If you were a master, you might have grabbed and swung a Grey Monkey Warrior or something with that overwhelming power and broke his body like a toy.

Master Orha would have snapped his neck with the sharpness of his wielding sword.

(... Princess White is in danger)

Some of the power of the earth god itself would have continued to fade.

But if its strong power can't be correctly wielded as' violence 'either, then it's just a dull power bragging. And if you expose the meat to defenselessness, you have no choice but to mercilessly test its endurance against malicious enemies.

The White Princess, exposed to the hostility of the Grey Monkeys (Makaku), had revealed "neighborhood pickup" on its face.

That divine crest does not show so much complexity compared to the Lord's, and the color is light.

"... even I have the power of a two-year-old divine mark!

The White Princess is shouting at the Grey Monkeys.


I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm guessing it's some kind of word or something that shows the character of a land god. But no matter how bravely you try to intimidate your opponent, how compelling it will be for a girl who is rocking a spear that you put up with her whole body shaking with bees.

Screw it further as you scratch the spear you stuck in your back, convinced you destroyed enough of your gut before pulling it out. Track is corrected by kicking the body of the Grey Monkey Man (Makaku), who is about to fall on the White Princess.

The same is true of the fall of the Grey Monkey (Makak) warrior in front of her, but Princess White had her eyes wide open, as she was also heartily surprised that a young soldier with a spear appeared from behind her.

That was how the imminent death of me turned away, sitting in a nagging and lumbar crushing. It just turned out to be a reflex addition or subtraction, and I didn't seem to know Kai right away.

"... are you all right, princess"

She finally seemed to realize it was Ky, and the White Princess quickly wiped away the tears that were in her eyes with her arms and mouthed the strength of her hipster like she was scratching.

"... It was my first time, so I was just a little surprised. Could Kai be strong enough to be a soldier?"

"I've been praising you a lot lately."

Even though the Grey Monkeys (macaques) still had weapons around them, a conversation arose between them, and no one, including the enemy allies, tried to disturb them.

Although the sequence among the soldiers of the rug is only more or less as long as it does not come out, Kai is perceived to be within 30 from the top with about 120 people.

Wouldn't it be classified as relatively 'strong'?

The three escorts, all of whom stood bars by the White Princess, were a little older than Kai, but clearly the younger ones when viewed by the soldiers as a whole.

It's just the younger ones who want to compete for cleaning duty and get in, so I guess they're the 'usable' ones to the extent that they're entrusted with the White Princess escort. Is the sequence something like lower superior?

The escorts were clearly frustrated with Kai, who had taken a perfectly good place.

They also know, of course, that Kai is a promising strain of growth at the top of the sequence and that the human memory above is congratulated. But the reason around it also didn't seem to resist the rampage of the adolescent brain wanting to dress up in front of the White Princess.

"We were there, too!

"Because I did something about the monkey bastard!

"Come on, get over there!

Kai blinked and put his head on as he was hand-waved tightly by the way he blushed.

Anyway, Princess, I laugh a little bit that they're stupid, even though they say they're fruitless lovers. I guess that looked like a mockery of 'rear charging' that recently entered quite a hot period, when the three rebellions became intense on the semi-crying level.

Kai glances around.

There are still a few Grey Monkeys (macaques) on their way to the White Princess. They are rigid in the presence of Kai, who suddenly appeared by vanquishing the warrior class. I guess they were sensitive to smelling Kai's unleashed 'Signs of the Strong'. When I saw each other, I slipped away.

Of course, Kai hasn't revealed my "neighborhood pickup" yet.

I didn't even think as much as dew that I was going to expose it to within my peers than that.

When you flash to shake off the blood paste on your spear as you change the direction of your body, a distinctly different wind chirp occurs.

It was a sign that the speed at which the weapon was wielded was out of step.


"The princess should evacuate with them... then go quickly"

Even the older opponent has a stronger position in Kai with the sequence above among the soldiers. Above all, he just saved his life now, and it was pretty lame that he seemed to be rebelling without feeling grateful for it.

All of those 'muscles' seemed like young soldiers too, trying to take the White Princess with their heads down with a stick while expressing hostility.

"Thanks for the help. Thank you, Ky."

Kai nods to the white princess, who turns that word. He was now sewing the Grey Monkeys (Makaku) on the spot with only his eyes.

