(wasted time)

Even as he sighed, Kai was laying in front of him looking at the last Barren Cedar he cut out and arm-wrestling. Now, how do we process it?

Though not that big, Ballen Cedar is the kind of tree that becomes a terrible big tree when it becomes an old tree. Even though it is a young tree, it has a thickness that takes several adults to get around even when holding hands.

Far away, the voices of the dwarf (Colol) tribe still noisy.

They call me God of the Valley, God of Mediation, but I don't know such a God, and the Land God who sleeps in the Valley cemetery feels like he's not interested in that murmur that I'm not sure about.

Damn, you're the loud ones forever.

With a bump to say, Kai first cut the barren cedar in a circle to the desired length. About twice Kai's height. Then I cut it thin vertically this time.

I don't know how I'm cutting it, I basically use the 'Sword of Light' when I cut down a tree, but the 'cutting power' that I can only exert instantly only reaches about the elbow length of my arm, so I even had to repeat its magic construction and go through the blade again. Barren cedar is so fat, I could just make it two and breathe up.

It took about half an hour to insert the blade about six times, and seven thick slices of Oki were made.

I have not yet learned architectural techniques, etc., so I will properly shape the edges and then puncture him to the ground so that he becomes a wall. The incision is not straight so I can make a gap, but I don't care right now because I fill the area with the end material of Barren Cedar.

Wall building with a luxurious single board will be over soon. One side of the cabin feels like leaning against the side of the graveyard, so I could only surround it with seven pieces.

Though I've tried to surround it, it's far from the 'cabin' I imagine. How can I build floors and roofs?

In the meantime, I'll slice the other one and make it look like a 'roof' to feel like plugging one side over the graveyard. I also tried to lay the floor with slicing material that was just the size.

(... something different)

Though the walls pierced to the ground with the 'protective hold' power are reasonably sturdy and look like it, I wonder if this sensational roof and floor for now.

This will have to be learned once you ask the detailed one in the village. It was too bad in this cabin.

Well, although it is miscellaneous, it also looks like a secret base and some of it hurts in Kai. When I went inside, I could smell the wood I had just cut.

I lay down completely, and somehow when I close my eyes, I get sleepy as it is. I haven't gotten much sleep since I became a 'protective person', but I think I may have used too much spiritual power to cut trees this time around.

When you move your hands to slip, you can see the distortion and roughness of a cross section of a tree that is hard to understand. The feeling of doing it in addition to the "Sword of Light" remains waved.

(Let's get some sleep...)

Kai closed his eyes.

That was how I fell asleep for the first time in a long time.

How long have you been asleep?

Kai woke up feeling uncomfortable with her body.

I wasn't in the habit of stretching back to wake up feeling sleepy. The village does not give the children the luxury of sleeping like that.

I feel kind of heat around my armpits.

in Kai's movement, which caused his body to burst, the 'heat source' under his armpit separated, and a creaking sound struck the tree heavily.

Kai saw where the sound came from and opened his eyes with excitement.

"... you, why are you here"

A toddler girl holding her head down and shivering puffy, a dwarf (Colol) girl, Aruet was rounded to the ground.

I guess the head I was putting on Kai's arm gave him momentum and fell to the floorboard. As he cleverly reoriented his body while holding his head, Aroue lay deep flat rubbing his forehead against the floor after only a moment of tearing eyes at Kai.

"I told him to go home to the herd. Why are you here?"

"... Aruet, to God, was dedicated. Aldoue, God's already."

"I don't want it, go home"

"Aruet, I'm going home, I don't. Aroue, it belongs to God. To be returned alive, to be miserable to my family, to happen, to be told"

"There's no such thing as disaster. Just go home."

"... don't want it, die"


Arrue's eyes stuck so tight that Kai refused. The danger of a real suicide if left alone is hissing in its eyes.

I guess he sniffed out Kai's wobbly movements with a unique sense of smell, Aruet overlaid his words with a frivolous grin.

"I'm not leaving. Here, there he is.... Aroue, God's"

This pushed me down, Kai felt.

No matter how strange others are, if I were to choose death for not accepting it, I would be unreasonably responsible as the party with the consequences.

