The nation of men was in danger of survival.

The boy, who is also a dubious limbo villager who may even have the concept of a country or something, certainly did not have the feeling of a national crisis or anything.

All I know is that the land that was producing people's living food continues to be taken and shredded by the surrounding sub-tribes. The soil is, as a matter of course, at the forefront of the killing because it was literally the land at the end of the country… it was as simple as the parties understood it.

(Now... I was born in a world where I could eat all my rice...)

It was taught by the ancient village that one of the worlds of zero fallen branches (Paraiso) was here from the circle around the soul of the dead. If you die here, the boy's soul may be something that goes back into the circle again and lives a different life in a different world.

(I want rice balls)

I kind of snapped and my stomach grunted.

Although the vague, black triangle comes to mind, the boy still doesn't know what kind of food it is. He was also aware that he had just picked up such unknown memories because there were people who sometimes regained memories of previous lives.

It reminded me of the flavor and my spit boiled.

That's how I got hit in the head by someone.

"... don't sleep forever."

For a moment, the boy, who didn't know what he was being said, blinked.

The shadow he's been speaking to doesn't really look like he's been muddled (like this) safely, and he just sees the reaction and shows the setup to walk away as it is.

"... not asleep"

"... if you're alive, just stand up. If you can't feed the beast, stay asleep."

"... alive."

"Then just stand still, you blubber."

Looking down at me and showing my teeth and laughing were five older miscellaneous fellows named Manso. The man, who has been a quiet (manso) child with little to no grumbling since he was a baby, became a totally mouthless rambler when he turned eighteen.

Because of its strong extrusion, it is treated like the leader of the squad.

"... it looks like we won."

The boy managed to get up while being supported with one hand.

When they say they won, they don't fall for it right away.

I turn my dizzy head every time I shake to see what's going on on on the battlefield.

In the boy's eyes is the figure of his companions who look after him... and at his feet is the remains of the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe like Oyama, who seems to have managed to be tailored.

And the view beyond them… the panoramic view of the battlefield is still killing each other. However, the number of soldiers on the people's side appeared to be considerably higher than before.

Apparently, knowing the crisis in the village of Rag, reinforcements from the neighbouring village have crept in together. He said, "It's the Tempel family!" The Bofoy family! "And the flag bearers flying the crest flag of each Lordship are touching each other with gratitude.

The tilt of the situation causes the army of the Grey Monkeys, who decided to withdraw, to retreat as they utter a high squeal. Looks like my brothers are going to run into the woods where they lay low.

At that time, there was a loud noise like something hard bumped into each other so hard that the boy's eyes turned to you. A huge, heterogeneous grey monkey clan crossed dried with a human warrior.

Size and good tiger striped hairy, must be the famous warrior of the Grey Monkey Clan, meeting one another with the General of the Grey Monkey Clan as big as its looks up was a long young man with long dark hair bound with balls decorations.

The young man was also one of the generals who led the Rag soldiers, and his name was Orha. The eldest son of a lord, the precious' sheltered 'of the village of Rag... was the corner of the strongest power gained by the grace of the Land God.

"... come on, you're messing with Master Orha, that monkey bastard"

"Well, even the Asians have 'shelter'..."

Orha received a stone axe rolled out by the red-haired Ash Monkey Clan with his full force, with an iron sword.

Goddamn, with the sounds echoing in his belly, he plunged into the ground by the time his feet were abnormal.

Extraordinary bumps of power...... Paranormal battles, which can only be formed between protectors, begin to unleash the air of the battle of the divine gods, which does not allow the intervention of the others.

And taking off to the side to slip the blade of the sword, Orha immediately strikes out into the offense and begins to push his opponent in with an unstoppable slash on his eyes. The villagers know that every dozen of them are powerful enough to crush the big rock.

The women of the village tell me that I can snort. If he is a good man and has a distinct arm, and even a candidate head of the lord's succession, he is already the strongest.

"Master Orha's face is starting to show up. At last, we're playing the lead role in" having protection. "

"Dear Olha, Wow..."

I wield a boneless iron-striking sword that weighs just about every child, using a spring all over my body, as easily as possible. The Grey Monkey Warrior also responds to a blow struck with the power of Orha with a stone axe that rips the wind out into the horizontal sword.

