The dispute over the land in the village of Bagna, which took place that day, was extremely tragic.

Man, pig (org), and hatred of both races killed each other's tribes without sight, turning them one after the other into unspeakable flesh. It looked exactly like a butcher's field with no respect for life.

However, it was the soldiers of the village of Bagna who showed a kind of resolute struggle, who jumped out into the forest of the sword trident first to avenge their family lover, and continued to raise a small group of pigs on the road… At the end of the day, without returning as one, they were all shredded and vanished with the dew of the battlefield.

A large amount of blood was scattered across the earth, and the women of the village of Bagna shouted, "The village is over". Even though many men were needed to restore the wheat fields contaminated with blood and oil, most of the village workers did not survive.

People with inferior physical abilities took advantage of the number of advantages to hit enemies on a multiple to one basis, and the way to drive their opponents into the soft wheat fields of the soil and defeat them became popular during the battle of Su-yu. When the weight of the pigs fell into the soil where they were cultivated, the target became physically immobile as if it were funny.

Conversely, when the chase failed and the siege was cut a thousand times, the superiority and inferiority turned upside down as soon as possible. Free the attack of an axe that will cut down the trees with one blow, it will be easily taken from body to body, even if you are defending a disturbed foot soldier or other.

The only place where the battle becomes one-sided is in the rampant spot of 'sheltered', where the human lords continue to defeat their enemies in an irrational storm. Of course it was the same on the pork side, and when both races' sheltered 'broke into the field, the soldier fled with his life almost to the touch of an armor sleeve.

In that way, we continued to kill each other for half an hour, which seemed to be eternal, and the trend leaned clearly towards the return, inspired by the fact that there was one 'sheltered' on the part of the pigs, who were originally small in number, and were defeated multi to one locally.

"The pigs have escaped!

Someone screamed.

And when the voice was repeated among the people, and when it only became loud and swollen, the eyes of the people soldiers who saw the end of the battle changed.

Somewhere a human lord screams and a whisper boils down. No one ordered it, and all the tribes that were there raised a similar voice. It may have been a reaction rooted in instinct as a biological species.

To the noise of the earth trembling, the pig tribe, who stood on the battlefield, begins to flee with one or two. The people who begin to follow that back reflexively.

Finally, the army of the pigs began to depart from the battlefield, and the Baltarabe and his army, which were kept warm as they were full, flooded out of the interior of the stone walls of the village of Bagna. The winning and losing trend was no longer decided there.

Balter's declaration of victory echoed as the troops of the pig tribe withdrew into the woods and most soldiers nodded with their shoulders in the vicinity of finally returning to tranquility.

"We won! It's a victory for our country!

Cheers of the boiling surviving soldiers.

Repellent squad releasing from Uncle Balter's army.

Though the fear of escape was deception, the sub-tribes often withdrew considerable distances at once with their superior physical abilities when their defeats thickened. Understanding that they had finally won, the soldiers threw out a bloody weapon as heavy as the lead they had in their hands.

With repeated cheers of victory, the soldiers' companionship is beginning at the same time.

Soldiers walk around the land that became a battlefield screaming their names. Among the names of those who would be shouted dozens or hundreds were also the names' Kai '. Simple sounding names were so common in the limestone soil that maybe they were just human of the same name.

Of course, the soldiers from the village of Rag were also walking in search of a missing companion who did not raise his voice to the caller at this time. We found several severely ill people and recovered the remains of many times that number of dead people.

It was then that the number was counted again some time later, and the damage in this battle in the village of Rag was confirmed.

Twelve of the missing eighteen of the fifty dispatchers were recovered. And to add, we found nearly ten half-life injured people who couldn't help walking. It was quite a burden just to walk home on the road of 50 yurds with all those bodies and injured people.

Apparently he was running around the battlefield until the end, Orha quickly headed to the main unit in the village at the call of Uncle Balter, after accompanying him a little in his search for the missing person. The participating small lords have also been gathered, apparently resulting in a discussion of post-war treatment.

The village of Bagna is already devastated. It can't be enough gifts for the participating lords, so I guess it's a discussion that includes things around it.

From the collapsing settlement of the village, the cries of those left behind continue to echo. The old men of the village are shouting like a saying, "This village is over now," and the women are crying as they look at the fields of the village that have been devastated and shove their voices to death as they gush.

It is clear that when so much blood is scattered so far and when it comes to restoring rough wheat fields trampled in countless footsteps, it will require uninterrupted effort.

But the village of Bagna has lost the bearer of the labor to rely on, the man, to the point of despair.

Thinking normally, it seemed almost impossible to rebuild the village. I understood the harshness of the future of the village of Bagna because all the soldiers were in the same situation.

Except for the soldiers from the neighbouring village, who are supposed to defend their only daughter's 'sheltered inheritance', who are their successors, they would all have wanted to leave this dirty land without any hope left for a moment or sooner.

Since the return had to carry the remains of the recovered colleagues by luggage, the streets of the untouched soil were also expected to cause heavy traffic.

"... you're not following a bribe like she used her eyelids."

"No matter how much sunshine, you don't just get caught up in the woman here. I want a man. You can't see too much."

"... no."

The soldiers of the village of Rag, gathered in the corner of the village, were also scratching in the thin wheat porridge provided by the village survivors while waiting, but were exposed to a lot of subtle gaze to calm them down.

"Dear Olha, let me..."

"Isn't something good even served? I'm at Uncle Kaito's place."

"... in the woods, we've been sticking to Uncle Horizontal's position for a long time, my general..."


The greater damage to the village of Rag was caused at the beginning of the first place by Orha, the general, who shrugged the soldiers away from the group, and his rating for Orha has dropped considerably among the soldiers. "He was originally the one who looked down on others low," some of them pulled back in the shadows, and the air wasn't good.

"Please protect the people while you're in the mood."

"... I'm still young and inexperienced. Don't say anything critical. You got it."

Words were lightly covered so that the second-length setta sanded over the blazing fire of dissatisfaction.

Everyone knew that the Lord had invited his firstborn son to join this alliance in order to consolidate Orkha's footsteps as a successor, and that he was indulging in the next generation of the Lords and Moroccans of the village of Rag.

When you're young, you often fail without enough experience. Though I know that, it was quite difficult when it came to accepting the reality that too many lives would be lost for that experience.

Someone raised their voice abruptly in such a painful atmosphere.

"... Hey"

Some faces rise when prompted by a voice.

Many eyes poured over you as a glimpse of the first man hit it and followed his gaze toward one of them.

"... ah!

What went up was Manso's surprise voice.

The men in the same squad start to raise their voices one after the other so that they can follow that voice.

"He's alive..."

He's back.

One fingered and a small laugh began.

That being so full of bad things, only a few "good stories" arose that the others boiled back in unison to catch the currents.

"How long has this been going on!

"You're the one! Have you been driven back by Reapers!

A little boy waved as he approached us when he saw his buddies smiling. The boy, who fell out of the woods in the middle of the battle and was treated as practically dead, returned safely.

Seeing the noise of the soldiers of the village of Rag, the soldiers of the other villages deliberately let it out.

And when they knew that survival had returned, some slapped their hands and blessed them.


"It's Kai!

"Kai! Well back!

The boy must have picked it up somewhere. He had a pig (org) tribe hand axe on his shoulder.

I gently offered it up with one hand to show it, and then swung it around economically.

What floated was a smile as unrelenting as an eyelid.

"We're home!

A day after he went missing, Kai returned safely to his companions.