Its vertically cut cliffs would have been tens of yuls tall in sight.

That would have been the only dangerous place to lose his life if he had fallen normally...... beneath the depressed and lush cliffside trees was an unexpectedly watery lake, and the boy was miraculously able to escape the eyes of the Reapers of the Underworld by being received into that water.

Kai woke up before long after that. Feeling me drifting through the cold waters, he awoke in earnest.

(… water)

It was a lake filled with very clear water.

At first I thought it might be a pond with accumulated water in the rainy season, but for that there is also a lot of water and a unique coolness of spring water. Rainy water storage is usually hot (wet) and cloudy.

Beautiful view for a while, looking up at the blurry, cliff-cut sky as it floated in the water.

The rugged cliffs in the field of view circle around, blurring your thoughts that it's a 'caldera' -like terrain.

He drifts across the water in a daze, and then slowly his consciousness begins to arrive at the fact that I am dying. The limbs had already been completely deprived of their body temperature, and even the pain in the flank felt like other personnel.

(Yay... if you don't get up fast, you'll lose blood)

That's what I thought in the corner of my head, which I'm no longer too sure about, and Kai lifted up.

Turn your head as you sink halfway to see where the land lies. Then he grabbed something that he touched, and pushed it to the other side to pull his body to its shore. I didn't realize it immediately, but something of it was the corpse of a pig (org) soldier.

Kai, who managed to drift to the shoreline, pulled his body out of the pond and kept it so that his back drifted off to the roots of the trees on the shoreline.

With a blurry head, Kai ponders his way to survival.

(If you don't close the wound quickly, you'll probably die soon... and this injury won't allow you to crawl up a steep cliff)

Basic escape is impossible as it is. I also wonder if I would expect the help of my fellow citizens because it seems to be within the subordinates' domain of domination.

So how do you heal your flank wounds?

There is only one answer to that without having to consider it.

(We just have to do something with 'healing magic'...)

Close your eyes to recall the procedure that cured the fracture. Taking consciousness of "Divine Stone" almost automatically begins the task of recovering your spiritual powers.

but Kai stopped it immediately.

(hey... there's hardly any left)

Even though he was already at life and death, there could not have been as much spiritual power left in common with life. I can't even activate the magic of the line of favors if I try to restore my health.

Or, if you stay still, you're going to bleed to death as it is, instead of recovering health.

Essential knowledge for soil birth, he looked around thinking about hemostasis in the wild grass, and caught his eye on the corpse of a pig (org) soldier floating on the shore before the herb.

Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh

Kai probes around his waist and realizes he's lost his knife. Even as he pounds his tongue, his eyes capture a long hand axe with a pattern still held by a pig (org) soldier.

If not, you can borrow it.

Attached to the corpse of a pig (org) soldier as he crawled, Kai snatched his hand axe and swung it down around the chest of the corpse with full force. The skin of the creature is so sturdy that it cannot be broken unexpectedly without a cut in it.

Kai did not hesitate to stick his hands in the cuts in the skin made of axe and spun a little contents around Gucci. Then, after a while, he discovered the "Divine Stone" of a pig (org) soldier shaped like a dirt whistle (ocarina) diving under his lungs.

Wash it quickly with pond water and beat it to a rock that had its head out nearby.

A few beatings broke some of it, so Kai twisted his medulla with his fingers from it and licked it desperately. The melanoma kept the work even busier.


That's how it came. The fever of my 'Divine Stone'...... and clear self-growth that I can tell as a physical sensation. I feel the level of existence as a creature being overwritten.

While desperately licking the remaining medulla, Kai was again trying to express his' healing magic '.

Cells, blocking blood vessels

Scratch your slightly increased spiritual power and take it to your flank wound. and activate the part of the cell.

It's something I somehow found out in a few days of trial and error... magic is basically anything, but it seems to be something that doesn't activate unless the specific image and the amount of spiritual power that can be consumed at that moment are commensurate. I think it fits with the analogy that even though I only have flammable material for one matching stick in my hand, I can't imagine a flamethrower.

It is presumed that the reason why imagining healing a wound does not activate is simply because it is a collection of cells… a vague image of the flesh, working simultaneously on all the cells that would have hundreds of millions of wounds alone. Thus, Kai had gained practical effect as a 'healing magic' by becoming aware of that level of hope at the discount possible.

If you break a bone, you don't think that the whole thing will heal.

I even hope that a few bone cells will heal. The idea is to do countless tentative welds of dotting to bind countless small reaching goals to obtain result strength.

This time, he decided that it was the amount of bleeding that required urgency and hoped for healing, specializing in blocking the blood vessels.

(... I don't know if you're feeling any less bleeding right now, and let's believe it's working)

Kai moved to crawl again to avoid falling asleep by the damp waters.

A short distance from the shoreline, there were splendid large trees that seemed to avoid rain too, so I rolled into its roots.

It was a big tree that stretched out branching like a roof, looking up.

(Yabe... consciousness)

I haven't even checked to see if they stopped the bleeding altogether.

Although it's better because it's the warm season of early summer, I still can't get my temperature back because my clothes are so wet. Cold.

Kai lets go of consciousness again, trying to keep herself in one of the roots of the great tree that tumbled away. Blood dripped from the clothes that were stained with fresh bleeding as the hands clamped down holding the wound.

The blood of the boy's life is lost in pieces.

Its great tree, which rises as it wraps a huge rock with countless roots, rocked its leaves as if it had been slightly winded at that time.