Intense power and power scatter a great spark in the air.

An invisible shockwave rocked the grass around them as hard as a gust, along with the kind of metal noise that pounded the core of their heads. As they met again and again, the stone axe finally broke, and the great sword of iron broke from the middle.

Old Grey Monkey warriors turned themselves over quickly when Orha, who had lost his precious sword, took the opportunity to soak up the rubble with his kick leg. I guess you've decided you've earned enough time for your fellow countrymen to escape. It was Orha, who showed signs of a chase, but he gets thrown a stone axe pattern all over the resting souvenir, out of time.

The escape leg of the Grey Monkey Warrior was exactly as fast as the detachment. Use all the limbs with the addition of long monkey arms and run the ground to jump. It was not the speed and speed of those who had no choice but to run on two legs.

"... oh, they got away with it"

If it had destroyed the enemy's "Protector," it would have been a great result of the Medal. Orha is dropping that back off in remorse.

A miscellaneous soldier by his side picks up a broken blade tip, but Orha only instructed him to do something and made an appeal that I beat the lag soldiers by hand. Seeing that fist thrust up into the sky, the soldiers shouted to get started.

"The monkey bastards got away! Rug wins!

"Raise your winnings!

Wow, there was cheer on the battlefield.

The neighboring villagers of the helpers are boiling together. They will get some wheat from the village of Rag in return for their help. It was helpful, but honestly there were some parts of the rug soldiers that could have reduced the amount of meals they ate.

When I saw it, I attached it to the wreckage of the Grey Monkey Clan, which Manso and his fellow soldiers snorted at each other.

Manso, the leader, stabs the knife in the heart to make sure it stops the roots of his breath before giving instructions by hand.

Several people slice into the remains of the Grey Monkey Clan and stick their hands in the flesh to explore something by hand. And one of them searched for a great mass of cobwebs, and raised his voice of joy.

"Shinseki, I took it!

In this world, it is a mass of bone shaped like an earth flute (ocarina), which can be found in the belly of most creatures. The stronger the creature, the bigger it becomes, and of course one is bound to be hidden in the body of the human race.

It's officially a part of the bone, and it seems to be called 'Zhukotsu'.

Manso, who received it, quantified it among his companions to a sardine, and crushed it using a rock on the ground after implicit consent. Among the "divine stones" that the top half had been removed was something like an amber cloudy medulla (sloppy), and it was only at the tip of the knife that Manso swept it out, distributing it equally to his companions.

"Thank you Mother Earth!

"" Thank you. ""

"And I was in a patriarchal land, a majestic land. Thank God for the Spirit of God!

"" Thank you. ""

After a short holy sentence, the boys swallowed the amber medulla (sloppy).

The "Divine Stone" marrow held by the creature is said to contain the spiritual power that the creature has accumulated. I don't know why, but by taking it into my body, the creatures of this world can be strong.

It is just a phenomenon like 'leveling up' and the boy also feels what would be the divine stone in me getting feverish all the time. I guess the word 'level up' came to mind suddenly is also a remnant of a previous life's memory.

(... still managed to survive today)

Appreciate my good fortune and turn my tongue to indulge in the taste that spreads in my mouth. Although the medulla of "Divine Stone" can only be spoken once in a while, many of them have a rich flavour and like it.

While you can be strong, delicious. The dispensation when I got "Divine Stone" often became a tangle of fights.

"Let's go back to the village"

And 120 men of the army of the village of Rag shall come in a row, and curse themselves after the battlefield.

How many people died in this battle is quickly confirmed by a docking call.

There were 138 of them, but only 120 now, which means 18 are dead or at least not back at this meeting point.

It was quite painful for the village of Rag, where there were not a thousand people in the village, to lose so many manpower at work.

"They say Kai can walk. Get him in the van."

The boy, unlikely to be able to walk on his own, was to be rocked by a luggage truck with the body of his recovered companion.

The boy kept looking up at the sky not to see the 'passengers', rather than being complained about and thrown away, although it was not pleasant.

The boy's name is Kai.

Kai will be 13 this year.