The village of Rag is north of the soil.

The population is about a thousand. It would have been one of the relatively large settlements in the sparse soil of man. The village is surrounded by tall rough stone walls and has a half-closure fortification-like feel.

It was, of course, to protect itself from external enemies, such as subraces, and the occasional effort of the fathers, who had turned it into a wall that looked up with enormous effort, which was only inherently about the earth base.

The village lord is the Tukhao Molok family.

Our Lord is Molok Vezin. He is a brave samurai called "Iron Taurus (Tor)" in the soil.

A tall enough to have to give in every time you dive through the entrance to the room, a body as thick as a barrel, a short neck that secures your head disappointingly. Exactly the harsh appearance of an angry taurus whilst shooting at his enemies is enough to silence a truly crying child.

The lord, who did not like to stand still, often also put his face on the training ground of the soldiers. It is not a story that has now begun when soldiers in training desperately distract themselves from looking for that adorable opponent.

"I'll train you."

The "Iron Taurus (Tor)" seemed to define today's opponent.

Instead of being relieved of everyday farm work and so forth, the men who must fight as soldiers are gathered in training grounds from noon onwards and dawn into repetitive exercises to kill their enemies.

The command of the training was taken by a magnificent man named Vasco with a big scratch on his temples. Surviving an unlimited number of killings and a corresponding benefit... only for the portion of the enemy who killed him, this man, who continued to take in the 'divine stone' marrow, had the physical ability to jump through.

If you meet a weapon, it will always numb your opponent's hand, and if you run, it will always be the best, regardless of age difference, and if you kick the wall and jump up, you will be able to make enough leaps to land on the roof of the house as it is.

It was the strongest basco of the miscellaneous soldiers... but only at this time showed a slight disgusting face. Your "nomination" was this man who stood out most prominently.

It was a strict fact that he was susceptible to nomination without teeth, since only Vasco could resist the form alone, to the Lord, who is the strongest 'protector' in the village of Rag, even if he said he would put on an archery.

Basco stood in front of the prince by turning off any expression after showing joy in blurring his inner indulgence to the appearance of the princess waving a practice stick in a good mood.

Wear a short pruned sesame salt head with a helmet made of wood and skin, quickly wearing a breastplate of skin that is used up and has a candy gloss.

And I took a stand on my body dressed with sticks sticking out.

"Please, thank you"

"... um. … I will show you a sample from my hand. Let's see, this is the battle between the Powerful and the Not! I will not die pointlessly if I do not have to, I will stay away from such 'powerful enemies', but I will be fortunate... because sometimes I will have to hold your hands together without getting someone worthy of confrontation"

Simulation training was started by showing it with a gentle snort.

Be polite, gently hit the tip of the stick, and then let your lord and Vasco circle each other's positions. It is the hallmark of soil martial arts called the "Walking of the Circle".

To put it more correctly, it was a martial arts in the name of Zula, a famous mercenary king who had converted the battlefield on the marginal soil a long time ago, and a walking method of Zula flow martial arts.


Called, the boy looked that way.

At the end of the training ground, everyone is looking forward to a meeting between the owner and Vasco. Manso, who apparently came a little late, found Kai and waved.

As I gestured and greeted the soldiers of the sights, I sat next to Kai, pushing something cheerful like nothing.

Unexpectedly, Kai blinks.

Its small fruit, which was red and purple, was the fruit of the rock (morango), which often grows from the gap between the rocks of the meadows, etc.

The moment I saw it, my stomach rattled.

"... okay"

"Eat. Because I just happened to find it and pick it. Eat less and you're tough.... because the ineffective ones are relentlessly reduced."

"... sorry, that helps. I'm so hungry, it's hard."

Don't hesitate to throw the rock clam into your mouth and then sneeze your face at its sourness. Taste is not only one of the valuable nutritional sources of limestone soil. "Thank you" again to Manso for sharing it with me even though I could have eaten it.

"... just a tour today"

"If you don't work, you're gonna have to grass me."

"... the food support is well shredded, so you should just ignore the taste and rest"

"You can't say that either. It's uncomfortable when you bump into me."

"Well, I'm sorry I just can't. My squad won't have enough spears when Kai leaves. Try to smell worse in the neighboring village again soon. No, I don't want you to come back soon."

"... are there any rumors?

"I just heard that the Pork (Aug) tribe is getting worse near a pretty tempeh village."

This is an earthly story, but when there is a raid by the sub-tribes, there are certain signs. There are races that prefer to grab people's women and children, and they often lead the way in trying to satisfy some of their desires while people are less alert.

Pork (Aug) tribes and others were typical of them, and were particularly abominable from the human race.

"... then we're close to a raid."

"Oh, so heal yourself soon, too."

Somehow the two eyes are directed at the figure of the lord and Vasco in the center of the square. It's a match between those who are used to it, so there's nothing like a futile meeting, but sometimes spear tips just to grasp each other. The sound of a tree meeting with Kang, Kang, and.

And suddenly the two began a fierce meeting. It was mainly Vasco who showed his temper to attack.

Of course, we all know that both fights are overwhelming even with Vasco.

A simple meeting was cut off early and Vasco jumped around using his legs, as it could happen that even a dozen dozen of normal tows were meant to fold the weapon as it was. The inflexible indulgence that its excellent ankle produces was just as perfect for the expression of being unstoppable to the eye.

