The boy felt like he heard a bird at that time.

The roaring noise had clearly reached the boy's ear from far overhead.

(... ah?)

Kai stopped the hand of field work and searched for the Lord of the Sounds in the blue sky like a loose bottom he looked up to. The skies of this season, with few clouds, are sparkling blue on their calves.

Kai, who believed that the bird was in the immediate vicinity because it was a ringing sound heard so clearly, looks for the figure as he gazes.

but I can't find it.


Kai returned his consciousness to the ground blurry, scolded by his companions who were nearby scolding livestock manure. Like teasing him like that, the bird rang again.

"Ammabo, you're not messing with me, Kai!

I can't find the bird.

I don't know why, but Kai kept thinking why.

That's how a certain memory touched the harp line unexpectedly.

(... oh well, that's the bird voice I heard in the valley (...))

Originally on a plain of marginal soil with few trees, there are few birds.

This voice was that of the birds who lived in the woods.

At that moment, every step of the way ran across my body.

(... I want to go to the valley (...))

I thought that almost impulsively, and I couldn't stay or not. My whole body hair turned upside down to excitement.

"Hey, Kai. Come on..."

"Whoa, whoa!

"Hey, Kai!?

Even though I thought so, I couldn't throw out the labor imposed on villagers who were continuing to support their boring lives. Kai entrusted him with a feeling of heightened feelings and dug all over the soil of the hardened wheat fields before seeding.

It is a tough job to let cattle and others tow it, but there is not enough cattle in the village of Rag to be farmed. For the most part, people took the time to plow while blurring.

Little Kai keeps doing the job.

I can't catch up with Kai, who obviously has different horsepower, although my friends struggle to chase after him in a hurry.

"Wait, calm down, Kai."

"How suddenly you're growing up!

Seeing that exchange, the men doing the same work in the nearby fields laugh raggedly, turning their faces as the women with the weeds were intrigued. No one complains if a tough job goes some hard work. Instead, I get the urge to do more.

Kai even thinks that if he just finishes the job in front of him, he could have free time, but in fact, he couldn't have been given a personal break or anything just because he was making faster progress on the whole thing.

After all, Kai's efforts, which kept him struggling, resulted in more than a dozen percent of the field work being done that day. All Kai was given was a word of gratitude and generosity from the villagers, but Kai snorts well without any particular dissatisfaction.

After returning from the abundance of the village of Bagna, everyone was surprised by the amazing growth shown by Kai.

It was said that Kai's power, which became glimpses in various places, would be, without any argument, "The Three Days Doctor Who Eated Much of the Divine Stone" (* the name of the martial arts position that used to exist with the Doctor), and it was clear from what I had heard from him now that on that night, when he was missing, he had taken a number of "divine stones" from the bodies of his enemies who had fallen in the woods and desperately sought to grow to connect his life.

If anyone loses sight of their allies in the enemy and gets lost, they will try the same thing if they have a similar chance. It was not to be praised that an individual would have singled out the precious' Divine Stone ', but he was also able to understand his mood, so without being particularly blamed, Kai became accepted in the village as a promising stock that had achieved rapid growth.

This was true during this field job, but Kai was actually gathering thermal gaze from the women as well. The prospective man will honor the list as the women's 'candidate for marriage' by pulling it out of the way at all.

Unlike the rest of us who care about the gaze of the opposite sex, Kai, who has only just turned thirteen, can be more edifying than colorful.

Unfortunately, he hadn't even noticed the change in ground on that side at all.

The afternoon's training as a soldier had also begun to change the atmosphere of frustration for Kai.

It is already a well-known fact among the soldiers that Kai successfully captured the 'Divine Stone' mess on the battlefield and his health grew rapidly. And even if he had gained the depth of thought due to past life memories, Kai was still also around the age of a midlife sickness, and it wasn't that he didn't take pleasure in his own power being appreciated by others.

Even with all the spear rehearsals, Kai's swing was sharper and powerful enough to cause a wind chirp every single motion.

Therefore it immediately stopped in the eyes of the superior, and brought in among the soldiers the hands-on Basco and the direct guidance of Setta, among others. Kai's squad leader was, of course, Manso, and he was the strongest in the current squad, having accumulated more power than he was five years old. It was treated like a two-top with that manso.

"... you were quickly caught up!

