Even if we look at Kai, who is clearly a human race, the Lizard (Lagart) tribes have shown no belligerency. When the army of people stepped into the territory, I wondered a lot about Kai, who said he had come to kill without question.

Take a look at the reptile strange yellow eyes of the Lizard (Lagart) tribe and wonder what kind of world is behind their vertically cracked pupils… remember the simple question.

"... Omaega next generation no valley no master toiuwakeka"

"... I don't know what you're talking about"

Kai hastily stopped the Lizards (Laggart) from trying to leave after completing themselves at will.

Seeing Kai in our face with the valley, they recalled the 'death' of some hard-to-hear name: '* * *'. The Lizard (Lagart) tribes know what seems to be the cause of the incredible movement of my mind that is obsessed with the valley without knowing anything.

Not long ago, the races said they had played a tragic killing of each other, but Kai also saw the Lizard (Lagart) in protective possession with a calm unrelated to the sentiment of fear.

Try to quickly get around to the point where you can get away with someone who stops slightly. So the Lizard (Lagart) tribes also unleashed what was normally murderous.

"... Nanda"

"* * * means who"

Though it was difficult to pronounce it, it seemed that this question was passed on to them as well, with the success of being able to pronounce the name properly.

When he changed his position from standing on his hind legs to a lizard-like quadrilateral crawl, the Lizard Man (Laggart) guardian shook his long tail wide and swept away the disturbing offspring.

Later, it was a habit of the Lizard (Lagart) tribe to make comfort when sitting in the same place for a long time. The guardian shook his head, so the other tribes went straight back to their original beds.

Kai became one-on-one with Lizard (Lagart) protectors.

Neither sought, but named each other after nature.

My name is Kai.

"'Ngovole' da"

"Hard to call. 'Gore,' okay?"


It is a rare moment when interracial communication has been successful, but we are not aware of it in person.

It was the encounter between Kai, the inhabitant of the valley, and Gore, the inhabitant of the neighbouring wetlands.

In an attempt to show some friendship, Kai offered him one mountain apple that he had sneaked in his nostalgia, and he snuggled one of his own.

Gore, who was lost for a moment, also seemed to have guessed that Kai had 'poisoned' him and showed him, sending red fruit down his throat as he stumbled with his big mouth and swallowed it with little bite.

"* * * means who"

Gore blinks with a shutter-like eye lid (eyelid), as Kai indulges in the repeated question for a little while.

"Warelaha long lakh, * * * * d fearful hug itaita"

Gore began to speak in a pale tone.

Although the pronunciation was quite difficult to hear, Kai quickly got used to the habit and concentrated on listening. When he sensed that crawling on all fours was an 'easy-going attitude' for the lizards (laggarts), he also dropped his butt on the stinging grass and walked away.

The existence of the name '* * *', which was thus revealed.

"... that's a hell of a one, that monster"

"Konomori ni raw kill" Guki Min "no raw ki residual ridata. Pride Kok, Shinyi Ni Back Kumononi Harsh Na Punishment With El Mad Tata Warrior Datta"

Even the relatively long-lived Lizards (Lagato) did not know how long the survival of the 'old people' named '* * *' ruled the valley.

Gore, the head of the Unuga clan of the Lizard (Laggart), also said he did not even know the name of the 'old people'. Gore says he's been living in this low wetland for less than 200 years now.

Neither the Lizard (Lagart), nor the Pig (Aug), nor the dwarf (Colopockle), now in reduced numbers, came near in fear of the '* * *' in the valley.

I can see how the Lizard (Lagart) tribe, who had never even tried to get close to the valley, feared '* * *' even though they had never seen it in person in the past few years.

Neither did the Pork (Aug) tribe realize that the inhabitants of the valley were absent. The wall of rejection, named Fear, built by the presence of "* * *", made the valley an inviolable sanctuary.

Kai, who is connected to the land God of the Valley, finds as fact that his' * * * 'is already dead. The grace of the Land God always bestows only on one person. There was no doubt that it was something like that, and Kai had a sense of being protective.

Did '* * *' die in the valley or in another place? I don't know why, but I thought it must have been the lonely last time.

