(... If I burn the wheat, will it be 'rice')

In front of me, there was an open hemp bag of bags mouth, some of which were packed with wheat seeds to be sown in the field soon.

Kai took it in his hand and was thinking about it.

(This guy can't do it... but I don't know how to do it.)

When you burn "comedy," it becomes "rice," and what you salt and solidify on it seems to be called "rice balls". It seems best to wrap it up in an 'noori' like an even black cloth killet, but the inner knowledge whispers that it is hard to find in a land like limbo soil.

I think I would like to try "Rice Balls", which seem to be very delicious, someday. I can only imagine Kai knowing only the soil, but if he goes to the center of the country where, for example, there is something, it may be "comedy" or "nori". Seeking a hobby from such a distance was a luxurious act.

Probably something like asking the merchant to bring it because he buys it, and he waits months to finally get it. Of course, there's a lot of money to be demanded from the merchants, too.

Only wealthy people like the Lords can manage such a lot of money on the sidelines, and probably not without being in a position to collect taxes from a lot of villagers. Kai, who is just a villager, was born this way. The only money he actually had was a coin called 'One Shechem Copper Coin'.

In order to get the 'rice balls', I have to run up to a position where I can get a cup of money like a lord myself.

After a while of thinking about it, Kai gave up worrying lightly.

How can this social mechanism, which has already been determined by the blood muscles of its ancestors, be but one of the villagers without any power? The only prospect is that it will be delivered to the son-in-law of the daughter of the lordship, but I could not even imagine the assumption that she would honestly be that son-in-law, since princesses like Princess White are usually given as a wife by the lordship of the local village.

(I have the protection of God in the valley, so I may have gotten annoyed.)

"Kai, don't blur, we're gonna get you out of here fast!

"... oh wow"

Angered by his companions, Kai rushed to tie the mouth of the wheat bag at hand and began to lift and carry it.

Around him, many men continue to carry root vegetables and melons rolling in the same wheat bag or peel. It was one of the walls of the castle, a room that kept precious' seeds' that were not for eating.

Originally, wheat seeds are the ones that will soon be sown in the field, and seed potatoes are deliberately left alone to sprout, but today they are being carried out in a joint venture to hide them in a secret warehouse in the basement.

"Before the patrol envoy arrives, you hide it all!

On that day, the village of Rag was about to celebrate an annual troublesome event.

Patrol envoy.

That was about the envoys who regularly came from the capital to the marginal soil.

They are patrol envoys who were tasked with investigating the entry of small territories scattered across the peripheral soil and putting together the national power information of the current nation, the 'united kingdom', and a total of about five officials who work as their assistants.

If it was meant to be, it was merely the purpose of the mission to examine the facts of each small territory, but the weakening of central rule and the progress of local independence (Doritsuki) had now turned out to be a very troublesome 'uninvited guest' only to impose a luxurious response and a large sum of money under his sleeve.

"Father, the patrol ambassador has arrived."

It was Orha, the eldest son, who rewarded it to our Lord's office on the top floor of the castle.

Our lord Vegin, who raised his face through a small window to sneak up on what was going on downstairs, briefly said, "Well," and said to the little-sized women he had refrained from during the continuation, "Ready!," he commanded with a voice echoing at the bottom of his belly.

Vezin asked Orha as he let the women who had come by the crowd change their clothes.

"Who were the patrol envoys? Was the first name conveyed in the mouth of the messenger?

"... it seemed like a different name from the previous year"

"... was there another replacement? Trouble."

"Uncle Balter wanted to know that the wind direction in the court had changed. The first messenger told me that Sebelo, the owner of the Gandal soil house in the Five Years of Age Divine Print (Sinquester), seems to be the chief of the family every time."

"The Five Years Old God's Print (Think Questa)"... better than home. "

"At the top of the Moloch family is Father Rag, God of the Main Village, and the character is" Four Years of Age Divine Print (Kwart) ". Unfortunately, my house is downstairs."

"By the time the Moloch family had also once contiguously ruled the Three Villages, many of their lords appeared with the Five Years Old Divine Print. Even though the realm was only in the main village, if we build up drills and increase our martial arts, we will all reach that area. … Hmm, would you like the patrol envoy to join forces once and for all? I will prove to you that you are inferior in character, but you are no better than God's blessing of the main village of Rag, who has been trained with repeated efforts, and only the central lord of character."

"Father, don't let Mr. Baltarabe scold you again. My uncle has already stabbed me with a nail."

"... Shit."