"You can't leave me in the woods anymore!

"Yes... what, it was just a thing. Sorry."

"I didn't resent you or anything!

During the intense hitting, he began to have a flat conversation without running out of breath. The opponents of the combination also often interacted with Manso because of the matchmaking.

In fact, Manso is balancing it by daring to nominate Kai, who is about to float in the squad, but Kai doesn't know what to consider around it. but on the other hand, there is another Kai who is also braking thoughtfully. Taking into account Manso's 'position', he was also naturally taking another step forward.

I thought Kai was a good salt plum for the position that number two in the squad and one step backwards in strength compared to Manso.

That is a position among the miscellaneous soldiers in the village of Rag, such as' middle superior ', which is faster to count from above, so much as strength as a soldier, but I could say that it is a rapid growth of breakthroughs if you try it as a young man only a year or so into military service.

His increase in human value was thus making a historic difference even at meals.

"... yes, eat your stomach"


When he lined up for the pre-dinner meal, Kai blinked when he was given a dish of wood with quite a bit of soup.

Boiled pretzels (asparagus) were also more comfortable.

As I swallowed my sawdust and spit, when I saw someone who approached me, there was a girl there who felt like she was about three or four years older and laughed lovingly.

Though not beautiful, other platters of companions are ten cute kids who are likely to swing their tails and jump.

"... Hey"

"Come on, Kai."

For some reason I was brutally pushed on the back to leave the scene, but your daughter gave me a grin that tickled me at the end, still dropping off this one.

Another sudden elbow hit my back and kicked my tibia, but I couldn't figure out why anymore.

"... Spring is here, Kai."

Look at the manso sitting next to you and calmly quantify the amount served on that plate.

I didn't realize until now, but is Manso eating a little more than the others?

When he laughed, he saw Manso waiting for the meal to begin with a clear face, and he understood that the spiritual leeway to throw a rock (morango) at the hungry kid was coming from here. Manso is also favoured by the women.

Prayer begins before the meal, and Kai sees the Lord speaking the Holy Word.

Seeing a clan of lords guaranteed plenty of meals there, I decide to my heart that one day I will be able to eat that much too.

That was no longer considered to be an impracticable difficulty.

"... and I was in my father's traditional land, thank God for the Spirit of the majestic land!

"" Thank you. ""

I really don't think I can thank God enough for giving me this terrible power, no matter how much prayer I offer.

I always thought it was a boring wording of prayer, Kai, but I realize the true meaning of the words spoken with seriousness by the Lord who speaks them.

Nor does the Lord lack the will to pray to God, who has graced me from day to day. Olha and White Princess, sitting at the same table, are also seriously putting their hearts to prayer.

In contrast, Carolina, the Lord's rightful wife, and Falda, the Second Lady, as well as other brothers and sisters who were supposedly unable to inherit the protection that is solidifying in the last seat of the Lords' Table, are kind of grumbling prayers and rolling the food in front of them in a boring way. I guess I'm just ungrateful and devoured by irreplaceable country food.

The boiled plit gives Kai a sense of fullness that the toothpaste and slight blue odor are taking in a nutritional source. I even felt the weird discomfort of having to bite the soup with potatoes and dried meat in it normally. It was separate from the soup I just drank.

At first it was the kai I was savoring, but soon I lose to hunger and eat it up as I tend to. Though there was more than the other ones, that's still not enough. Ungrown Kai needed more nourishment.

I looked up at the ceiling, and as I breathed, I felt my gaze.

Next to the leader, the daughter of the bribe was looking at me, and she smiled nicholly when she looked at me. I've heard that the women who work in the castle dine elsewhere after the men's meals.

They have an organization called "The Woman's Guild," headed by Carolina, the Lord's rightful wife, who strictly lines up between men and women who, if they get close, will have a lot going on, dominating the stupid men from behind. She was definitely part of it, too.

"That's not bad enough."

Manso slammed him with his elbow and Kai hardened.

That night, Kai left the barracks waiting for his companions to calm down.

The shadow gently crossed the castle's overlooking exterior wall and landed on the grassland outside. Kai ran out of momentum looking up at the starry skies on the side of the earth like he had flipped a jewelry box. It was an all-powerful disease as a 'sheltered' that I would never show during the day.

(... I want to see the valley)

The boy's mind could not contain that impulse.