Recently, Kai, less suffering from hunger, no longer had a flattering view of the Lords' table at dinner.

The forest grace brought by the valley was also nourishing and had considerably improved Kai's skin gloss, which was a 10,000-year-old eating child. It was full of vitality from the whole body, and its expression became distant from the firm atmosphere coming from hunger.

It was still more women than men who were sensitive to such changes, and saying they weren't hungry was perceived as a reversal of the fact that they were offered sufficient convenience in meal meals.

This is a testament to the fact that several women are beginning to 'hike', and women are sensitive to such same-sex appearances. Promising stock and a lot of women saw it done, so this guy must really be at the time of buying. They tended to try to get on such a 'flow' sensibly without thinking too deeply.

"... hey, that's just it"

My companion tells me that Kai blinks like hell at a pile of dishes served on a plate in his hand.

The irony is that saying you're not hungry brings in more food.

Even though it was usually to the point of being made fun of by the cynicism half, I was just donned that day, and I didn't even get into it.

"... I'll split it up a little bit."

"Oh, oh."

I even recommend it to the originally privileged manso and somehow it will be as much as usual. Still, my buddies didn't respond to me thanking them and it turned out to be an awkward meal.

The women of the caterer stand side by side near the leader of the dining room.

I've got Kai's stuff to say, and some of them have waved small to appeal.

It is indisputable, the advent of the mote period.

"I need you to read the air already."

"I've been greeting Princess White normally lately, haven't I? I don't know what kind of hand you used, but you're out of your hands."

Friends nodding at each other like that.

After this breakfast, we are talking about a selection match for the rumor that the soldiers of the village will be gathered for cleaning duty.

Once a month, in the Moloch family, which governs the village of Rag, it was decided to clean the 'graveyard'. The Moloch family has three "sheltered" princesses, Lord, Orha and White Princess, and only for that number of minutes exists a "graveyard" where the Land God sleeps.

The tomb of Lord's main village god, the 'Guardian of Rag', is reasonably natural, or it is in the basement of a castle hall in the heart of the village of Rag. Kai grew up being taught that the village of Rag was a settlement born around the cemetery of its land God, and that the castle was only built to protect that cemetery.

Of course, there is nothing else about the cemetery of the Land God, which is granting protection to Master Orha and Princess White... there were two other villages in the Moroccan family that renounced reconstruction in repeated raids of the sub-people.

One is the village of Elg, where about half of the people in the village of Lag once lived.

One is a small village about half of Sara, the village of Eda.

Both became abandoned villages more than ten years ago and are now mostly covered in weeds and twitched by spreading forests.

The Moroccan family, formerly known as the Lord of Sanyi (Village), was also a leader in fingerprinting on the soil.

Even if the settlement itself was lost, the Moroccans obsessively decided that only the cemetery of the land would be taken. And they built the temple that covered the graveyard, and covered it from the eyes of the subtribes.

Of course, the protection of the Land God can be weakened when treated badly. To avoid buying the land god's unhappiness, the Moroccan family regularly provided for the cemetery even after the village ran out.

"The White Princess squad is tough to compete with."

"If you don't mind, one seat is empty"


The cemetery of the Land God, which is granting protection to Princess White, was its village of Eda.

Since the provision must be made by its gracious owner, the White Princess must also be suitable for the village of Eda. Holding that escort was the whispering dream of the ladies sunshine men.

Of course Kai, who has nothing in particular to think of, easily agreed.

That was a promise not to make a challenge to the 'selection battle' that would take place secretly among the soldiers after breakfast. Kai did not raise his hand to escort the White Princess squad.

(... why did this happen)

While asking himself, Kai was listening to a story from the White Princess lined up beside him.

It was true you didn't raise your hand to the escort. No one must have imagined that it would take a reverse nomination from the White Princess, etc.

"... are you listening properly?

