I was slapped on the shoulder by a bunch of people who came by the crowd.

It was a blessing to the young man who rose to his favorite class brilliantly, or to the junior who chased him through lightly... The words directed at him made Kai feel indescribably ticklish, but there were some things that inspired him to take on the interest of the Lord for a while, and only a little bit true-faced.

Blessed shoulders are also received from fellow squadrons, and the last manso tells them the decision, "We'll do it tomorrow, too." Whether you prefer it or not, Kai's standing in village society continues to change.

Kai was exalted enough to be recognized by the villagers and felt a desire to escape from them at the same time.

(... I want to live in the valley someday)

If you catch a daughter you like and even have kids, maybe you can really move into the valley. If it is the abundant valley bottom of that food, then Kai's family will have enough to live in.

Throwing out villages under threat from the Ash Monkey (Makaku) tribe that are expanding their reach into neighboring forests is an unlikely betrayal of one of the people raised in that community, but I think you can have that dream.

Let's go to the valley tonight.

Though I've been hurt a lot, I thought I could do something about it with sneak healing magic. I remember the sweet mountain apple flavor and spit it out.

After being treated by the pharmacist's grandmother as the "Injured of Honor," Kai was ordered to remain at rest for the time being, but healing magic prevented him from covering all bleeding wounds.

Removing the wrapped bandage and hiding it on the bunk, he left the barracks waiting for his companions to calm down. That's how he jumped out of the village in the dark night, not even needing to use the gates or anything that people came in and out of.

All the way there is the valley of Reishi.

Running through a distance of fifty yurds in no time with a rush of feelings, we define the route of entry into the forest based on the settlement of the always landmark village of Bagna.

Although the way in is in the mood of the day, I had ties to my neighbor, the Lizard (Lagart) tribe, so I don't feel compelled to go far enough to risk their territory anymore.

I want to establish a path to the valley in the shortest possible time.

(... the valley is that way though)

The valley of Kai lies about one yurd from the village of Bagna, from the edge of the forest, a little east, about five yurds into it.

It's not even that deep a place, but what people don't know about the location of the valley is that the terrain tends to follow a black rugged rock with bad scaffolding, and the road is too risky to step straight through. This is probably due to the scattering of Lizard (Lagart) lands in the low wetlands where they are located.

The Pork (Aug) live in a deeper forest than the Lizard (Lagart) tribes, and they freely travel through the Lizard (Lagart) realm with some kind of agreement. The Lizards (Lagato) are basically not that angry unless they get close to the water field. Kai also understood that as a rule of thumb.

It seems that the black crusty rock is a stone called 'Good Morning Cancer'. It's information from inside knowledge. The water in the ground is also abundant, creating small spirals where there is spring water to create low wetlands.

(... I'd also like to decide on a way down to the valley, let's go all the way around today)

Since we already know roughly how the Lizard (Lagart) lands fit in, we assume the shortest route to be gained by sewing between them.

Preferring low wetlands are places without them, like well-drained fields and rock bulges.

As you can see, there are, by the way, small rocky mountains popping up in the vast woods with basically gentle ups and downs. Confirm the arrangement by sight and calculate whether something can be done.

All right, let's go.

It was just outside the village of Bagna, where Kai was trying to decide to start without surveillance. From a little help we strengthened our kicking feet, and as soon as Kai, who reached his highest speed, passed near the barrier like the wind, a number of screamed from the settlement.

"There's another monster out there!" "He's the one who built the big hole in the field!" Therefore, he cries out in flourish. It was Kai who came to Ping immediately, but decided to pretend he didn't know about it by deciding with other HR.

I'll be careful next time, so give me a break.

Kai jumped momentum at the forest entrance as he counted in his mouth.

(First step here!)

Kicking a rock-skinned cliff that's not even that big, Kai's body rises to the universe.

While disturbing my breathing to awesome wind pressure, I kick the next scaffold I was witnessing, the particularly large branching tree of Barren Cedar.

The tree shavings pushed Kai out even more forcefully.

