"... welcome. Painful."

"My name is Molok Vezin, Lord of the village of Rag, patrol envoy"

The patrol envoys were sent in the name of the king who would unite the kingdom. Lords call each other "lords" as a matter of custom, but when the king's colour of position arrives, they must suck.

"Let's be tired all the way down the road. We have it ready, so go inside first."

"Moroccan weather. There are so many subpeople around here."

"... because it is near the border."

"Because there are so many strange monsters in the kingdom, the local lords are required to exercise such vigilance to inform His Majesty of His Majesty's glory every day. I don't know if that's the case with the Moroccan climate, but is there anything wrong with keeping the demons out of sight?

"... of course"

Patrol envoy Severo Gandar was a well-grown frog-like man with meat in his belly. Stared up at him because of the difference in height, Vegin applied a smile as he slightly pulled his temples apart.

Instruct the women who had refrained as they entered the castle. One of the most luxurious things on the soil was getting the guests ready for a hot bath.

A bottle of water is available to store, and the women with the dirt-removing rough cloth and fragrance oil are waiting. Sebello loosened his expression slightly to the white hot air rising from the water with the rather young women there and looked to the officials who were his associates.

Rubbing their skin with a cloth containing hot water, the Guests are speaking out of their minds. He was a vegin who breathed a sigh of relief into that pleasant voice, but found one person near the entrance who was hands-free, and approached you in a slight panic.

"... excuse me. Go ahead, you too."

"... aye, don't worry about it"

The man, dressed in a long coat of light ink length, hides his face with a patterned headscarf resembling the divine crest revealed by the 'protective hold'.

With the Lord in sight, the man raised his headscarf to show some respect.

"I am still in training, having just given my name to the Grand Monastery (Mars). You can't touch a woman's hand, so don't worry about it."

"This is... at the monastery"

Vezin respectfully cut the holy mark with a hand gesture.

He was a monk of Manu religion, also to be called the national religion of the united kingdom. Vezin knows that the Great Monastery of Manu, which again drains high priests wielding superhuman power only through training and ingestion of 'divine stones' rather than through the protection of the Land God, also has hidden influence over the royal family.

The monk was still young. A strong-willed mane looks straight up.

"... I didn't know you'd already got the divine mark"

"I am ashamed to say that I have just finally reached the Two-Year-Old Divine Print (Doi) … I have heard (damn) that it is easy to obtain 'Divine Stone' here on the soil. The Great Monastery is always difficult to obtain 'Divine Stone'. If it is possible, I would greatly appreciate it if I could give you a" reward "that would go before you leave…"

"... let me get you some"

"Thank you"

The Great Monastery dispatched Nada, the Truth Inspector, as if trying to prove what I had said, to bring up a 'neighborhood pickup' on his face. It's just the words of "Two Year Old Divine Print (Doi)," and there are two divine prints that pass between the eyebrows. It has been discovered by theologians that divine prints are different for each god of the earth and that there are laws in the number of divine prints that can be made on a part of the frown.

Of course, the higher the number, the higher the grade is supposedly.

The high priest of the monastery, who rises to its height without the protection of the Land God, was also a sight to behold from the "guardian".

"... without the kingdom, a new land god has emerged"

It was the Truth Explorer who was sent to find that mysterious land God, Nada said.

"It is also very… the high priests of the monastery, whether it be the 'Spirit Near the Root', which is troublesome and powerful if it falls into the hands of the alien demons"

"... the high priest... is that a 'prophecy'"

"Yes.... The Great Monastery is currently exploring with all its might a new 'line god' that should be named for the temple that appeared in its prophecy (...). Even the kingdom's own land gods are being lost everywhere. We cannot be deprived of the protection of the newly found and powerful Land God when the Subhumans...... alien demons. In order to quickly find the 'new God' that the prophecy shows, a truth explorer has been sent all over the kingdom who has received the same life as me. I was allowed to board the carriage at the behest of the patrol envoy, and I was allowed to travel the same way."