But the Lord's fearful eyes are paying off spears that will kill them with only minimal "fit", as if they had cut off all their movements.


Along with the voice of temper, a blow was fired all over Vasco.

The spear, which was aimed only at the upper body, was launched downwards to poke a flash of clearance, and all the previous attacks became feints to make your lord stick.

The aim was your foot… the left foot that served as the starting point for the Circle Walking Method, which is a defense requirement.

You did it! It was during the period that the expectations for Vasco of the miscellaneous soldiers watching began to become a very short cheer.

Reality immediately apparent in the eyes of the crowd.

A powerful blow of meat struck the master's foot... but he laughed back at Vasco's face, not making it slight at all and looking up at all.

"You can't stop 'the powerful' just by paying. … If the powerless are relative only to the spear, know that the only effective attack is a 'thrust' to a single point"

I guess it means that neither the overthrow of Vasco's body nor the itching on the 'powerful', who are significantly improving their physical abilities. There were no traces of moles left on the thick, sturdy legs of the diagram like the one scraped from the "Iron Taurus (Tor)" stump.

One of the most effective tactics was to beat the opponent from the outside of the pitch in favor of the length of the weapon. Although I only have to poke them when I want to kill them, it is definitely a very effective use of spears to 'slap' and 'pay' because it is much easier to kill enemies by slapping them or paying them before poking them, or by putting that one point that disfigures them anyway.

But "sheltered" … a man who embraces the grace of the Land God that roots in the land and becomes "special" becomes a light departure from the boundaries of ordinary people.

As Orha did on the battlefield the other day, your father, the Lord, was also 'sheltered', and of the several divine spirits held by the Moroccan family as family heirlooms, the largest main village, here in the village of Rag, of the Land God. It had a particularly strong power.

"Guardian of Rags"

The Spirit of the land without its original name is named by the inhabitants.

"I'm not a soldier. Not pay, poke! It might be possible to put a hole in the opponent's hard defense."

"... Ha"

Vasco did not lend his ear to the story of his accumulation, and as he quickly retreated, he began to use his hands masterfully to spun the long stick well. Although your lord was taught to "poke," Vasco didn't seem to follow it honestly.

The spear was probably even more so for Vasco, the village's best spear craftsman, such as the fact that the force of the punch was the best.

Do you want me to increase my power with the power of rotation and fight it only with a 'slap'? In Vasco's swinging hand, the handle of the stick gradually drifts off to his butt. Correspondingly, the radius of rotation of the rod increases.

The further away from the center, the more radius of rotation the faster the speed of its tip increases dramatically.

When your lord saw it, he asked you to come.

He seemed happy not to lose his temptation to challenge the best of the village.

Vasco, who expected the force of rotation to have maxed, slipped his hand around the stone bump of the spear at that moment to maximize the radius of rotation. The last place that the force of rotation would reach was your left foot without blurring.

Even your attackers were defenseless.


Along with the crushing sound, the tip of the training stick was shattered and scattered.

All the sights of the men on the tour are poured on your Lord's left leg.

That's just what everyone probably thought if you ate that attack properly... etc.

There, however, was a safe leg, no different from the first, with Vasco deeply bowing his head, pulling a broken stick from the middle.

My lord looked down on Vasco the same way.

On its face, however, was a thin red 'neighborhood lift', as was the case in Orha on the battlefield. Perhaps the paranormal protection of the "sheltered" freed nature and power by perceiving the host's existential crisis.

"... I'm glad you're here."

It was Vasco who tried to stay back after getting compliments...

"Somebody, let me get you a replacement stick"

By order of your Lord, the opportunity for Vasco to withdraw was completely lost.

Basco, who was forced to take the place of the stick, was forced to continue simulated training with his lord as he was, and he was not released until four half-hour after he was blurred. The health of "Protected" was inexhaustible.

"It's an expedition without a basco," Manso maligned, dropping off Basco, who was put on the doorboard and transported, inviting the chilled laughter of the soldiers who were nearby.

Indeed, with that injury, we may not be able to rush to the most recent conflict. It was a painful battle down for the village of Rag.

As I said that it was not something I learned about the distress of descent and so on, when the owner poured some water from the water bottle, I was in a good mood and left the training area behind.

While dropping off the departing principals, Kai saw his son Orha following behind him and thinking about blurring and the irrational logic (proverb) of this world.

(... it's like, "Murigue" without God's blessing)

His change, which became somewhat thoughtful, was perceived by his surroundings as "you must have grown up with a major injury," but it can actually be different.

When your lord and Master Orha disappear side by side, the young women sprang up where they were watching and began to raise their voices as if they were deaf. These are the women surrounding Master Orha. The village is a continuous battle, with much more women in the population ratio.

Yet for some reason there are many men in the village who continue to sunlight women...... this was why.

The fact that women flock to strong men is not only a natural dish, but the unreasonable prospect of becoming stronger and becoming infinitely thinner with "specifications" makes it irresolvable to stir up the agony of men who don't.

This world is also a Harlem recommendation because there is no such thing as a basic law as monogamy.

The white girl who appeared afterwards hand-waves away the noise of the damsels. This is also your daughter, called "White Princess" by her pigmentless white skin and hair, red eyes like Ruby's.

The real name is Master Jose, a beautiful girl of clear descent. It can be taking on the pale admiration of the men of the village in one hand.

(... pigment deficiency (albino), that one)

While Kai thought of it, he thought about it.