Those who serve in the village of Rag are set to live in barracks in the castle of the Moloch family, lords. It has long been said that it is to foster a sense of solidarity between soldiers, but it is closer to reality to say that we are surrounded by them in order to be able to mobilise them quickly in an emergency.

The fact that meals are covered twice in the morning and evening was quite beneficial to the soldiers.

"Thank you Mother Earth!

"" Thank you. ""

"And I was in a patriarchal land, a majestic land. Thank God for the Spirit of God!

"" Thank you. ""

After the prayer of the decree, everyone's meal begins in anticipation of the first sight of your Lord. The Lords' table was in a special place a little high, while others were cramped dinners surrounded by long tables lined up.

Today's meal is soup with shards of potatoes close to unlimited hot water, black bread with kachikachi, and just boiled pretzels (asparagus-like guy). Of course, the soldiers lined up in front of the pan to serve before they took their seats, but the only useless thing that wasn't working satisfactorily was the leftovers of the healthy people, and this time again in front of Kai was just the noticeable black bread of mold and a soup completely devoid of utensils. The current seasonal print did not hit me at all.

"... I'm not going to split my eyes."

"... no, I was just wondering"

I think Kai searched for the next one's prit and it still looks like Green Asparagus. Curiosity wasn't particularly thoughtful about the asparagus of things, so it's not a lie that I was just curious.

(I can imagine the taste, so it's okay... I'm worried about the lack of vitamins.)

Kai's memories of his past life, which had been colourfully restored in every one of them, were about to reexamine the world in which he was now living.

Although the personality of previous life, which was a lot of knowledge, can only be regarded almost like other personnel, the massive amount of knowledge brought about was rapidly growing the consciousness of an immature and under-known boy named Kai.

The poor quality of the diet causes damage to health… it was regrettable that we had missed the opportunity to consume valuable sources of nutrition because we knew its specific rationale.

Similarly, the hygiene concept no longer fits with that in this world, and I couldn't help but worry about the black bread mold, scraping it carefully with my nails, and I said, "Don't make the food crude!" and devoured Manso's fist bones.

(If I don't do something about it somewhere, I may die prematurely due to a lack of nutrition or something.... I want to be able to eat all of them...)

It was the Lords' table that Kai's envious eyes were turned to.

Though the dish remains essentially unchanged, there is plenty of pile soup with plenty of utensils, boiled plits that are about to spill, baked over the winter (a duck?) that was laid to rest, and a delicious looking white liquid poured by the maid on freshly baked soft bread...... probably milk.

It was a thing called an unequal society.

I try to mouth the soup, the discomfort drifts on my mouth.

"Eat it all, you understand."


It's about time. The bread mold was thrown into the soup at some point.

What, are you serious about eating this?

Kai swallowed his saliva without accusations.

The life cycle of this world, which is quite remote from such things as civilization, is precisely close to that of the rural Jijibaba.

Wake up as soon as it gets bright, take advantage of the bright days before eating dinner and going to bed. It's commonly called getting up early in bed.

Kai was lying in a small room in the barracks, appreciated from squad to squad, without being able to do anything.

The room is already full of great snoring. The smell of men, the heat bitterness, is unknown to the ceiling. The season is now at the end of a short rainy season and early summer, but fortunately, the land north of the soil is quite easy to spend even in summer. Instead, winter is a very tough land... but we shouldn't be remembering such a hard season right now.

Drowsiness did not come and Kai, who had no choice but to wake up, exited the barracks and went out to the back with the herbal gardens of the invisible castle. There's a deep well where the best water comes out of the village, and I wanted to moisten my thirsty throat.

After creeping up the water in a fishing bottle and pouring it into your throat as you wish, look at the stars in the night sky and realize that the night is still long.

(... after all, let's try it)

Kai looked around to make sure he had no eyes before slipping through the side of the herb garden and diving himself into the shadow of a cabin where farm tools and other things were being punished to avoid further eyes. I don't have to wonder if there are any eyes at midnight, but there is a possibility of a night raid by the sub-tribes, so it's time for a few people to go to the castle's observation deck.