And for once, it was a life Kai himself took the initiative to save. There was no way I could have remembered to resist scattering that life again unhindered.

"... on your own now"

Slightly discarded bowl. When Ky says,


and Aroue replied with joy.

That's how I just made fun of the long sleeves with strings and shortened them, "God. I'll take care of you," he said, jumping outside.

Kai also leaves the cabin wondering what he is going to do, and he is waving his hands out loud to the tribesmen who were watching this one from far away on the cliff. Successful negotiation! But I guess it signals.

Then the tribes on the cliff began to drop down when they roped some chunk. "Wait a minute," Aruet said, leaving the words behind and running under them.

Aroue came back with something after a while. There were a lot of chore tools in that arm. These are a number of quality tools handmade by the dwarf (Colol) clan.

When you gather forest firewood quickly to make a simple piece of stone, you draw fresh water from the lake into a silver vessel shaped like raindrops in a herbal garden and set it on fire.

By the time Kai understood that it was a tool for making hot water, other tasks had been carried out thoroughly, resulting in the appearance of a table of end boards and a meal served on a large leaf.

It's like magic, Kai was honestly impressed.

The hot water was poured into a cup of baked goods brought with it to make it a beverage that smelled good with dried leaves chipped from the top.

"God, I could"

"... Oh, yeah"

Aroue urged Kai, who was a little blurred.

"Cool, not good"

"I'll have..."

For now, I used to recite the pre-meal sacrament since I was a kid, and then put my face closer to the beverage that was getting hot air that I was concerned about first.

"It's vanilla tea. Good for the body."

I guess it's a dwarf (colol) family drink, I also smelled a little of the medicinal water my grandmother frys, but it generally smells good and warms my stomach. I took a few sips and then this time I did my eyes on the meal on the table.

That was not a laborious one, but at first glance I found it to be a food that was really laborious in the sense of "invisible work" to make preservation advantageous.

The dried meat is lightly flamed with fire, and the fillets of white, powdered potatoes are dried, and the preserved, sour chicken fruit is served in small pieces.

Arhue is watching over Kai, who makes it a terrible hand.

The dried meat was well preserved with precious salt even on the marginal soil and was good.

The dried potatoes are unexpectedly soft and sweet too. It was so sweet that I couldn't beat mountain apples.

Chico's actually wasn't just a delicious thing to be honest, but the village also tells me that it has good things in it's body, so it pours in all at once without tasting it.


"Take your place, are you there"

Kai nodded silently.

Kai, dressed to receive Aruet, was nevertheless unwilling to engage the dwarf (Colol) tribe in "friendship with the pig (Aug) tribe" and so on.

Because he hated to lie, Kai declared to Old Polek on the cliff to that effect, but Old snorted at what he was up to, and now it's okay. If you really want me to do it, I tell you to take the array home, and I refuse to do it by hand. Maybe it's true what Aruet calls' no place to go ', Kai thought.

And the dwarfs asked him, because there was no place for his family to rest in peace, whether he could live on the edge of the valley, and he answered, Do not enter the valley. Then the dwarf tribes began to make a place to live handily.

Seeing the tents show up one after the other, Kai also realized slowly, "Did you have that hand" again.

A tent allows you to travel as many times as you like in the valley. Think of one of them somehow as something you can't get, as many are prepared for the village and for the expedition.

At that time, the light dyed Kai's closed eyelids first thing in the morning illuminated.

It was the end of a good time in the valley.

The sunlight spreading along the ridges of the valley illuminates the tents of the dwarves. They are also beginning to offer everyday prayers for the arrival of the morning.

When Kai returned to the makeshift cabin at the cemetery, he told Aroue, who was sweeping wood chips and other items from the sawmill, that he would "come out".

When I'm hungry I can eat as much forest food as I want and when I go to bed I don't mind using the cabin...... I said I can always go home if I want to.

Aruet moistened his light-purple eyes extracardially as he stopped the stood.

"Aroue, I'm not leaving"

The sun-drenched dwarf (Korol) girl was sparkling with long, beautiful hair.