The cemetery of the village of Eda is hidden before diving down its underground tunnel.

It is a graveyard conceal built in great haste since the Moroccans made the decision to abandon the village. It's not much, and when you go down the basement, which is about ten yul thin, a tombstone made of straight square stones appears in the dark.

"... well, this guy's half underground, rather than underground."

Once you know where the graveyard is, that cover-up will surprise you too cluelessly. The site of the chapel somehow houses a round, earthy 'Koyama', among which is the cemetery of the Land God.

Although some of the stone houses had collapsed and were covered with large rubble, it was still doubtful how long it was functioning as a deception.

"There doesn't seem to be any trace of a particularly weird thing getting into it.... you'll report it as soon as you find it vandalized."

"A few people. Look around the village. Those who were critical in the selection fight, stay on the lookout... the others are ready to clean up."

To be careful, squad leader Flynn goes into the basement first, making sure he's safe, and then Princess White dives in with her handkerchief. Needless to say, there was a silent attack on who was going right after the princess.

"Kai, follow me"


As a man who could read the air, Kai was waiting at the rear of the line, but he ends up flying in the order with his head down. This situation, where Princess Bai herself has no fine dust to treat as special, is when there is nothing to gain from just buying cynicism. Mogello, they said, "What's wrong with you?"

The cleaning crew, wandering into the graveyard, waits for the White Princess's prayer to end and begins to brush the tombstone with the rough cloth in each hand.

Princess White is pretty serious about cleaning her grave. Especially since it seems to purify the indentations of the inscriptions with care, and possibly the cause of the decay of the protections, in the dirt of the inscriptions.

Of course I don't know anything about that area or anything like that. Kai just moves on to the side of the inscription trying to help Princess White... turn agile to the fat gaze on the other guys who were gathering for the bunny. Turn right.

While polishing the tombstone, Kai observes with interest the inscriptions and tattoos of "The God of Edda". The size of the tombstone itself is no different from that of the valley. Of course, the inscriptions are completely different, but the only person who can read that elusive letter, called the Divine Letters, is a theologian in the capital, or a high priest in a monastery, so I couldn't find out here right now.

(... you're a lot weaker)

While wiping it up, Kai feels that way.

There is something sensory coming from that palm that touches it.

The ripples of heat, though not present, can be felt from the back of the stone. This may be the feeling that Kai gained because he became a 'protective person'.

Crawling my finger at the inscription, I vaguely thought of the meaning of that one letter.

That small individual image made sense as a word by letting it slide sideways.

I, Eddaren, am a slave

Pan, and I feel like I'm getting bubbles in my head.

Kai crawled his fingers into a sentence on it, almost unconscious, as if to be invited.

"Obey the god of Raghdaratuka"

That was a sign of the contract.

Kai, who opened his eyes, was solidified for a while without being able to move, but sees that the inscription is still up there, taking his trembling fingertips there.

And I let it slide to the side.

(Ragdalatuka is listed in the Baal Retriga Divine Group...)

Edda's land God obeys Rag's land God, and Rag's land God is subordinate to another God named Baal... it is understandable that such contents.

The inscription is directly behind the face where the White Princesses are.

While Kai vividly recalls the cemetery in the valley, he concludes that there was nothing, such as a description, directly behind the inscription. Maybe I was just overlooking it, but I can only assure you that it was so easy to understand and not engraved a lot.

I don't know why I could suddenly read the divine script, but it's a big discovery anyway.

I was excited to read the inscription on the front as well, and I pretended to clean it and went around to you...

"You guys, it's a little narrow?

"... you guys, scatter"

Hand-wrestled by Flynn on the cat's back, the men, who were grumpy in overcrowding, scattered their tongues.

It is just a small, hoardable place. It is quite hot and painful, not only physically but mentally, when sweaty men harden into one place.

When the men are scattered and able to relax into the space, the White Princess begins to lightly change her mind and immerse herself in the work. In a good way, the White Princess was not much of the type to build walls against the opposite sex.

Kai is lucky the space opened, so he touches it around as he cleans the inscription on the front.


The inscription on the front was completely incomprehensible wherever I touched it.

Every single one of them manages to pick up meaning, but when they connect it, the chain of images sprinkles with the pussy and scatters. It was only a completely disordered group of characters that seemed pointless.

Sounds like a 'ciphertext', makes you feel up to it without even being conscious.

I don't know exactly what an ango is, but I would interpret it as something of a hidden word to lay low on its original meaning.

If we had more time to loosen up and had no eyes, we would look into it until we were convinced, but we probably wouldn't have that chance.

I thought maybe Princess White was reading the inscription too, and Kai looked over at you, but noticed that the area around Princess White's chest where she was sweeping back and forth was pretty gray, and she panicked and turned away.

That brings the men to the herd.

It was Kai who was not sure how to tell the White Princess about it, but the opportunity never came.

All of a sudden, outside the cemetery, there was a scream from the guards.

"Get out of here! Something's coming!

"Hide the graveyard!

They all threw the cleaning tools in their hands and crawled out of the graveyard.

Drop the stone lid that was standing, and a few quickly cover the soil. Flynn, who saw the situation as soon as possible, asked the White Princess for permission to report it.

"I'll intercept you here. The Grey Monkeys."

Around the village of Eda, it was no longer the land under the control of the people.

So much so that we have to abandon the village, that the influence of the subtribes has grown stronger. Rather, it was the Kays who were trespassing unauthorized into the land of others.

From the forest, which is so close to the ruins, a far cry echoes. It was the voice of the Grey Monkeys (macaques) calling and gathering their people.

The fighting began immediately and the situation in the village of Rag quickly deteriorated.

This is our land, man, get out. Yes, the Grey Monkeys are screaming. We all guessed in the atmosphere, even if we didn't know the language.

Since soldiers are mixed up by playing so-called 'selection fights' and so on, group fights on a squad basis are barely functioning. Though Flynn and his crew are struggling more than each other somehow, the others are quickly kicked and the resistance is there to escape.

The three soldiers who were instructed to "take the princess away" were trying to get the white princess away, but the princess herself turned herself over and turned to the enemy, so they, the guardian, had to go after them too.

Several Grey Monkeys (macaques) have just gathered for the princess who bravely named her opponent. The guardian soldiers put up their spears and became walls, but I was only anxious to watch because my hips were already drawn.

"... I can't, princess!

"I'm a Protector, too! Even if the Grey Monkey Man (Makak) is much more lumpy and powerful than man, I would...!

"It's our role to fight, just back off."

"... I also train to fight."

"... Princess!

From the back of a white princess arguing with a soldier, a class of Grey Monkey Man (Makak) warriors jumps in. Soldiers are agile enough to spear at that grey monkey (macaque) who jumped bare hands trying to catch a white princess of a different colour. As for its protruding spear, it was bounced off target by gray rigid bristles.

She was a white princess who said something brave, but the moment she was attacked, all she could do was let herself sit down and wield that practicing spear like an idiot with her inner crotch.

When I thought it was bad, Kai was already moving.

I was fortunate to concentrate on Princess White, whose attention was being attacked by everyone. There was nothing to watch where Kai's fearful legs reached the back of the Grey Monkey Man (Makaku) Warrior with an astonishing acceleration.

A spear thrust of his entire body was piercing the back of a grey monkey warrior (macaque) who had been exposed to defenselessness.