to allow dirty abusive gossip to be played back in her brain.

Screaming and laughing at your heels without balls. A woman like a man's natural enemy.

Whether the Great Pig Warrior had that "balls" or not.

A spectacular scream roared as if it would stop everything on the battlefield.