The fire at your fingertips doesn't go out.

Princess White tries to come closer.

The water in the barrel is starting to boil when it blinks relentlessly. Especially when the fire is rapidly heated around and the heat is rising so loosely that it's likely to burn.

"What's in that bucket?

The White Princess finally rushed over to see if Kai was going to do something.

Kai desperately remembered that there was no way he could expose every anomaly without preparing his mind in a place like this.

(... disappear, disappear, disappear)

"You've seen a face, in that bucket..."

The 'fire magic' at your fingertips doesn't go away. Though I'm thinking about disappearing, I couldn't even feel like it was the right answer to the "erasure."

It's a fire that doesn't even go out in the water, so I can't make sense of what "Mr." is.

Then how? "Kaiju" magic? Or activate some other magic to 'wow'? But what magic should I wear from the top then?

If you were an unschooled Ky a few days ago, you wouldn't have been able to get that far of an idea in a flash. Arrange situations in your head when you put out one fire after another, and then you get to the image that you think 'this is'.

(Close "Gas main stopper" …)

Cut the flow of what appears to be a vital force that continues to be recovered from the entire body with the image of closing the gas main stopper.

Hands on Kai's shoulder as he rounded his back and hid the bucket, almost simultaneously with the White Princess flipping him over and running out of magic.

White princess, who is smaller and more skilful than herself, is equipped with fearsome arm power... which of course is because White princess also inherits the 'protection' of the Lordship tradition... but she can be suspicious of betraying its moist appearance anyway. The Moroccans have three "protectors": their lord, their eldest son, Orha, and the White Princess.

Kai hits harder and falls in. A barrel away from its hand dances through the universe with water pouring over it.

And Kai's right hand, finally exposed from the water... the magical fire that was burning at the tip of its index finger, at that time, has left a blue sway of cheeks and disappeared forever. I wanted to think they hadn't noticed, but it was such a delicate moment.

How he fell from his back, Kai screamed as he glanced as the pain in his broken bone, which had not yet healed sufficiently, swept back into abundance.


The white princess is getting a little stifled up by too much shouting.

Having held his mouth still but screamed enough already, Kai tried to escape the scene in a great panic when he heard a cry from the castle asking what was going on from there.

Kai tries to walk away without even turning around to hear Princess White say "wait" and hold herself. A delicate hand with an unreasonable built-in power on its back looms.

"So you're telling me to wait!

The white princess grabbed the collar of her clothes and said that her stature remained almost the same, but she was lifted like a cat (Nyao) who had been grabbed by her neck a little. After a futile twinkle in the air, Kai kind of stumbled upon the idea that only the male and female reversals were just like that.

Later, the castle became a riot when there was a night raid by the sub tribes, and all the soldiers who slept were woken up, and even your lord jumped out of the bedroom, so it goes without saying that a sermon and a sermon by the angry adults took place even after it was found that they were all due to false alarm.

Peripheral soil was often inflicted with direct corporal punishment.


"I'm so sorry"

In this village, where excessive corporal punishment is never seen as a problem, it is practised with real violence. Kai, who was given the least care not to touch the fractured spot, was crying half a day later, swelling up only his face to the bukbuk with it on the pillar.

Every time I get angry with one, the old men in the village who really binta at the injured opponent seriously suck. I practice the one called mental infusion in reality.

Keeping her hands together on Kai, who can barely talk to him anymore, Princess White looks at her as she peeks this way and says, "Are you sure you're okay?," he asked with a sincerely sorry face. No, because it's not okay as I see it.

She feels one end of the blame for this happening, White Princess. Although he is a very good child because the daughter of the lord bows her head to the lower soldier with vegetables...

"... so it's about the 'fire' thing back then."

Slightly adhesive is flawed on the balls.

"... I see you have the qualities of a 'user'"

Kai, mindful that he had no choice but to stray, whispered while being asked anything other than memories of his previous life.

I was free on the way home from the battlefield, so I kind of played and happened to be able to do it, I was practicing secretly to surprise everyone, and so on, and I testified that I was appropriate... I didn't even notice how Kai was hissing that I wouldn't get into it, and the princess fully accepted those remarks.

I thought it was too easy to believe or something, Kai, but I guess this princess doesn't know much about doubting people, and she switches her mood to be okay.

More than that, I was concerned about the word 'user', which appeared in the words of the White Princess.

Is it okay to talk about and understand the wizard who is actually there? The princess says there are not many 'sheltered' in the center of the country who wield these strange powers.

