A covert Kai valley street began.

Kai, intolerable after a day, leaves the village after dark at night like every night, and comes to the valley of Reishi, which is quite fifty yurds.

"... this valley is good"

Every time he comes to the valley, he never tires of washing the tombstone of the Land God, sweeping away the trash that fell around him, and then eagerly praying. So I fell asleep and enjoyed the quiet air of the valley for a while, and then usually moved something that came to mind at that time into action.

A recent epidemic in Kai was the search for land for my home architecture. The last few days have been spent exploring the land at the bottom of the valley.

The land at the bottom of the valley, which is circular about 300 yuan handed over, although not that wide of course, is more than enough for one Kai to dedicate as a personal space...... on the contrary, there is even a good area to say it is vast.

I had already found many favorite places.

In a small cave with fresh water gushing from rocky skin, a thin lump of small crabs. A rugged hill with a lot of cornered rocks exposed.

The cave was named "West Water Cave", "Crab Zelig" for the Zelig where the water flowed, and "Rock Jumping Hill" for the hill. To be clear, he has no sense of naming.

(That 'island' thing sounds interesting)

A short distance from the shore of the lake, which occupies about a third of the valley bottom, was a place where grass and trees grew, like a state, and about the size of a shack that was likely to be built.

Although it is a little difficult to have a lot of water and air. High floor ceremony, they also have a way of making a house called.

When he circles the forest and returns to the tomb of the Land God, he holds enough 'harvest' to spill in Kai's hands.

I don't know if it's because they were separated by cliffs, but it's also a terribly rich forest of nuts, mountain vegetables, mushrooms, etc.

When I found a herd of mountain apples (Mass.) with small red fruits, I was so guilty that I was singling it out. Mountain apples have been one of the sweet flavors of a precious forest that has hardly gotten into the villagers' mouths since the invasion of the sub tribes became active.

He sits in front of the tombstone, eating the apples as he behaves badly.

(… Wherever you want to build a cabin, it won't start until you collect the ingredients first)

Exploration of the forest is also carried out in parallel with the search for its materials.

but unfortunately we haven't found any good materials that could be used to remove the lumber so far. The forest at the bottom of the valley was a typical broad-leaved forest (...).

(It seems that the lumber that can be used with coyote jellin is not very good.)

Even with reference to the memory of previous life, we have to come to the conclusion that it will be difficult to secure material at the valley bottom, which is showing special vegetation.

I don't know how difficult it is for Kai yet, but this area of limbic soil with harsh winters is supposed to form a polar phase of coniferous forests (...), but somehow only the valley bottom here seems to be a separate world that is not climate-like to the land.

Kai is not pessimistic about that lumber collection at the moment. Lumber, etc., is native to the fact that it seems as good as anything outside the valley.

The limestone forests, which have remained unchanged for a long time, grew everywhere there were supposed to be great trees of Valen cedar, which were often cut out and built houses in human settlements and so on.

(Can we just go up and cut it to the lake and drop it?)

Kai looks up at the cloudless starry sky that day and learns that there is still some time left from the position of the moon until morning.

As soon as Kai climbs the cliff, he sees the tree from the slope around where the pig (Aug) nearly killed him. I thought the nearby field would be less laborious if it were to fall into the valley, but the inner knowledge stops the "valley collapses," so I have no choice but to go a little further away.

It is a strange thing to think that the roots of a tree will grab the soil and stop the collapse.

Climbing up the slopes, the area becomes a bustling, almost untouched forest. I got a few beautifully stretched Barren cedars in my eyes just looking over.

"Okay, this is the first one."

I don't aim for too thick Oki.

It takes a lot of work to make wood, and more importantly, it was kind of silly to cut down such old trees that they fall into the old category as trees.

Of course Kai is unarmed. Though I bring about a knife for cutting, it's not at all suitable for use like cutting down a tree, naturally.

(Try magic)

Consider ways to approach it while conceiving.

With the added spiritual power of the total amount with the protection, a little more unscrupulous magic should be available. I will retrieve the knowledge as I wish from my previous life's knowledge.

They have the idea of using watered wind to cut things, and I'll actually try and do every single one of them.

The principle of kamaitachi, "Yes, it was -" had difficulty forming a whirlwind in the first place with an image. The cheap idea that 'push' the air would be windy wasted unexpected spiritual power just producing a slight breeze.

When water is put out with great momentum by multiplying it with something called 'pressure', the 'uhh - it was - it was out of the question - that things cut like blades, around calling in tons of water from where there was nothing in the first place.

"Hi-to" has been ruled out for a long time before I tried that the forest could be on fire.

