(... am I... dead?)

My body, which has always spent the past few days with some sort of 'suffering', is resting on the comfort of being warmed by the sun.

He was blown away by the Grey Monkey (Makak) clan and seriously injured, and was stabbed in the stomach by the Pork (Org) clan.

I have been freed at some point from the 'debt' of my weak but hence owed life. Without feeling the context, Kai broke the condition as a 'dream'.

The authentic awakening dissipates the fog of thin and blurred consciousness.

When you open your eyes, soft light pours down to the fundus.

(Morning, or...)

The whimpering of a little bird and the voice of a hissing bug.

A pale sunlight, watered through the green of the leaves in the periphery, was wrapping the chi.

I thought it was still half a 'dream'. The lifted upper body is free from malaise and lightly in accordance with will, and there is no discomfort in the tightly sore ribs whenever the neck is turned.

Strength overflowed every corner of his body, and he seemed to be waiting for him to move.

Naturally, the hand accompanies the flank wound.

And I also notice the pain being wiped away from it.

"... it hurts, doesn't it?

It is common for a scratch to stop hurting after a night, so I simply think it must have paralyzed me, spreading the hem of my clothes so that I can shake off the crucible between the bundles.

The fabric solidified with a large amount of blood peels away from the burrs and flesh. I didn't have the pain to peel off the scabs I was ready for, I went to see where the wound would have been... but the wound I discovered was covered in light peachy new meat, healing as if it had been more than a month since the injury.

Although there is no pain, he finds evidence that the wound was definitely there and realizes that Kai is now a reality not a dream or something.

Soon, Kai stood up.

Moving just a little like that across the huge roots that rippled with the eel, he tried to see a panoramic view of the Oki tree that was receiving me. There was a boil of gratitude as if he had been nursed for some reason by that Oki.

Ogi stood there crushing huge rocks. I honestly thought it would be amazing to find out that a young tree with its roots in the gap between the rocks cracked a hard one with the power of its growth.

The cracked rock was pretty big, too. Square. No. I thought it was a shaped rock, and I looked around at that surrounded by roots.

That's how Kai took his breath.

"... tomb, is it"

That square rock, big enough for Kai to look up, turned out to be an exact square with about two yuls on one side, although it was now cracked.

On one side facing that lake there was clearly an inscription engraved with some hand, the appearance of which reminded Kai of the 'tomb'.

It does not belong to the soil.

In limbo soil, when a person dies, burial is fundamental, rounded and plated to place a landmark tree or stone. Unlike that of such an easy commoner, this tomb was close to the tomb of the Moroccan family, for example, a lord's house in the village of Rag, in its rightful capacity.

No, if I may be precise, it is closer to saying that it is similar to that of the temple of the Divine Spirit dedicated to the Land God, in the heart of the cemetery where their clan is buried. The Moroccan cemetery is hidden in the basement of Rag's castle, and Kai only saw it once a year during his annual sweep.

(... Isn't this the same as me?)

The inscription is crawling with countless pieces, and he begins to peel them off with gratitude. Years...... or were left like that for hundreds of years, the sticky roots are shaved, and even if you peel off all of them, the old dead roots are creeping up in the eyes of the carved inscriptions.

Sometimes he feels better, and Kai thinks about lightly burning the remains of the bamboo with fire. The roots in the out-of-the-box heights were not cleaned, so I stepped on them that if I burned them slightly, they would be clean.

Sometimes I used to say that it wasn't a lot of fire magic that I could put out.


The magic exercise lasts ten seconds.

Try burning the roots near hand, and if it works, repeat burning them small in the same way you did when you broke them. Expect that if you sever the coarsely tangled roots, they will peel off beautifully afterwards.

(Burn the inscription trash...)

What I imagined was for now some roots at eye height.

But Kai will be surprised there. We were together until a spark appeared at our fingertips as if it had moved blurry from "The World Beyond", which we had seen before. Because Kai himself imagined that there was a spark, it can be said that he limited himself to it.

but from there the earlier 'results' betrayed his image tremendously.

The moment I saw the fire emanating from my fingertips burning into the rubbish of the inscription... it was as if the inscription itself emitted a red light, and at once the fire burned out lightly before I could breathe a few breaths.

"Is... Huh?

Of the litter of the inscription, it was Kai's image to bake a certain part, but part of it was ashed in an instant with a flame of fearful momentum, and the excess energy automatically achieved an unexpected large frame goal in search of a place to go, an indication of the word 'burn the litter of the inscription'.

But because of its rampant fire magic, the inscription became full of coal.

Kai looks up at the likeness, and sees the hand of every man who made it up slightly. I really can't keep up with my understanding.

I tried to do the fire magic again.


With little or no hair, my fingertips lit with fire.

It never meant that it was the appearance of fire magic, only that Kai really imagined it that way. To the evidence, when I tried to float in the palm of my hand in a 'fireball' way, I was able to achieve it lightly.

Would it have been about a minute before I stumbled out of the 'fireball'? By that time I had finally felt the depletion of spiritual power in a distance and rushed to twist the source plug of supply to stop the magic.

In fact, I still felt spared for my spiritual powers.

Thinking that the magic exercising limit up to yesterday was about ten seconds, I left out a 'fireball' that would have been six times in time, and the consumption would obviously be huge, so maybe the spirit itself should have simply wasted nearly ten times.

At this time, Kai intended to understand my growth considerably.

Anyway, before I passed out, I had a monopoly on that pig man (Aug), "The Divine Stone", on my own. I thought it wouldn't be strange if we were 'leveling up' a lot.

but someone in him is alarmed that "the calculations are not right".

Growth when eating the 'Divine Stone' of the Grey Monkeys divided into five people, no matter how high they were physically estimated, was about 10% … eliminating the hopeful part as much as possible would probably be to a degree not exceeding a few percent.

Even assuming I received all of that benefit by myself, there should have been only about a 10% or 20% growth factor. If pigs (orgs) are stronger as soldiers than the Grey Monkeys, we can fix them a little more upwards, but I don't think that would make the difference so far.

(... Could I have received 'protection'?)

An old time cemetery that is decaying.

Half-dead men were nursed overnight by that structure, which is very likely to be a temple of divine spirits from its appearance. There was a vague feeling that someone was watching him without him.

Is it possible that this old temple has been forgotten for a long time and that I happen to have 'picked it up' its blessings? It seems that the situation that was isolated by this rugged terrain makes Kai imagine how that happened.

Thus Kai tried to show his face in the blue and clear lake water, which made up half of the valley bottom, in order to ascertain his appearance.

I change my mind that there is a slightly loose familiar face there that doesn't change anything, and that there is something to check now that is somewhat reassuring.


I emitted fire magic again at my fingertips.

That's how he concentrates his consciousness and gradually increases the flame's distraction.

And where the flame was about the size of a pine light, I realized that the changes in my face had begun to appear.

It appears like a ripple on the surface of the face.

(Neighborhood... on my face)

It was a distinguishing characteristic that appeared to those who had 'sheltered' … the protection of the Land God. Like a man's face is a thousand different, he said, the land god also has a different print on each of them.

I can confirm that some of the prints that combine waves and whirlpools are mixed together.

I thought Kai's tattoo was quite characteristic, with more and more large eye-like patterns sitting on his forehead, as if he were the infamous monocular (cyclops) tribe waving fierceness in the South.

"... Ha ha"

The neighborhood was a sign of shelter and a sign of being a man of the ruling hierarchy in the kingdom of men. The word 'privileged class' came to his mind, and Kai sat perched on his back crushing in a cold sweat.

Every time I ran all over my body, I tried to hold myself and endured.

It seemed like something impossible had happened.