When the people of the village of Rag managed to restore the damage of these cultivated lands due to the invasion of the Grey Monkey (Makaku) tribe in general… an intrusion noise broke out in another place, another sub-race, in the west.

The reward arrived from the sky with the white-headed dove (Honk), the fastest legged in the soil. The seal of the pigeon owner attached to his leg is the Bulter Teraburi. Many of the neighboring Lords belonged to the Lord of the Lords, who were the closest parents.

It was not a request for help, but a strict order to summon superiors.

The village of Rag spared no effort in forming a rescue unit, even though the wounds of the soldiers were still unhealed. To the 50 miscellaneous soldiers who left the village's minimal defensive force, a unit consisting of one 'sheltered', the decisive force, left the village in a hurry.

The head of the unit is, of course, Orha, the eldest son of the Lordship, whose 'sheltered'. And of the fifty miscellaneous soldiers, there was also the figure of Kai.

"Hurry up! You can't be late for the Alliance!

With Orha's scolding, the soldiers silently speed up their feet.

Those who continue to kill each other on the feudal soil have benefited from leveling from the 'Divine Stone' of their opponents who have killed quite a bit, many with strong ankles.

Nor did Orha's deviant feelings move on to everyone, and they were all overwhelmed with motivation.

The other day when the village of Rag was helped by the help of the neighbouring village, it was giving less' gifts' after the fact, according to custom. It is self-evident that the most delightful gift in the unsatisfactory marginal soil of the food situation is a well-preserved grain. The village of Rag also gave less wheat to each village.

And of course there are reverse patterns.

At dawn, when the land is protected by rushing to the aid, you will receive the corresponding food. Because of the recent 'expenses', food distribution throughout the village has been tightened, so even a few bags of wheat would have had the significance of participating in the fight if they were to be willing to die.

This time the damaged village is a slightly more remote village to the west called the village of Bagna, and the request for rescue is made in the name of the Alliance Leader of the Union of Territorial Lords, Balter Toho. He is the lord of the lord who governs the fortified city of Baltavia, the best of the soil, and the seven surrounding villages.

To say that it was requested by that name means that the threat of an intruding sub tribe is that great. It would not have been an exaggeration to say that all the little lords of the northern part of the periphery were scratched together.

And there is also the aspect that how quickly you come there is weighed down by your loyalty to the neighboring parents by your allied lord, Baltarabe.

For the first time, each Lords face each other in the "Ritual of the Alliance", which confirms the strength of the ribbon, where the small Lords in question give each other booze in circles.

"... Kai, if it doesn't hurt, don't be too impotent. It's not cured yet."

"... wow, never mind"

Distracted by his companions, Kai shook his head while laughing bitterly and not worrying.

Kai's fracture, naturally, had not fully healed yet, and he joined the war by tying tight with a borough cloth that exposed the area around his chest.

Why did such an injured man dare to be chosen? You can't even tell at the bottom of something like that. I wasn't surprised if it was for any reason that I threw it into the battlefield to diminish its uselessness.

Honestly, it's hard just to run, but Kai's injuries aren't as big as he thinks they are. It was about ten days ago that he was caged in a disturbance, but since then Kai has been trying "healing magic" with this one and has managed to repair a fracture that had spanned several ribs.

The person had guessed that the pain would be primarily a phantom pain coming from anxiety that 'may not have healed'.

Spending half a day traveling, the Rag soldiers proceeded about fifty yurds northwest.

The destination was a wide area of land near the village of Bagna, between the deep forest and the settlement.

"... Ugh... These guys are all from Hatake."

It seems that the land opened was originally a wheat field opened over the years by the people of the village of Bagna. There was already a fierce war, and a number of bodies were scattered whose precious lands were trampled and vandalized unharmed and left lying.

The various bodily fluids coming out of the body are naturally rich in oil and salt and quite poisonous to the field, so post-war restoration work awaits like hell. Imagine up to around there, the lag soldiers were staring at each other.

Fifty lag soldiers find themselves approaching, or soldiers from the village of Bagna, who take care of the Lords United Army confluence, rush to begin to guide Orha, who is clearly known as a general.

Of course, the miscellaneous soldiers follow it silently.

On a loose hill that went a little, I could see the main formation surrounded by wooden fences. It seems that Orha is the only one called to the middle tent group, and the fifty were kept on the outside of the fence.

And the soldiers of the other villages were wandering about in their absence.

"There's like 500 of us in all..."

"It's important."

"... Did you see the body that was rolling? The enemy looks like a pig."

Because of the absence of the superiors, rumors of the miscellaneous soldiers soon become as loud as they bother. "I'm going to ask you a few questions," one of the others rushed out to the other villages. There's really no such thing as stopping that action because gathering information is so life-threatening.