The valley was just quietly to sleep, with no sign of any creature other than him.

"... how did this happen"

People who lose a lot of company and cry.

Lords scratching their heads about how to do the guardian of a halved village.

To the great defeat rarely seen in recent times, the defeated Allied Lords' will had fallen to the ground and turned into an almost apathetic U.N. crowd.

"We were torn apart..."

The cause of the great defeat was the fact that we stepped in here in the forests unfavourable to the battle in the first place, and that the group of pigs (orgs) who were reported to be there could not be found anywhere. It was a person in the village of Bagna who was seen as a victim, both because he wanted to help the women and because he heard that the enemy was definitely watching where they were.

Naturally, suspicion was directed at them, and they made statements that could also be taken as reopening "there was no choice," along with a fearful confession, so the faction of the people became a mayhem up and down.

The lord of the village of Bagna, Pinjeroy Bulk, who was held up in an urgent and open Lords' meeting, pleaded guilty to the fact that some villagers did not know much about themselves for what they did on their own, but the anger of the small Lords, who lost many precious soldiers, burned as hard as they oiled rather than quiet.

"You no longer know about your situation!

"Was that your promise to free the hostage of the captured woman? Don't be ridiculous, then you say you don't mind a lot of other village people being killed in exchange for that!

"You filthy traitor!

"We were deceived! The one who cheats needs the reward he deserves!

When Pinjeroy realized that he would be killed without being able to say whether or not he was like this, he tried to resist by releasing the power of his protection, but all the little lords gathered at the meeting were held back because they were the same 'protectors'.

When Uncle Balter, the general of the coalition, was declared 'guilty', the empty-handed ran outside the building. That is how he was called, the only daughter of Piñeroi, lord of the village of Bagna, who, after being framed beside his father to be thrust, was told by the little lords watching "Lord Piñeroi will be retired".

The blue-haired redhead daughter looked at her father like she couldn't believe it, and she crawled and squatted for help.

But no one tries to hear such a daughter's wishes.

"Protecting" is the grace of a divine spirit, a land god, which is only rooted in more than a certain settlement, and it has long been a habit for its owner, man, to be officially certified as a lord by obtaining the protection of its "land god".

'Retirement' in this world had to necessarily be accompanied by the transfer of 'possession of protection', so it was not possible, for example, to inherit the housekeeper in words.

"… it is our warmth to the fathers of your family who have long been reliable colleagues who acknowledge the survival of the Bulk family. Judge the present Lord, who has sinned deeply, with his hand, and take over the protection."

"... forgive me! … Please, please"

"Judge by the hand of the successor of the clan."

A clear neighborhood also appears on the face of Uncle Balter, who has the greatest protection of the soil. Its tattoo is so elaborate that it cannot be compared to any other lord, its internal pressure leaking out, its blue-grey eyes emitting light.

At the moment of shelter, the superhuman guardians will also be judges of the people's sins.

From one of the small lords, a dagger is handed to him.

"My hand will take over."

The transfer of the Protect, synonymous with the Lordship, takes place by once again celebrating the regressed Graveyard of the Protect, with (also) the whole of the Tensei of the Ordinary Prince.

but 'retirement', which takes place before the Lord's life, was equivalent to 'the death penalty' in this world.

Coverage is because unless the current owner dies, there is nothing to say about moving to another.

"... I can't seem to."

"Forgive me... Forgive me"

"Somebody 'make a mistake'."

"... please don't"

One of the little lords waved his sword down without hesitation.

The lord also resides in the power of guardianship as a judge. The neck of Piñaroi, lord of the village of Bagna, rolled to the ground without any hesitation.

At that moment, my daughter exclaimed.

"Come on! Come on! Before the Spirit returns!

"... no, no"

"This is how you do it!

Another lord in a hurry grabbed her daughter's arm and forced her to hold the dagger, letting her stick it out to her father's body at her mercy. That's how he began to spit out what was in his stomach, trying to pull his daughter back and let his hand stick into his father's body.

The inheritance of the protection is completed by removing the "Divine Stone" while the protection resides and removing its medulla. The moment she was forced to put her hand in the body of her still hot parent, her daughter finally fainted.

Uncle Balter gave instructions to his daughter, who stopped moving.

"... the takeover ended badly. The Reimbursement of the Spirit will begin in a while. Who is it? Run and seal off the Bulk family's 'graveyard'. The uncomfortable may gauge the seizure of shelter."

The culpability of Piñeroi, lord of the village of Bagna, was completed and the Lords' Meeting was adjourned after a number of arrangements had been made.

An army of pigs (orgs) is rushing to the village. Anyway, the coalition dismantles after snuffing out that offense and defending people's lands. It shall be the lord of the neighbouring village to defend the succession festival of the next generation of the village of Bagna, and Uncle Baltar shall carry out the hindsight until the succession is at the age it should have been.

Orha, a prestigious and youngest village of Rag, ended the Lords' Meeting without getting a particular chance to speak. And when he saw his daughter, who was left unconscious, he raised his dark eyes.

He also knew that the succession of lords had these harsh aspects.

"A weak lord is evil."

Orha snapped to throw away, and left.

That night, a pig (org) tribe threw something inside the stone wall of the village and left.

The next morning, it turned out to be the neck of the village women, who were said to 'keep their promises and I will give them back', and the villagers raised their grudges and cried at the grief of the Pork (Aug) tribe.

Half an hour later, a bloody killing began between the humans and the pigs.