That valley is in the woods near the village of Bagna.

I can't suppress the feeling of yi (haya). A step to kick Kai's land will make your body dance to a few yuls high, and by the time you land, it will go several dozen yuls.

When he was running at the highest speed, Kai was probably running through one yuld in about 50 steps, a calculation that allowed him to tread 50 yurds to the village of Bagna in just 2500 steps. The time spent jumping over the gentle ups and downs and shrub bushes of the limelight and seeing the destination, the village of Bagna, has not taken half an hour.

(over 50 km/h (...)...)

Don't be afraid of shelter, but Kai's feelings are already passing through the village of Bagna and beyond to the valley of Reishi.

I almost take a straight course, so I put my foot in the village field a few times and drilled a big hole. Originally softened soil, Kai's kicking legs splash the soil like it explodes.

(Even so, it was barely fixed. Is that village okay)

Though the corpses of the pigs had barely disappeared, they remained collapsed and the footprints of the soldiers at the time remained intact.

I looked back at the settlement of the village of Bagna, which had passed behind my sight almost like flying, but I saw a dark obsession with the lack of vivacity that I still didn't think dozens of people lived in. It's a finished village, Kai thought.

Kai, who went straight through the wheat fields in the village of Bagna and into the woods, sniffed the direction of the valley almost exclusively by intuition.

(The valley... that way)

For some reason, I can clearly feel a place in the valley.

Even though it is not that deep, such a beautiful lake-water-taking valley is unknown to the people, probably because of the large, watery lowlands dominated by the Lizard (Lagart) people. Kai went around the lowlands, the territory of the Lizard (Lagart) people, somewhat cautiously, while sneaking in as much footsteps as he could to divide the woods.

After a while, we finally reached a place overlooking the valley. Scratching the depressed green, its spectacular scenery appeared almost suddenly in front of me.


The moment he saw it, Kai was relieving himself of joy.

Valley. It wasn't a dream, after all.

Even though it's been so recent that it hasn't been a month since I survived here, I wasn't half as comfortable with the view being kept safe.

Kai couldn't stay or not anymore and flew off the cliff. Even though I knew there was a lake downstairs, I didn't know anything too scary about doing it in this midnight forest.

But Kai is held by the unshakeable certainty that I am fully accepted into the valley.

Dancing through the universe between bundles, and landing in the lake water as a matter of course.

Dive into the cold water and breathe in the cold air of the valley. Drifting down the water after innocently ramming his hands and feet...... so Kai laughed from the bottom of his belly.

I like this valley.

Clearly, I thought so.

So much so that I thought I'd be living in this valley from now on.

The sky looking up shines a narrow starry sky cut to a cliff. The old man in the village taught me a number of things, but in the end I found only one northern polar star in it, pointing straight at it. As I noticed Kai's attention, the polar stars seemed to happen then.

"You're the one who was ringing then!

To the familiar bird voice heard from the small grove at the bottom of the valley, Kai shouted and laughed out again as he remembered his unfamiliar friendship.

He was Kai who had been acting like an impulse for a while, but when he slightly laughed, he stood up in the shallow waters near the shoreline and saw more of the land.

There was an octopus of trees that looked almost exclusively silhouetted by the light of the stars, and the inscriptions of the tombs washed when I left here were slightly gleaming in the light.

And it was Kai, who gazed upon him, and in the meantime went up to the shore, and created a magic of fire in his palm.

When the fire burned like a pine light, the surroundings appeared reddish.

There are probably no big creatures at the bottom of this valley, except birds and insects. You're surprised by the light that suddenly appeared, the sounds of nervous birds happen here.

"It's terrible. 'Cause I'll turn it off right away."

Kai said so as if to speak to a human being, extinguishing the fire magic with a spoken execution. Kai, who is actually "protective", has also improved his vision considerably as to whether he was included in the physical strengthening action. As long as I can confirm that I have no harmful presence, there can be no such thing as this degree of darkness.

Water the tombstone and start rubbing where you didn't clean it last time. I soon become obsessed with feeling like I'm giving back to the grave of this land god.

With the wisdom of the women when doing laundry, peeling and circling the skin of a tall tree called Cru becomes a convenient tool to scrub off dirt. And there was a similar tree, and he borrowed some of its skins, and rubbed his grave with it.

"... okay, what the hell"

We no longer knew how long we had been doing that, but Kai saw the dirty tombstone completely and stretched out to his satisfaction.

And then I picked a little flower that I didn't even know was already blooming nearby, offered it to me before the tombstone, and that was it.

"I'll keep it for you too."

The pigs who fell together at the bottom of this valley are also buried properly in the way of the village of Rag. He had rounded up the soil and replaced the stones he had picked up with tombstones. I put only one flower on the soil.

I hadn't slept at all since I left Rag Village, but I didn't have much drowsiness. I kind of feel like I haven't had to sleep so much since I was given 'protection'.

It was Kai who found the root of Oki without doing so, what a fit indentation on his butt to relax with, but I guess it's like the law of the world that a comfortable time passes quickly. Eventually I saw the eastern sky starting to whiten, and I stood up in a panic to see if it was such a time already.

I'm getting the difficulty of walking away so I can get my hair pulled back, but I can't possibly not go back to the village. Now once he offered prayer to the tomb of God of the land, and he turned back his heel to shake it off.

A rugged cliff for a habitual person is also like boltering for children if it comes down to a 'protective hold' that can be climbed lightly with just a few clues. Climb softly and tread the cliff lightly.

Even in those few moments, the forest colours the light of the dyed day.

What the hell is that?

While raising simple questions, Kai clapped his hand loudly once as he thought it through, and ran through the thin lights of dawn.

Running, I decided to build my own cabin in this valley.

The valley no longer belonged to Kai. The boy was thrilled to play his heart out trying to make this place his own comfortable world.

By the time the sun was fully up, Kai had gently circled himself to the beds of every one of the villages of Rag.

He also gets up pretending to rub his eyes again to match the signs of his buddies putting him down in a mess.

We exchange greetings, wash our faces together at the well end, talk about the weather's whereabouts and walk to the hot, rising dining room. Everyday in the village where I was born.

If you ask the people there about their lack of sense of belonging, you must answer that it is certain. But half his soul still felt like it was in that valley.

My stomach rattled at the smell of the simmering of breakfast flowing from the dining room.

Kai doesn't have any parents. When another small village, once ruled by the Moroccan family, was invaded by the subraces and occasionally trampled down and closed its history, it left him young to die. Things like the village of Bagna are a familiar story, and Kai, who is now being removed to the main village, had nothing close to his blood. Kai thinks as he lines up for breakfast meals.

This rice, which connects my daily life, is at the heart of my sense of belonging to the village of Rag. I don't think it's a meal or anything. He knew the struggle of continuing to somehow support his daily diet in the poor limbo soil.

"... what was the work today?

"Probably taking care of the fields up north again. Shit, no."

"Once you've eaten, give it back to me at work, you guys."

"" "Hoi" "

In his usual reply, Kai's voice hammered with nature and his friends.

You thought half the talk asked, I heard Manso smashing his tongue in small.

The behavior of the squad, in which nature and columns are age-order, Kai becomes the last.

Noisy enough to take, Kai somehow wiped the dish for himself with the hem of his clothes and realized it was still half damp.

From now on, let's not jump into the lake. I thought so.