That's how the miscellaneous soldiers figured out the approximate situation with self-help efforts while Orha was being briefed on the situation in the main tent.

The sub tribe that has invaded the land is the Pig (Aug) tribe.

He is a huge race that is more than two yuls tall and weighs several times more than a person. That pressure when it comes to being attacked doesn't really go out of style at the level where my father would cry.

That number that has broken in is about 150-200. Even the village of Rag, which falls into a fairly large category even on the marginal soil, has 120 soldiers, so it would not have been able to resist the medium-sized village of Bagna properly. The fighting allowed a light intrusion, with about ten soldiers and about twenty villagers of field work being sacrificed, he said.

After one hit, he managed to build a cage in a heavily guarded village and succeeded in preventing the war... so he was able to gain Uncle Baltar's help.

But the damage was more tragic.

The pigs (orgs) who are abhorred by the people... I don't have to tell anyone who knows their sexual orientation, but they prefer young women to snatch them (sara), and they remain tall for the first time. I can't even have kids, but they're to enjoy the reluctant screams of people women. Several young women from such villages have been captured, he said.

Of course, the survivors of the village of Bagna are burning themselves to the flames of hatred against the Pork (Aug) tribe.

"The other guy's a pig dude (org)...... if he'd made me look more like a pig, I'd manage to eat it"

Even so, the Pork (Aug) tribe is a little closer to fleshy people from the neck down. If you were walking on two legs, you would be similar to people such as how you build muscles.

"... is there someone you tried?"

He said it wasn't a bad idea.

"Isn't that a bad idea?"

Naturally, the Rag soldiers are always empty.

Someone's stomach snarled and a dead tree-like man named Setta, a deputy length, told me to start preparing for boiling. It is not cold rainy season so I can sleep without a tent or anything, but I needed a scratch to cook.

The Allied Lords eventually swelled up to about 700.

The gesture brought by Uncle Balter was 200, and the little lord of the northern part of the soil, 20 less mixed units 500, were dressed to rendezvous with the land. It took two days for the assembly to complete.

Did you have fears because of the rapid build-up of the people's morale, the pigs (orgs) never came in for a night raid and showed no noticeable movement the next day.

It was the people of the village of Bagna who could not keep their mouths shut, although the alliance of lords in formation was in fact relieved somewhere in their hearts. Many of the village women remained captured, and they made a noise to attack them immediately if they were ready for battle.

"... I know how you feel"

"They're not attacking, either, and maybe you're looking at the numbers over here and you're running away."

Though it's good to rush, there are few people in the coalition who honestly want to move on from here and kill each other. It was about someone else's land at times, and neither did the Lords, led by wanting to lose precious village workers, etc.

We do not know what arguments were exchanged within the main formation. Orha, who has returned to his formation after a while, has given orders to prepare himself for the battle with a grand sigh. Apparently, the work of persuasion of the lord of the village of Bagna moved Uncle Balter, the building beam of the army.

"The Pork (Aug) tribe also wants to see how this one is doing in the woods. They haven't escaped yet either."

To pay for the hopeful observations that were made among the soldiers, Orha said such things and wore protective gear. It seems that the scouts unleashed by the village of Bagna proprietary continue to monitor the formation of the Pork (Aug) tribes. The village of Bagna said it was in considerable haste that the voices of the captured women were no longer heard.

As an ally of the soil, Uncle Balter cannot abandon his little lord, the son. It is of course also important to beat one of the wave factors, the pig (org) tribe, so he made the decision to attack from the front, believing in the advantages of numbers after all.

There is no doubt that it is more disadvantageous than to fight sub-tribes with excellent physical abilities and in forests with many obstacles. The miscellaneous soldiers, who had anticipated a defensive battle on the open land defending the land of the village of Bagna, had clearly clouded their expression. In the woods, mass warfare by the best of us doesn't work very well either.

"I wonder if we can go home."

Someone snapped and some tongue pounding continued.

I'm sorry to those in the village of Bagna, but if you lose ten times that number of lives to save a few humans... if you say you lost that to help humans in other villages too, the humans in the village of Rag could hate the humans in the village of Bagna, not the pigs (orgs).

From the confluence, the armies of the people flooded quietly.

No one thinks that the coalition, even if it is unfavourable, will lose significantly more than the number.

A line of spears that make silver light jump into the early summer sunlight.

Neither do the rug soldiers let go of the spears in the main uniform. Only the position of the knife each of them carries is adjusted to the nerves. Everyone thinly guessed what the battle in the obstruction-rich woods would be like.

And the battle against the Pork (Aug) tribe became a tragedy.