The conclusion reached by someone in Kai after having troubled him thus was… stepping to the realization that 'fire magic' was not a simple law of physics… assuming that 'magic' was a force that could be embodied even in pure concepts, it was called a conceptual weapon.

What I imagined was a glowing sword. They say it's magic that 'specializes in phenomena' called 'cutting things'.

(Knock this tree off...... the blade of light slides between the 'bumps')

The cutting-edge of light easily interrupts molecular crystals and forcefully strips the gravitational pull between molecules called van der Waals forces.

It was at the end of my knife that I let the magic come together.

The current time of "Glowing Sword" shall be three seconds, trying the motion several times. The concept of seconds has already been shared by Kai in the fold of the magic experiment.

A blade of light that cuts anything and thinks.

Put that image around your swinging arms.

Quickly, shake within the effect time.

Tighten the original bolt of magic immediately after shaking.

The determined operation is carried out as a series.

I estimated that it would take about three seconds.

There is no fear that magic will fail and hurt your hand in Kai, who already thinks of his tenacity as a "protective person". I just remembered the heat around my hand that I was using magic, and I'm already swinging it out without hesitation.


With little resistance, Kai's hand devoured as far as the trunk of the tree. If I were to be exact, I was stuck like a hand in the shape of a handknife stuck into a piece of mud.


Stop cutting and remove the appearance in advance of the lukewarm and unpleasant feeling of the hand. Though the cedar tree in the shape of his hand was self-sustaining in its strength during the bundle, it began to lean toward the elusive side without waiting, and fell down making a stiff noise at its own weight.

Kai intended to choose to be a young tree compared to other ancient trees, but still it was a tree that would fall into a larger category in the woods, so the sound was not unusual when he knocked it down.

It broke the trees around me on the road, and when I bounced on a fall, it even happened to the ground.

The sleeping birds howled into the sky in chaos, a little late and a number of beast howls occurred. I wouldn't have had this much sleep disturbance at midnight.

While Kai, who grabbed the guidelines, lacked consideration around it, cut down two or three bottles and kicked them to the bottom of the valley... his work would be pushed to a pause at one end there.

"... Ngah, Hushullu...!

By the time I realized it, I was surrounded by subraces.

Because he is Ky at night, he soon found out who he was.

(Lizard (Lagart)...!)

He was a low-wetland dweller in the woods, an amphibious species with long tails and sharp fangs, and solid body skins like stones.

Around the valley there are quite a few low wetlands invited by the pigs, and if you are not careful, you will inadvertently step into their territory.

He was Kai who cared enough about the area when he came and went to the valley, but he seemed to have delayed noticing the neighborhood annoyance because he was obsessed with knocking down trees.

The unique sound emitted from that long neck is probably their conversation, but of course Kai has no idea.

It was only obvious that they were complaining.

Naturally, the area where Kai is currently logging is not among the low wetlands. Lizards (laggarts) are coming up from the water when they notice the sound.

"Shit. Did you make it noisy?"

"... kluuuuu"

Conversations are somehow established around here by demonstrating the ability to communicate with each other and from the other's atmosphere.

Kai was a human race to see, but the Lizards (Lagato) showed no particular attention to the matter and no belligerency.

One around them was a large individual slightly revealed, standing on his back legs from crawling on all fours. Because of the size of the body, the pig (org) has a greater sense of weight, but the violence hidden by its flesh is more visible to the lizard (laggart) a few steps up. I wouldn't even accept spears or anything. I just saw that crusty body skin, and a normal person would have peed.

Obviously, it was the Lizard Man (Lagart) 's "protectorate."

The thickening of the back is sharper than that of other individuals, and the fangs are larger. More importantly, Kai soon realized that the color was red madala and that was what people call 'neighborhood picking'.

"... see Narenuga, confused lemonak" The Chikaraal One "Rashii. Hitoni Similar Ta Yo"

"I didn't mean it. Keep quiet."

"Konotokoroyok, Omae, Look Kakel"

"... because I decided to live here in the valley."

"... valley, dato?

When I said that, the lizards suddenly went out of their way to calm down.

"Do you live in the valley?" I see you're saying something like, "Say stupid."

An individual of the Lizard Man (Lagart), "Protected", said.

"... Ano valley niha, fear russian god gahabim. Nearby Italian Ha, Mina Killing Salel"

Because things are not right, Kai throws in some of the facts that I have confirmed.

"God? What's in the valley?


"There was nothing there. I walked around."

"Kittanoka on the inside!?

The blurring gets even bigger.

When Kai was finally confused, who could no longer understand why, the 'protective' individual stretched his body up flashly, as he had received some kind of revelation. Blinked a shutter-like eyelid and shrugged into pieces.

"... Masaka... * * * Ga Death Ndeitanoka"

The red lizard man (Laggart) shook himself.