Rumors that the White Princess Squad was attacked by the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe spread instantly all over the village.

And when it was known that more than a dozen White Princess squadrons had returned to the village without a shortage of one, the rumors were taken away once and for all from the ominous shadow to be taken as a painful topic of ape exorcism.

The fact that Kai, the youngest of the village soldiers, was named as a useful actor in the defeat of the Ash Monkey Man (Makaku) also attracted attention, of course.

"Where is Kai?"

Although Kai had also noticed that my name was mentioned in the conversation among his companions, he had never imagined that the Lord himself would come directly to find his place.

Your lord looked at Kai and seemed really surprised to learn that he was a small, lean boy as the word youngest indicated.

He then grabs the collar of his clothes and is lifted and even rocks to make sure of its lightness.

"... you have to add some more meat."

Why, therefore, the master was looking for Kai, which was quite as expected, or to nominate him for simulation training.

"... the spear that slaughtered the Grey Monkeys one by one, let me see."

The usual training time for soldiers in front of the castle.

My lord and Kai were to be present for the first time. Vasco, the leader of the soldier sequence, pulls Kai into the corner and gives him a lot of useful advice.

"... Look, whatever you do, don't just use 'dirty hands', even if you throw yourself away if it doesn't work. It's useless anger."

"... ok"

Ugh, an overwhelmingly weak miscellaneous soldier compared to your lord doesn't do anything first. Whether you don't loosen your hand in an attack or strive to defend yourself against it at all… Sometimes it is hard for your lord to be satisfied and not finish mock training without appealing to you that you are diligent to fight well anyway.

Since you will always suffer some injuries, be sure to protect important areas such as your hands and joints and be careful not to leave any severe sequelae.

And the last thing that was pushed was that the eye and gold aim should never be done because it is easy to touch the customer's mind.

Kai was impressed when he saw the grey-headed man how attentive he was to fighting.

"Let's do this fast."

The lord who pokes the ground hard and tight with a stick to draw attention to this one. Your smiling face is already full of motivation.

Soldiers watching cheer for Kai's majesty as he walks out. From the same squad of mansos, the bones were picked up. Half the jokes were heard.

Where does that voice come from, Kai finds the faces of his people. When my gaze bumped, everyone got together and let me get my thumbs up.

But Manso pointed his finger at himself.

I'll do it next time.

I've said.

Manso was also aware that Kai's rapid growth was about to cause a sequence change in the squad. The power comparison within the upper realm of the sequence is also an important act in which the 'males' show their power to the 'females'.

For the plain reason of obtaining the woman of choice, the men try to polish my strength. Both the Lords and the Woman's Guild have always shown an attitude that supports the incision of such soldiers.

Even though it was to help the White Princess, Kai can't wipe his confusion at having to deal with Manso in a bee. If you are the leader of the squad, you will of course have to take leadership in the battle, and in many situations you will have to make troublesome arrangements such as adjustments and rewards and punishments in the squad. There is no amount in the world that it can be accepted without resistance because of its age above it, and the occurrence of such obligations for Kai, the youngest, was only a clear burden.

(... with this alignment, we need to align our forms a little bit)

Kai went as far as he could and decided to show it to his heart in disastrous defeat.

Kai also swings the stick together because the owner is swinging the stick with an awesome wind cut sound. Quite a sharp noise sounds and moans from the spectators.

Kai was not yet used to adding or subtracting his powers as a 'protective person'. I intend to keep it down considerably, but the stick judgment was sharp enough to peel even Vasco, who was by his side.

I aligned myself a little further with the stick that my lord had offered me.

It was a signal to start the training.

The Lord's eyes suddenly increased sharply, and a barely stoppable poke in Kai's belly arrived early in the beginning. Kai is following that thrust with excellent motor vision, while considering whether it should be eaten as it is. It was a terrible rush of speed that the pain of hell was going to come when it hit me.

(... no this, if I hit it, I would stab him in the stomach!?)

Although there is no problem if the master intends to stop the inch, I am convinced that it will be catastrophic if it is penetrated as it is.

Kai's brain brings to mind the appearance of Vasco and Setta, who are always badly matched by a pair of hands… I am concerned that the person named Lord does not have much of the word 'forgiveness' with him. After all, there is no eating at all.

That's how the delay in the initial response made the recipient much more limited. Pull your left foot wide back and twist your body to angle the collision plane. Then I let my torso go outside.

Still not enough evasion.

Kai had no choice but to rub the hand side of the stick, which was extra from the handshake, and let it slightly blur on the tip of its thrust.

Katsun, and a small noise hit the score of both.

Probably only the two parties heard the noise. A poke that was only slightly distracted cut the sky off Kai's torso, which fell as he twisted his body.