"... oh"

"You don't have to collect escorts for such a big deal at all times, but treat me like a child all the time when I'm old enough... because I also use 'shelter' properly. I'm training for that, and don't you think I can handle enough that the people of the Grey Monkeys attacked me? Can I use enough spears or something? You'd know because you're watching, wouldn't you?

"... but I'm still at your disposal."

"... ugh."

Blood rose on the white side, and the white princess swelled her cheeks puffy in discomfort.

If you just look from afar, you only look like a princess of good lord's goods, but when you breathe together like this nearby, you can see the face of an unexpectedly expressive girl.

The white hair smells good, and the young soldiers following him are stretching their noses completely. Beautiful eyes like those red balls (fired) that look at the way they go are roughing the nose of the avant-garde guys looking back at each other from the front.

What was sent to him by his fellow shapes pinched back and forth was a stinging and painful gaze in the name of jealousy.

"But I can move quickly, and I have power. They're both better than Kai, right? So why..."

"No matter how fast you pride yourself on going to hit a weapon, you'll die, and no matter how confident you are in your power, you're just an idiot if you can't hit your enemies with all the emptiness," the Lord said.


"Some power differences can be compensated by martial arts. All the soldiers are learning Zula flow, and I think maybe half of them could beat the princess opponent that there was no protection."

"... but"

"The princess does not extend the solidity of her protection to her lord or Orha. I don't think that's the princess's fault herself, but we all know there's a big difference in God's 'protection' of the land."


White princess holding her mouth in regret.

The protection of God, the land she holds, is weakening year after year. It was said that the Moroccan family's lack of control over the land was what was causing them to lose their grace.

"... I know that."

Because I know, my lord has also handed out many escorts to the White Princess Squad. I guess that means carefully sweeping the graveyard with numbers. I also brought potatoes and rice noodles (kabu) picked this year as an offering, as well as precious fruit liquors made in the village. The sooner you count villagers who have spoken of it, such as fruit liquor, the more luxurious it is.

That's how as I walked, I saw the ruins of the village.

It was that deserted settlement covered in tall grass that was the village of Eda.

It was the place of the White Princess's land God offered, and the real birthplace where Kai, who was still a baby twelve years ago, lived with his parents. The villages destroyed by the raids of the sub tribes were to be returned to the dirt as they were with the large number of villagers who had died. Because your lord made a decision to gather people in the village of Rag, the main village, to counter the raids of the sub-people.

Kai's parents are also buried in this village.

But the time had passed, and the location of the tomb was no longer known. The graves of the villagers, who are only soil and mansions, are quickly spilled in the surrounding soil surrounded by severe periods of wind and snow, making them unclear from the rest. Such a way of returning to nature was accepted by the peoples of the marginal soil as part of their lives.

Kai wasn't so thoughtful either in an abandoned village that I don't even remember living in. The flowers picked by the roadside were placed side by side on the cornerstone of the collapsed gate with the other soldiers.

"... come on, we'll clean the graveyard to the point where there's no dust!

A man walking on the back of a cat named Flynn flipped instructions to the soldiers with a hand gesture. He's the man who leads a different squad, like Manso.

All the houses have been dropped from the roof and the walls have been broken down so that the sub-tribes do not dwell. Moving through its ruins, there was a fairly large building foundation protruding near the centre of the village, and that was the site of the chapel, which was also the rally point of the village. The land of the people The divine faith took the form of religion, usually a sliding painting depicting the God of the land and the Great God of the three very powerful pillars that he graces the royal family worshipped in the capital is affixed to his forehead, making it a place where villagers join hands. Sometimes when a monk stops around the periphery, a simple statute is run.

There are similar places of worship in the village of Rag. However, it is considered a formal monastery rather than a chapel, as it is a bit more splendid in construction and has accommodation for patrol monks.

When I dug shallow back near the center of the building trail, a stone lid emerged from inside. Lifting it up by a few people, the underground passage leading to the cemetery of the village of Eda appeared.

The land of the village of Eda, God, was hidden in the earth.

Kai glanced at the smelly standing mold smell when he opened the lid. Now I feel sorry for God, he thought.