(... the tree won't break...... would it be quicker to use this guy for scaffolding)

Though there are rocks everywhere, the number of Oki and Valen cedars native to the limestone forest is not great. I find it efficient to modify the scaffolding several times to ultimately aim at the particularly thick branches of Barren Cedar, and fly away as I watch and aim at it.

I feel fluffy that it's like 'carrots'. Of course I don't know exactly what that is.

Without knowing, Kai established the legendary technique of tree crossing, which was almost impossible for them too, to reach the edge of the valley at an alarming rate.

The edges of the raised valley can only be seen in a series of lowly mountains in the distance.

It was Kai, the valley maniac who had so admired the beauty of the hourglass, seeing its view of the outer edge of the valley from the top of the tree that became the end point… just on the other side of the valley, he discovers an unfamiliar 'foreign object' and instantly fades away.

I could see at a glance that it was a creature, though it only seemed small. That's quite a few 'herds' too.

There are countless wild animals in the limestone forests, but not much to make herds of. Just because you're a 'herd' reduces the chances that it's just an animal extremely low.

Forming a population was usually an intelligent life of a social nature, on the marginal soil it was a human race and a subhuman race.


Or so my thoughts burned.

While I was away, the imagination that this valley might have been defiled aggravated Kai's wrath by irrationality.

I can't forgive. I can't forgive you.

Kai ran as fast as he could.

That was the only horrible thing about 'having protection' giving it its full strength. Even faster than the arrow unleashed by the hunter, the wind that conceived the fanaticism reaches the other side of the valley.

The closer I get, the more I see the situation. After all, it was a creature in the shape of a person.

Pork (Aug) On the contrary, a subrace dressed as a child, smaller than a human race... I've never seen it before just asking, but Kai cut it to be a 'dwarf (Colol) tribe'.

White clothes with fine embroidery are also vibrant at night, and the knowledge comes to mind in relation to the fact that they are a species of craftsmanship.

A dwarf (Colol) tribe that lives in a very small number of woods.

They rode their bodies out to the edge of the valley cliff and shouted at the valley bottom. I didn't know the words, but I understood immediately that someone was falling down there and calling the name.

(… an accident)

Their grief as they cry is rippling through the darkness of the night.

With all that crying, Kai stopped after being drained of poison. but the sound of stirrups and grass arose, and several dwarf (colol) tribes noticed the presence of Kai.

If you think you've looked at me and screamed, everyone starts laying flat like they're throwing themselves out, bumping and praying.

It was such an unusual reaction that Kai decided not to see it and tried to walk away from the scene...

"Dear God, who resembles the people."

The opportunity was lost because an old man rose up from among the dwarf (Korol) tribes and began to speak the language of the people.

As he thumbed one thing at a time, like a number of beads made of nuts connected with thread, the old man moved forward as if to represent the clan, waved a number of beads in front of Kai, and then lay flat again.

"Does the word make sense"

Kai returned "through," to the voice of an old man who soaked the color of anxiety.

So the dwarf tribes lifted up their faces as if they were relieved, and looked at each other.

"… first of all, I have entered the land of confinement on my own. I know you want to be disrespectful, flirtatious and forgiving."

When I am persistently apologized for many times, my anger also fogs and calm returns.

Kai also dropped his hips in front of them again and scratched Hugo when he needed to listen to the situation.

"... so, what can I do for you"

Kai is not so controversial in nature.

In the end, I only asked about the matter.

The old man of the dwarf clan said that he was the head of his family.

He then tells us that his family has been driven away from the land he has lived on for many years and is lost on the streets. They say it was the Geha clan of the Pork (Aug) clan who invaded and took their land.

Well, it's irrelevant to Kai.

He was a total other HR unless he told me to live in the valley or something.

The dwarf (Korol) tribe did not even know dew such as the abundance of the valley bottom, and gathering here was only part of the effort to reclaim the land taken.

And I said unto the valley, Dedicated.


And the dwarfs lay low again.

"The Old God of Mediation."

The old man said.

Kai is just holding his mouth.

"* * * has long been the patron saint of the forest. The dwarf tribe has long given way to * * * and made offerings."


"Now is the time to take back the land of our fathers. We want you to help us."

That was a 'petition'.