A battle between the ash monkey queen Zeena and the big pig "Quart" warrior.

Among the insignificant creatures that crawl the earth's surface, two males with isolated powers die together believing in the superiority of my God.

All the flocks around gave way to nature and surrounded it.

It is the stage for the battle of the half-god and half-human super warriors.

Of course, the killing of those who get into trouble continues.In the first place, they may not have realized that they had given way to the death of the Zeenas themselves.If we get any closer, we'll get involved... Is it true that instinct is afraid of "dog death", so we opened the distance?

As I watched the death of the ash monkey queen, Kaihaburi trembled.

(I'm not gonna do it either...)

If there is a "rating battle" of the Ash Monkey clan, I wonder if it can be said to the people of the valley country, but I think it has nothing to do with the boiling of my relatives who are close to the Federation of Losers.

My colleagues (Guardians) said, "Block the hole," but the interpretation of blocking the exit of "Shindo" is now settled.Then all I have to do is smash it out of the way.

To do that, we have to do something about him.

That huge pig Zeena called the Great Pillar keeps beating bloody Urban forward.Even though it seems that the "Guardian" is quite a strong old stock, isn't it too unreasonably strong?Every time the giant fists in the mountains, the fog is scratched around to draw clouds.

I can only breathe.

If we don't get rid of that, we'll have to close the hole.

I think we should fight together while Urban is moving, but Kai was puzzled.

The tragedy that would have happened in the pig kingdom and the emergence of the natural enemy "Big Pig"... For some reason, for Urban, the battle against the king of the "Big Pig" may be really a fateful confrontation, and the entry of outsiders is not wanted... I felt so.

In fact, the other Guardians are in the midst of a thousand-year-old Great Warrior, but they don't seem to be participating in this bloody killing.Their thoughtful stories, which frequently fly around the thought area, blink from the back of your brain earlier.

Walking loosely, Kai cleared his ears.

Nevin is still crying.He really shouldn't cry right away.It seems that Urban is in a pretty bad situation.

You're not going to help Jijii!

Kai questions the Guardians.

The voices of the young "Guardians" who were thrown, the words of other fellow friends blinked one after the other.

(big pig, mada baby)

( )

(* * Intervention, * * premature * *)

(Xu Salene!)

There is a mix of "Guardians" who do not understand words.In the conversation the other day, there seemed to be a bit of a relationship that wasn't face-to-face.Still, about six or seven.

Most of them seemed to be critical of Urban's actions.

Instead of helping blindly because they are friends, many of them still follow the 'Guardian' philosophy.Among Kai, the faint memories of his predecessors, the Guardian, whisper, "Protect the glow of life" like a residue.

I would like to ask how valuable it is in this world, such as the norms of the old world, which has already been destroyed, but there is no doubt about their goodness as they continue to seek to know the specifications of this world and to lead creatures in a better direction.Although there are values that were dragged by the thoughts of the ancestors, Kai also decided to be a "guardian" for the sake of living a life that respects his life.

Suddenly feeling something, Kai shrugged his neck.

The chills caused my neck hair to bend upside down.


It was probably instinct to look up.

A slight 'sound'... a continuous shivering of air that feels like that, waves Kai's consciousness.Its intangible "sound", which continues to stimulate the eardrums slightly, had a strange resonance that shook something that should be called "nostalgia"...

Yes, I remember.

It sounds like the Sanskrit bell of a temple in the dark.

At dusk, when the magic happens.


"Jesus Christ!

Porek sat beside Kai.

Kukuru. Alarai.

The family members who followed me looked up at the sky and were restless.

They must have noticed some disturbing signs.

The empty blue that was rounded in the fog has somehow turned deep blue.Leaving the film of the world to drip and fall, it's dark enough to think that it's finally approaching the outer universe.

The tremor in the atmosphere intensified to the point where it hurt my ears.

(Oh, yeah.)



The shouts of the "Guardians", which were even stronger, flew like sparks.

Khai also glanced at him to find out who he was.

Kai then turned to a terrifying gaze that pierced the fundus of his eyes and quickly twisted his neck.I saw something I shouldn't have seen.

Sweat erupted from my whole body.

(High god, blessed be He)

Words told to tremble.

"Noble God."

Behind the innumerable gods hanging on the sky's canopy was a blanket of darkness, shrugging through the light.

