There is no such thing as inferior intelligence in this world because the sub people look different from people. Normally the ploy turned around, and there was no creativity in the idea.

The Allied Lords were properly set in a trap by their enemies.

No one would have suspected that the very story of 'scourge' in the village of Bagna was a total fabrication (...), etc. When it comes to acting, the anger of some soldiers in the village of Bagna was too much.

"... why, like this"

"I don't know!

Before I was guided, there was no such thing as a group of pigs (orgs).

Every time a man's scourge is unleashed, he is annihilated with remembrance, and no one returns alone.

In the deep woods, where all the creeps recruit without information, people fell into serious thought pauses because of the reassurance provided by just a few advantages.

And the misty lowlands that accidentally entered... the unexpected wetlands that accumulated water during the rainy season took their feet and finally suffered a massive raid where they were forced to get stuck.

Besides, they were cunning.

It poured rain and arrows and unconsciously retreated the people, even pushing them into the territory of a third force that should have been a total bystander.

The wetlands were sensitive to the Lizards.

Threatened by an unexpected separate race on the back, the warrior class of the Pork (Org) tribe emerged... their 'sheltered' and others cut in, and the army line of the people fell into havoc.

"Master Orha!

"No! You don't see us!

Having superior power over ordinary people, Orha therefore thought he could manage this mess with all his power. Because of the lack of experience, that was only a thought, but I couldn't see around too much to abandon the miscellaneous soldiers under my command and stick them into the enemy. The precious' guardian 'was also the most important core force in each small Lordship Army, as was the case with Orha for the Rag soldiers.

An egg-aimed pig (org) warrior entered the nest where the parent bird disappeared. Protected by its overwhelming amount of meat and sturdy skin, the pig (org) warrior had raised a red neighborhood on his staring nose.

It was a "sheltered" pig (org) tribe.

The Rag soldiers were disturbed by the intrusion, so that the resistance was also between the bundles, and they were framed to flee to the scatter immediately. The defenseless back is pursued by a large number of Miscellaneous Pig (Aug) soldiers. It was usually a sight like being turned upside down the way we were fighting.

Kai also escaped.

At first the squad had solidified and fled, but when the chaser couldn't cut a thousand, each time they split into two hands and the lucky group left. The chaser ate up a group of Kai who still had a sense of clumpiness.

To follow up on Kai's injury, Manso, who had the most strength, was escorting me, but he threw away a word of "sorry" at the end to avoid spreading (ma) the chaser and split up. The pig (org) tribe, who gave up on the quicker-looking manso of escape, naturally chased after Kai.

(... damn!)

Do you die here?

I thought I was finally beginning to understand magic.

Maybe we can open the door to possibilities and go up the stairs of birth.

Even if you say you are somewhat blessed with physical abilities, your breath will rise and the pain, which is the after-effect of the injury, will not go away. While falling over and all over her body muddy, Kai ran mad to death.

Still, we can't escape the pursuit of the Pig (Aug) tribe, who beat us with their vegan abilities.

It was Kai who kept running desperately, but at one point the heat was suddenly running on his flank and when he realized it was starting to stain bright red there.

He was slaughtered by an imminent pig (org) clan behind him.

Shit, I thought.

And Kai, intuitive that he couldn't keep running away for long distances, let his body penetrate into the depressed bushes off the beast path. Kai escaped into the back to scratch the stinging branches and leaves... but the steep downward slope ahead made it even worse,

He reached into the trees reflexively to try to dampen the momentum of the fall, but in time, he rolled as he was struck on the slope many times. And when I rolled the other one, I managed to catch it while striking my back at the root of the tree on a cliff that could have been madness.

I was stunned by the shock and coughed up.

Tears came to me, but there was no looseness in self-love.

(Now I can manage...)

It was Kai who looked over the slope with anticipation, holding down the unstoppable side of the bleeding… It was in his eyes that 'death', in the form of the Pork (Aug) tribe, was coming down the slope carefully.

He wants to kill Kai at all costs. Maybe they have something like Norma (...) to play on the battlefield, too.