When Vezin struck his tongue, Orha directed the ladies with a slight eyebrow root. My father placed an order to tighten it tightly so that it wouldn't fall apart, as a priority for comfort.

Wearing a coat of law that shows sequence in the noble world, the figure thick body of "The Iron Taurus" is completely hidden, where a large gentleman appears unexpectedly well-behaved.

He leaves the room to welcome the patrol envoy, and Orha follows him on his back. The lady and the other younger siblings, who were standing in line in the hallway and waiting, also followed as a matter of course after the two.

I have to welcome you in a clan outing, and that's how much you have to entertain.

While walking, the conversation between father and son continues.

"By the way, have you finished moving food (...)? Orha."

"Looks like one was done earlier. I scolded him so hard because he was so busy."

"Right... but like I can't sniff out our 'room'. If I can find him here, I can't even see him."

"Even if it's taken away somewhat, then we just need to reduce the quota for the lower people. I didn't even bother to hide it..."

"... Orha"

At a glance, Orha closed her mouth with a slight glance at her face.

The power of the Lord, who hosted the God of Rag's main village, is greatly extruded in the clan, both in terms of authority and in terms of actual violence.

But Orha took over the words with a stronger eye, as he was further inspired by his invertebrate heart.

"... No, I'd rather give you a 'souvenir' from here and there. But I was wondering if you also have the idea of getting a twat in the center. At this time, there will be some loss…"

"Fools, such a lukewarm idea can't be rooted in the central craving."

"But, Father..."

"The villagers are the sons of Moloch. Don't be too crude."


To Orha, who shuts his mouth uncomfortably, Vezin said.

"People are weak if they eat. If the villagers are weak, they will also weaken their ability to protect the rug.... but you will inherit the Moroccan family. If you want to, do so after my death.... nobody stops then."

Other families don't shut their mouths to the conversation between father and son.

Now only one "protector," Jose, was making the white side of it worse, staring at his brother's back.

"Oh, my God! That's the one who says," Oh, my God. "

After the food move, the soldiers, including Kai, had left the castle hall as instructed and had come near the main entrance of the village. There was already a festival-like crowd there, and it was thought that perhaps all the villagers, nearly a thousand people, were gathered here now.

The soldiers were well lined up on the side of the road and told to put up their spears. The purpose is to show the strength of the village not to be insulted by officials from the capital.

From a squad that was picking him up somewhat, the news by the horn echoed. The villagers suddenly smiled as they pasted, and began to cheer.

A four-headed carriage, slightly appearing in the crowd, passes as it raises its dust. Everyone seemed surprised by its unexpected speed as if it had jumped into the village, but its splendidly built carriage had protruded many arrows and its understanding of the situation quickly widened when it was also seen damaged as it had been hit.

"... you've been attacked by the subraces."

"Whoa, is that the ones from the next village? You were following the escort."

A few soldiers on horseback rush in late for the carriage. As much as horses and other lords hold a few for hunting, they are quite valuable in the marginal soil. Perhaps even the neighboring village was headed by skilled soldiers, but they were still exhausted or collapsed so that a single horse would fall, screaming from the village women.

"Somebody carry him! Hands!"

At times like this, the quicker a person moves, the quicker he moves. Manso quickly jumped out of the line and ran over to the fallen soldier. Of course fluidly, the rescue was to be carried out by Kai's squad (...), which included Manso.

Kai grabbed hold of the horse's reins, which were about to burst out with no more riders, to help keep them under control. Needless to say, Kai, who had never taken care of an animal or anything like that, could not fool a snotty horse, and he was about to make it even more violent.

(... keep quiet)

It was a horse who was about to take the pulled reins by twisting his neck, but when Kai silently demonstrated the power he could hold, the reins stopped moving like a "(sardine), and the horse was frightened and slapped in the neck.

If the breeder saw it, he might have been furiously angry, but now that it wasn't the atmosphere in those days, no one would look to him.

A carriage passing in front of the Kays was finally stopping around the castle gate and starting to spit out the people inside. The golden ornament of the vehicle's body makes the sun shine in gold. And the person with the most splendid clothes who came out about the third person was greeted by the lord himself, who was waiting in front of the castle.

Kai guessed that was the patrol ambassador.

"... are the sub-people out to the streets?"

Hurry up and get out of the crusade.

Around, soldiers of old age were bothering.

Someone of the women snapped wondering if the fields would be vandalized again.

Now how many people are dying, someone else snapped to throw up and throw them away.

As if it were that carriage that brought 'death' to the village, the rugged gaze of the villagers was directed at the guests of that day.