Kneel into the shadows, and breathe there.

The reason why drowsiness doesn't come is actually obvious. Of course, curiosity about wanting to test the knowledge I had just gained recently was causing my nerves to increase slightly.

Someone is whispering in my head, confirming my promise first.

(... this world has a 'fantasy' kind of vibe, and you can't possibly not try it)

Eating the contents of a demon-stone-like thing called 'Divine Stone' will level you up, and some cheats are getting the protection of the Land God to look superhuman.

If that incredible 'specification' was somehow made up of magical and spiritual powers as its root, it could have been a means of purely taking them out and using them.

Start by distributing consciousness all over your body and look for something foreign that is somewhat close to 'dizziness'. It is also believed to be mixed in blood or emanating from an unknown chakra.

Naturally, the most prominent candidate as a source of its incredible power was the 'Divine Stone', which encapsulates the experience of a being called Kai, a round bone that is also delivered in this body.

I know physically where it is in my body. My 'Divine Stone' is probably buried around my heart because it got hotter around it when I leveled it up too.

If the leveling I felt at that time was as an organism... 'parameter up', then Orha or your lord's array is a gracious thing of God... not a possessed one because we are still living normally, but a capability grant through 'passive skill' escalation. No, there is a purely spiritual being, and there can be no denying the line of real physical strengthening due to its possession.

Well, anyway.

It is extremely likely that magical or spiritual wonder forces exist in this world. Then "magic," because it's not strange to have.

(... fire magic!)

The first thing I would want to try at a time like this was' fire magic 'after all.

Mostly mesopathologically.... Secondary illness?

As thoughts increase, the 'Divine Stone' behind the chest begins to emit heat. At first I was swallowing the idea of being warm with pokapoka... and noticed that my chest palpitations were getting so intense that it was expensive.

(hey, this... sucks)

I felt like "Divine Stone" was rooting for the vitality in me and scratching to not realize a "certain desire". "Divine Stone" forcibly recovered resources that were not enough to achieve "magic"!?

It was getting painful until he breathed, and Kai kept his back round.

While doing so, the area around my imagined right index finger is starting to heat up rapidly. Hot when touched, Kai offered to fear its right index finger.

That's the next moment.


As if it had suddenly emerged from the uncertain 'other world', the little light that emerged from the other side of the sway became 'fire' as the only natural phenomenon at the tip of Kai's index finger.

Little light like a candle fire, not enough to take.

Kai, looking up at it with a nod, was afraid of the fear that he was going to die before joy. My body was starting to get cold, just as all the heat in my body was taken away by that 'fire'.

"... yah, bah"

If I don't stop this' fire magic 'somehow, I'm really dead.

Shaking my arms hard won't put out the fire. Impersonating me to the ground won't make me disappear.

I know that it is possible to extinguish the fire if you work on the "Divine Stone" by some means of will, but this is not the case because it is an emergency to contend for a moment.

That's how Kai remembered.

(... water!)

extinguish the fire with water from the well.

Water for fire. It was a thought that could not even be called an idea, but that was the only way Kai stood up in this way and rushed to the well crazed to death.

I pull up the fishing bottle wondering if it would be okay if my fingers stayed on fire. In the water thus obtained, I stuck my finger in it. The moment I let him in, there was a loud noise.

(... what, disappear, don't)

Horribly, the magic fire was burning even in the water.

The inside of the water bucket glowed round, and Kai, bathed in it, finally caught his eye.

"Who's there!?

A high and clear voice.

Kai, who hid it by trying to hold in the glowing water bucket, looked back at the one who spoke.

There, even in the darkness, it looks good white, your daughter, Princess White, was staring at this one.

Perhaps she came to quench her thirst, too. Because it is definitely cooler and tastier in the well than the water in the water bottle.

"... why is that bucket glowing?

It was the moment when all of a sudden Kai's 'magic' was about to be exposed.