"It's a dangerous move that burns my life out when I use it the wrong way, so I'm forbidden to use it from you. Even in the capital, they only deal with some special family lines that preserve traditional secrets.... You seem to have qualities, but I don't think you should use that technique again. Because if you're a normal kid like yourself, you'll soon run out of spiritual power in your body."

I honestly nod because I already understand the area as an experience.

They use up their spiritual powers to sharply weaken the power of life, and often the heart stops and dies as a concrete example. Somehow I rub it around my chest.

"... let's keep this a secret. Don't play around too much, do you? Kids your age especially admire that kind of 'special power', so I'm sure there 'll be dead people out there soon"

"... aye"

"Normally, it is said that the spiritual power of each person who remains born is only enough to burn one candle. If you'd burned that one for as long as you could, your heart would have stopped and died."

"............ ai"

"It is said that even 'sheltered' can lead to death if done in the wrong way. but don't talk carelessly all around you."

That's how Princess White left the cage room with a nice smell, but Kai, who dropped it off, is uncomfortably switching her mind.

I think I've kind of grasped the feeling already. After numerically recapturing the low amount of spiritual power that I hold together, Kai is the mind that separates the low limit of its use and searches for a path of growth that suits his length.

Get up and eat your meal.

I shouldn't have licked a hungry child's thirst for food.

(… what you can do in this situation)

At that time, I wondered if I could cut the rope that was admonishing my body, and I just began to consider exercising the 'technique'.

Thus, in an attempt to swallow spit (tsuba), he puts his face to the pain and blood taste of the wound that spreads in his mouth.

No, let's try the magic of doing something about the pain in your mouth first. It's a 'healing magic' that I'm happy to wear in this harsh world.

As we try that magic, we begin to figure out how to implement it.

(... the hand of spiritual power is for one candle)

Of course, even if we explore it all, we make sure we take safety precautions to avoid dying.

As a general rule, the trial should be repeated with its tolerances, scheduling the treatment limit times that would seem absolutely safe.

First and foremost, the magic treatment limit shall be set at 10 seconds. 'Big time' is a short time away. I already know.

Secondly, to firmly manage the 'original plug' of 'spiritual power'. Ensure that the opening and closing operation of the "main stopper" can be carried out in such a way as to add or subtract the amount of gas.

And thirdly, it is to fully reflect on the part of reason as to how exactly we can imagine it to achieve its effect as a 'cure'.

Kai looked around the back of the castle room. At the time of wheat harvest, it is a warehouse that is full, but during the pre-harvest period, it can be used in such folding cages.

Outside the windows of brightness opened in the ventilation, droplets of water flash. I guess he dumped the sewage someone used upstairs outside.

One, two, three, four...

It's about two seconds apart, so let's say it's forced to end five times. I don't think I'm going to die just because 10 seconds is 20, but I don't need to risk my life in practice.

(... water or five times and then it ends without question)

Ugh, breathing all over his chest, then Kai started a dangerous magic experiment. Fortunately, he's now tied to a pillar, so he won't fall in even if his hands and feet lose strength.

Waiting for the first watered, Kai stretched his consciousness to my 'Divine Stone'.

First, squeeze the "spiritual power" from all over your body. The recovery work will be done automatically just in mind of the 'Divine Stone'.

And while my hands and feet rapidly lose their mind and I'm appalled that it's getting cold, I even bring the 'Divine Stone' heat to the mouth where I want to cure it first.

I've had water twice so far.

(Wounds heal...)




... but no.

Switch the image.

("Meat." Undo it...)



... but this doesn't work either.

The water has been used twice more.

Thoughts and errors are the last. Refine your target more.

('Cells'. Activate. (...) Huh.)


Remember to squeeze everything.

... and my mouth gave me a blurry and soft heat.

I wasn't loose that I was slowly savoring that feeling.

The fifth time water went out the window, it was time for a forced end.

What I imagine is the "original bolt closure", which has been found to be effective for magic cuts earlier. The line of enthusiasm stretching from the "Divine Stone" was cut to tighten up gnarly.

Ha, ha...

My shoulders are so rough to breathe.

It was as if I had exhausted all my energy in just ten seconds. People feel comfortable as the fever in their hands and feet gradually returns.

(... I wonder if the wound on your mouth... has gotten better)

Try turning the pepper and tongue and face the blunt pain that came.

But there was no pain like stabbing a sharp needle earlier.

Is it healed or not? The exact assessment seemed to come after I was freed from this room.

Because of her tiredness, Kai fell asleep almost to lose her mind.