When the flock of fish gathered, Kai slowly exhaled a trembling breath as he saw a fearsome thing peeping into the other side of the gods at the edge of the tree that would have been even higher... just to cut off the light from the surface.

Don't look directly at me. Don't go against them.

Kai had lost sight so that she could tell him, but her chest palpitations could not be relieved.As high and low as the divine deity of the land god, there will be a strict hierarchy in the outer gods.It's probably not something to touch.

Even as he did so, Kai tried to bind his thoughts to a thousand disturbances.

(Valley God)

A tingling fever that gushes out of your body.

The burning heat comes from the "Holy Stone" in my chest.

Calm down, God! I can't kill that.Don't be rude.

(Adjudication, descending)

The "Guardians", who were originally great warriors, lacked calm.

The great gods of heaven are clearly interested in the story of life that is happening on the surface of the earth.

The lives of the weak, who can only live in a rough world such as this boxyard, still shine like sparks in the middle of life and death.Each just wants to survive, but seeks the death of others, and kills them with his whole body and spirit.The simplistic and too intense thought of the impurity, the strength of the thought alone, released the strength that could reach the top of God at that moment.

The Guardians were afraid of something.

Kai's eyes are captured only by Urban, who is still fighting the king of the big pigs, and Nevin, who is flying around the neighborhood.The other Guardians remained hidden.

Their conversation became dull and was interrupted for a short while.

Kai was bewildered as if he had abandoned them and followed Nevin with his eyes.

Nevin realized the situation too late, and quickly hid in the woods, screaming something at Urban.It was like a brazen move to be exposed to the gaze of the "High God".

There was light from heaven.

I know that the light is where the gods stare.

All of the battlefields were exposed to the light of heaven, and not only were the Great Pigs, the Grey Monkeys, the Abandoned Pigs, but also the Toba mouth in the depths of the battle between the King of the Great Pigs and Urban, as well as the soldiers of the valley kingdom.

The death of the Grey Monkey Queen and the Great Pork Warrior, who felt particularly intense light, is precisely what the gods are eagerly watching.

What the hell is going to happen?

I had a hunch that Kai had goosebumps.


The scream of the Terminator.

Thousands of amazing cheers from the Ash Monkey tribe.

The "four-year-old" warrior of the big pig was bleeding his lower body, and his hands were tightly entangled as compared to the strength of the soldier's queen Zeena.

The Great Pig Warrior is pouring a spilled scabbard to the ground.It seems that there is no match anymore, but I can't find the "closet" that Zeena was swinging around.I wonder if the pattern stuck too deep into the wound on the belly of the big pig to take it off.

On the verge of death, the Great Pig Warrior captured the queen and brought her to pure power.

The difference in size between adults and toddlers is compared with the strength of the body.I can see the queen's disadvantage from the sight, but the match also seems to be quite balanced.A large pig tribe is several times as large as a large pig tribe, and the race performance of a large pig tribe would be nearly ten times higher than an ash monkey tribe.Filling that ethnic gap must be a gap in the protective power of each other's lands and gods.

Is the power of the "King God" untouchable enough to overshadow the power of a big pig warrior of "four years old"?

From the body of Zeena, which is covered in giant bodies, a lot of hot air begins to rise in response to the terrifying force being squeezed.Conversely, the big pig warrior, who is losing blood and limiting vitality, is gradually being pushed.

Zeena roared.

The meat of the mighty Pork Warrior's palm is shrugged and grabbed by Zeena's fist at once.In addition, the amount of hot air rising from Zeena increased.

Push down the enemy's giant body and step on it.All the Grey Monkey tribes clapped their chests and roared at the queen's victory.

After pulling out the "clasp" that remained stuck, Zeena walked over the big pig warrior and finally stepped on her nose and jumped off.The walk does not stop.Straight ahead is the King of the Great Pigs, who has gone wild with his irrational body.

It's hot water.

White smoke keeps rising from Zeena's body just walking.

The footsteps seem to have been transformed into something more supple and elegant, though somewhat distracting.

It is difficult to understand because of the hot air, but the long white hair that was characteristic of Zeena has grown longer and is tied behind her head like a racist woman, so that it flows backwards.

It's a long step.

The doubt of whether it was because of my mind was quickly dispelled.In fact, her legs were long and stretched.Instead, the 'color' that makes up her is starting to dull.

Her shadow covers her whole body.

(… super evolved)

That was the beginning of the Judgment.