At that moment, bumps and wind pressure rippled Ky's clothes hard.

"Avoid this!

Your master broke his face.

The lord, who instantly retrieved the stick protruding, suddenly "stood up quickly" Kai, who rolled unnecessarily and had his buttocks on him, took the erection again.

It was only a miracle that Kai managed to avoid the first blow of your lord brilliantly, as an ordinary man. But because it was too early a poke, everyone but the party has not noticed its' miracle '. All I could see was that Kai happened to escape that attack by rolling into the dark clouds.

but your views were different.

"Why don't you get up quick?"

When Kai finally stands up with the result, he begins to shift his relative position with Kai with the Zula quintessential martial arts, "Walking in the Circle", which he shows in conjunction with Vasco.

It was a move that undoubtedly regarded Kai as' worthy of a glance ', and a voice of doubt was raised by the spectators, too.

Kai also flies his feet with the awkward 'Circle Walking Method' he wears to face his lord from the front. The moment I saw that Kai was ready, the handouts from your lord began.

Twice, three degrees and smashing each other's scores, and when your lord's "winding moves" showed Kai's move to tangle and remove the stick, he was pulled off the score and Kai fell ill.

Of course you do not miss that moment.

Once again, your master's infernal poke approaches Kai's torso, which was exposed to defenselessness by his body swimming. Though he hurried his body away, he took a light blow there and Kai's face was distorted. And the Lord's attacks have been repeated in succession.

Normally, it was a terrible attack that was absolutely stuffy.

(... fucked up)

However, although all of your attacks were "inch blocks", they were inch blocks that you would not mind breaking if you were about skin instead of inch blocks that you did not hit. This is why Vasco was drawing attention.

Just because it's an intense poke, there's nothing like being poked with a stick that rounds the tip for training, for Kai, who's getting stubborn.

but this was an important showcase for Kai, who now has to make a good loss. I also want to shed some blood.

I also go and guess from myself to crack my skin for an attack that rubs my defensive arm. Avoid bones that are likely to break and accept poking in the meat area.

When I thought I had broken my body into letters, I glanced at it so that I could poke it over next time.

Exactly what you want to be hit with. There is no indication that the attack of the Lord, who is excited by Xing's ride, will subside.

Eating the numbers so far, the pain just came.

My 'divine stones' rapidly heat up in response to the crisis of life. The overflow of power that spread throughout his body gave him a sense of the emergence of Neighborhood Takeover.


It's nice to keep getting attacked, but the neighborhood will come out as it is.

Fool, Kai took a short breath.

And it almost felt like it was a hit, and while eating the attack, it went to the pounding of abandonment. Your Lord's thrusting moves at that time are likely to hit him to the fatal throat because of Kai's special attack.

"... All right!

My lord was happy to pull the stick of gain. To avoid killing Kai.

Consideration of the teaching side crept into the gap, and Kai's stick then stretched out to the boss's chest.

When I thought I'd hit, the stick was already bounced off.

Your master's puller switched straight to defensive motion.

He was Kai, who was bounced off his score and his body was about to swim, but here to force his presence to pull the curtain, he steps out one foot with his chewed teeth and turns it into a force of thrust to scratch the ground with his toenails.

In that way, on the propulsion force of the catapult, he beats the stick of the object back in such a motion that the spring of his whole body was mobilized.

Perhaps the maximum force must have been wielded without the use of the force of protection.

The Lord was delighted to match the blow of his body that cut off the air.


Along with a fierce burst sound, the top half of both gains were crushed.

With the loss of the stick that was supposed to be imminent, Kai and his Lord's body were held together in such a way that Kai and his Lord's body were naturally accepted by the overwhelmingly large Lord.

Even if I say that I have been received, my lord's body, lifted by the muscles of the guttural bees, is a katty one. From that overturned face, which hit the head of his nose and sat down to squat after he was freed, a chibi and a nosebleed burst.

Actually, the most painful thing was this nasal injury.

Kai's head, holding his nose down as he leaned down, swung around as his lord revealed a delightful color.

"... good! Good!"

The Lord spoke joyfully from the bottom of his heart to Kai, who raised his face as he held his nose with his bloody hands. That was a compliment.

"... I like it, kid. Tomorrow I'll work myself out!

What? Huh?

Behind Kai, whom things had not swallowed, the soldiers of the sight boiled.

His declaration of "toys" meant that he was given a heartbeat when he had the strength to deserve his nomination in simulation training, and that was also a testament to the fact that Kai's sequence as a soldier in the village of Rag led to Basco and other top groups.

It was Kai who revealed another step in the corner of his head instead of matching his butt.