"... * * * ga death Ndano no mochi lana katta. Soconioma egata matama land no god no protection get ta. Tadasowiukotoda"

The Lizard (Lagart) thought was very straightforward and seemed pale.

Kai was surprised to learn that they were quite intelligent and able to talk to each other in a decent conversation for the first time with the sub tribe.

While surprised, Kai even accepted that that was what the world was all about. The people of this world were not proud of us all as priests of all things.

After the conversation, Gore thanked the mountain apples and turned back his heels and left. Lizards (laggarts) also like mountain apples. Next time I go over there, I'm going to take a lot more for a souvenir.

Although not aware of Kai, he was dressed officially recognized by the Lizard (Lagart) tribe as a valley dweller. Without even encroaching on each territory, the Lizard (Lagart) tribe seemed to be a terribly peaceful race.

I got the last word about cutting down the tree and taking it. For lizards (laggarts), trees and other things are of little value, so take them as you please.

Well, as for tonight, Xing has also been shredded, so I decide to withdraw.

When you get down to the bottom of the valley and pick up the dropped lumber, you pay off the branches beautifully and keep them lined up on the shores of the lake water. How the ingredients were to be cut out was to be homework the next time.

"... God, are you really glad it's me"

In the custom before returning to the village, hand in hand with the grave of the Land God.

It was such a question that came out of his mouth after prayer.

I just happened to be lucky. If that previous protective hold of "* * *" had lived, Kai would have been lightly raised to a blood festival as an intruder into the valley. Simply because I think I was just lucky, there are a lot of things I think about.

But Kai, personally, did not fall into backward thinking.

I'm pretty sure I was lucky, so I thought I should just think about having fun in this valley from now on.

A thin, light-bearing sky is starting to lighten the tombstone. Kai got up and arrived on his way back to the village.

As we rushed through the natural midst of the soil, how long did the mollusks of Kai get blown away neatly?

It was Ky, who would have quickly overcome the stone walls of the village and swamped into my bunk, which was usually soon in the barracks, but on this day he somehow remembered his thirst and stopped at the castle's deep well.

Already nearby is starting to stain the light purple of the morning burn. Kai, attached to a fishing bottle in the well while pulling a long shadow, can be heard from someone who didn't expect him there.

"... you're up a lot early"

Looking back, there was a slightly sweaty White Princess figure there.

There was a practice stick in his hand that the soldiers were using for training, and Princess White cleverly judged it as she twirled, and let it stand truly on the ground.

Village women don't usually train for battles or anything. Because it is believed that women who bear and raise children and play a major role in increasing the population of the village should not die on the battlefield. The villages of the soil are the same everywhere. It was a man's job to fight.


"... I like to move my body"

Princess White smiled faintly and said she wanted some water too.

Kai felt like he had been commanded in half, creeping up the shittiness and the water in the well, and offering a barrel with cold water to the White Princess.

There was no humility of my own later, and Princess White, who naturally received the bucket, drank water so that she could bathe luxuriously, wiping her wet mouth with her wrist for a long time like a man.

"You don't have to fight a princess, even if you're creepy, isn't that a waste"

To Kai's words without thought, the White Princess was slightly awkward,

"Even women need to fight to have protection."


Kai also thinks that's what it might be like to have protection when people say it.

"... they didn't just bring 'protection' to boost the exchange of friendships"

I wash the area where I put my mouth, with the rest of the water, and the white princess returns it.

Even though Kai's ears had been well picked up after the conversation, Kai, who was not mature enough to draw on the nuances contained in such conversations, would let it pass lightly.

"You don't say anything."


"I don't know very well if I train alone. You, why don't you hang out with me tomorrow?

Seems the White Princess has regarded the throughs as' pulsating ', but Kai, who is totally oblivious to the timidity of the conversations between the men and women, also passed through lightly about your favors. Simply because it seemed tedious.

It was too obvious a decision for Kai, as the focus is now on activities in the valley.

"... hey"

Princess White's voice became slightly rough.

Kai, as always, drinks the water from the re-sucked well so that this one bathes luxuriously, and Pu speaks up - all the time.

The White Princess finally shouted at Kai as she tried to leave.

"Don't ignore me!

He was then preached Konkon for some reason, and was Kai, who was to be attached to training from tomorrow.