With the four of them exiting the scene, the grey monkeys (macaques) finally set up their weapons to move out of the tension. Kai stops further for a few moments by poking his spear into the ground with Don.

"... your opponent has finally arrived."

When I saw the back of the Ash Monkey Man (Makak), who was stopping the movement, the opportunity and the soldiers who were closing in were sneaking behind it.

Kai was gauging the timing.

I can take one down, but I won't dare. I don't keep the handles to myself.

Kai calculates his standing behavior on the battlefield according to the rules he has laid down. If he was to protect his life in the village, he knew there was nowhere to gain anything from setting up a useless wave.

Two people collapsed after being surprised from behind. And Kai takes aim at the other one, who sees the voice approximate. I speared through the middle of my belly, which is the hardest to get my aim off.

Kai's current crowd is deviant, and the degree of rigidity of the Grey Monkey Man (Makaku) is unnecessarily cut off and meat worn. Then twist the handshake where the tip is completely buried and pull it back so that it is broken into force.

At that moment, blood and guts blew out of the belly of the Grey Monkey Man (Makak) as if he had smashed a water bottle. Spears may not kill their opponents instantly just by poking them, so many ways have been found to do as much damage to their guts as they can.

Also, the Grey Monkey Man (Makaku), whose violence as a species prevails... I also saw Kai slaughtered under one blow, and my people are eyeing him. Flynn and his squadrons, who had now defeated exactly one in a group, had lost their voices suddenly in sight of the sharpness of Kai's attack nearby.

Obviously it was not force that would fit in to the upper middle class. They had already unconsciously admitted that the youngest ascending dragon named Kai was trying to reach the level of the executive soldiers by overturning his reputation as "The Three Days Doctor".

The Grey Monkeys (macaques), who found out that the "mighty" were among the enemy beyond their control, had already turned to fleeing after judging the situation unfavourable. This is more or less the case of skirmishes when "having protection" is only on one side.

After that killing each other, the soldier's level up festival begins. Each one attaches to their own defeated prey and acquires a 'Divine Stone'.

As a familiarity, the weak soldiers who have no choice but to defeat in a group are given the 'Divine Stone' of the defeated enemy as it is. Hope for further growth, of course.

But the senior soldier, who appeared somewhat headstrong and was able to hunt enemies alone, had a decision to make the Lords pay half of the earned 'Divine Stone'.

Kai identifies precisely the location of the 'Divine Stone' and easily twists it out with a poked spear tip. It's like a veteran old man digging out potatoes one after the other. There are two "Divine Stones" that I got.

When he tucked one in his pocket for a raise, Kai smashed it with a stone clash of spears from the larger warrior class and ate the amber medulla from the cracked hole lavishly all at once. From the lower soldiers' point of view, it was an adult eater of envy.

This is how the difference in strength between soldiers becomes so open that it goes to the top.

(Marrow, uh-huh!)

When I eat it, my 'Divine Stone' is encouraged to grow and gets hot.

That gratitude, even after obtaining the protection of the Land God, was not going to change. The reason why the Lords are obliged by the soldiers to pay for the 'Divine Stone' is simply because they are ahead of the growth force.

At the same time, it was also a testament to the fact that there was room for growth in 'having protection'.

The intensity of the flavor of the medulla probably also has to do with the strange sense of hunger that the 'body wants'. Even Kai, who hasn't so diminished his belly, assures me that the supreme and best delicious is still the 'medulla of the Divine Stone', the source of this power.

God in the valley is happy.

He devoured the medulla to take away the gully, and Kai threw at his feet a round bone that was' divine stone '. Walk out for now, mindful of the junior soldiers who are after that leftovers.

At the end of that gaze, there was Princess White.

The Grey Monkeys (Makaku) fled early, so I guess they stopped evacuating and waited.

Her ambiguous grin at the sight of the battlefield is clearly imbued with inner remorse. Is it even compared to the soldiers who eat the 'Divine Stone' won by their own power and gain strength, and to those who are protected and raised in warm water called the Lordship?

The gaze turned to Kai.

And suddenly he stopped fixing it. With a face expressing his dissatisfaction, he complains with his gaze that he should come over here.

Yeah, it was Ky who had an immediate hunch that the early morning training was going to get more intense again.