"… to hear more about the prophecy"

"Of course it's possible to tell you. … but please forgive me verbally, as I do not have permission to write it.... There are high priests in the Great Monastery who listen well to the examination of the divine world. It's the word of that prophecy."

"Wake up in the surrounding land with a single pillar of the Spirit of Absurdity.

The power, not passing through heaven like a bird on high.

The sex is yang and yin, good and evil. Be fearful and reverent.

It's God of Divinity. "

I guess I've spoken many times in all the places I've visited.

The monk did not hesitate, but joined him with a good one, rhyming.

"… The Monastery found this new land divine cemetery as soon as possible, and gave its true name to the company of your kingdom… We were commanded to promptly 'consecrate' where the temple should be. Your Majesty has already recognized your authority to conduct unrestricted exploration within the Kingdom."

Nada had already hidden her face with a headscarf, and when she knelt on the spot in the presence of its official monk, she humbly cut the holy mark and turned away her body. It was the best courtesy a monk could show.

"... I'd like to help you investigate the area."

"... stand up, your coat will get dirty"

"Please, please..."

"Of course, we'll do everything we can to help."

Without Vegin's strays, Nada slammed her neck deep.

"Of course, we're going to need your help with this inspection," said the patrol envoy, who was watching as they wiped their bodies, sniffing his nose as if it wasn't funny. The hand is touching the shoulder area from the woman's arm in a favorable way, shaking her sloppy, drooping lower abdomen.

"... I advise you, if you're going to look into the woods, you'd better send out a large number of people. Earlier, the monk instigated me to come near the woods, and it was hard to see. I didn't know it was going to hit me all of a sudden, but I see the limestone forest as a complete demon print."

"... patrol envoy. What demons have you attacked?

In response to Vezin's question, the patrol envoy answered.

"The gray baboons."

Apparently, the Grey Monkeys (Makaku) are roaming out nearby again.

With Vezin's eyes on him, Orha, who was arrayed near the entrance, gently leaves the room. In conjunction with the Truth Inspector's investigative cooperation, he gathered soldiers to get rid of the Grey Monkeys (Makaku). It is important that subracial markings be smashed into pieces before they become a massive invasion.

"Let us prove to you how powerful the Moroccan soldiers continue to fight every day. I'll expose it for investigation first, so please, relax and relax."

"Um, let me just take a look"

A table for guests set up in a private room already has a sumptuous dinner that will draw blood if the villagers see it. Of course, every dish is just a country dish, but dozens of dishes using ingredients that are now available will be arranged in a narrow way.

Of course, the soldiers' meals afterwards would receive their wasting marks, but by setting up the scene of their luxury in a separate room, it was also the care of Vezin, the lord, who would never show them to the 'victims'.

The rapidly called and gathered soldiers were to hunt and stand near the woods where a patrol envoy line was attacked under Orha's command.

The number is thirty. Some of them look like Kai. Fighting in the woods is expected, so this time it was an individual merit selection rather than the usual squad unit. Everyone also has a short 'short spear' with a pattern this time.

The subtribe that broke in seems to be the Ash Monkey (Makak) tribe.

Though I was prepared to hear that, there were many who looked disgusted.

No matter how many times they drive back, they sneak up on people's land again after a while. In the woods, there was indeed some sign of a creature.

First, when about ten fast legged people jump in and secure themselves in a certain area, this time they start moving side-by-side through the woods like winding hunting momentum.

Some finger whistles rang during that time.

"Over there!

The forest travels slowly, so this is how you get a rough hit by the momentum, and it's efficient for the main unit outside to stick in at the shortest distance toward the enemy.

If he finds the enemy, the role of Shigeko quickly escapes without turning against him. Towards the main unit, of course.

"Five or six!

"Don't let them get away with it!

For investigation, etc., it is second to none, and the intention is to keep the land safe for a long time by defeating one or more. To keep the villagers from being attacked, kill them.

For the lives of my people, I kill something else.

It was there that the barren cycle of life and death of the peripheral earth took place that day as well.