Noru, Ma?

Though he cared for the abruptly floating words, Kai screamed briefly with the severe pain of running to his stomach in an attempt to get up.

"Say hey!

Severe pain as if the blade had been put up on the meat right now.

I don't know how much it's slashed.

I can just tell that the snuggly hot blood is passing between the fingers of my held hands. Until just now, I was desperate and unconscious, but I could understand that it was a major injury to half my life and death.

Finally, the Pigman (Aug) clan, who came down right next to Kai, swung down towards Kai a weapon like a long hand axe with a pattern in his hand, leaking his nose satisfactorily.

Are you going to stab me in the stomach first and then cut my neck off?

Kai threw himself almost reflexively to escape that deadly blow as well. And he was pulling out the knife he was carrying as a last line of favors. It was no longer based on a flank injury, but Kai, who lagged behind while wielding a knife to restraint...... The retreat soon became cramped in a narrow cliff area and finally dressed to receive a pig (org) tribe hand axe with a knife.

It is pushed down and held down as it is.

Differences in power were evident. When the Pork (Aug) clan approached their noses like they did in the first place, they opened their eyes to the smell of their breath.

Damn, damn.

I didn't understand the words of the Pig (Aug) tribe, but I quickly understood that they were only mocking the ineffectiveness of people. The hand axe pattern is eating up to my neck and even breathing is painful.

(... if you're used to more magic)

I'm going to cook a whole bunch of these pigs in no time.

The harder you force, the worse the bleeding from your flank gets. At last, my body temperature was losing and my thoughts began to take on Kasumi.

That's when I thought I'd give him my last fart.

I'll magically surprise you, not that it works or not...

Take one hand away from the knife, which is almost useless for pushing each other anymore, and stretch it to the nose surface of the Pork (Aug) clan. The swine (org) laughed at the trembling hand.

I'll crush your eyes alone.

"Fire magic!

It's time to die.

I don't need to worry about it later.

Allow the "Divine Stone" to recover all spiritual power and gather it at the fingertips of the extended hand.

Though it was only a few days ago, I had found out at this stage that he had studied the 'magic' in this world and studied it as a practical means.

('magic' here is not a chemical reaction (...) something)

It was concluded that it was a phenomenon that occurs purely in the exchange of equivalence with the 'spiritual power' that I could prepare. The image of the surgeon directs to "spiritual power". That's all the reason is.

The reason that magic is not widespread in this world is probably because of the critical life-threatening 'risk' of not managing the consumption of 'spiritual power' to cynics and the few 'benefits' that would be gained as a result...... I mean cost-effective, unbalanced.

It is presumed that the "protectors" who may possess a lot of "spiritual power" are not interested in magic because the dramatic improvement in physical abilities given at the same time as the Divine Spirit Inheritance too easily results in "consequences" for them.

I don't know with what logic that tough flesh, protruding rigidity, of the "protective holding" and others is bringing.

"... burn it (...)"

All of a sudden a flaming hand approached me. The Pork (Aug) clan stretched their upper body over Kai in an odd voice. With his face covered with his hands, the belly of the pork (org) tribe became empty.

The pig bastard... take him on the road to the circle!

While pressing the left hand that put the fire together against the nose of the Pork (Aug) clan, the right hand restocks the knife and pokes it straight around its heart to screw it.

The magic is forced to end by the countdown that was unconsciously set. Even when the fire went out, the curly oddities of the Pork (Aug) tribe did not stop.

I was sure I stabbed him.

but then Kai wandered backwards to be pushed against the head of the Pork (Aug) tribe, who had fallen from weakness.

Thus, when I thought that it had ended, all the bodies of the pigs (orgs) had been thrown into the air.

What an idiot.

Well, if you're going to die anyway, it's going to be easier to die instantly on a jump. Only the laughter at the end of his mouth remained on Kai's face, which had lost its vitality.

That's how the floating sensation that fell off the cliff pruned Ky's consciousness after a while.

In the woods that became battlefields, little boys of the people fell quietly toward the bottom of the valley.

No one was watching it.