When I heard that the strange standing man was a great boy from the center, I thought to myself, too.

Master Orha, on the contrary, even your master treated the man with a respectful attitude, and I don't know what kind of flow actually happened to him. I shouldn't have said to everyone's surprise because Orha and the man were going to work together in the training field, and what a draw that "protective" Master Orha had been made to attack.

"He had no protection, but he had a neighborhood."

"The boy in the capital is not the same character as the" crossing boy "around the country."

Since the soil was purely land where strength was required, when guests came from elsewhere in any village, there was an annoying air of indifference calling it 'force comparison'.

He asked the patrol envoy himself that it was the Five Years Old Divine Print (Sinquester), but the patrol envoy, who was as hungry as a frog, refused so badly that instead it seemed that it was the little boy who was put in his personal possession.

Compared to the divine crest of the boy, it seems that the master is much more graceful, and it is rude to hit someone who is too good (wow) for the customer, so Orha came out in place of the regrettable master, but the result was that only the sporadically met phrase boy was intact, almost the same end as "losing".

It is now the land god of the village of Erg who is granting protection to Master Orha, and he was a strong god who manifested the Three Years of Divine Print (Torres), but he was not dressed up because he was brought into the draw without his hands by the boy in the understated Two Years of Divine Print (Doi).

"... did Lord Naga do any martial arts in the center?

"You know. Dear Olha, I am a full fan of the Laksha congregation's tin length technique. I could see the Zula flow in Orha's foot judgment..."

"It's a wise eye. No, but I didn't expect to take a back at Lord Naga... even though the divine crest is above me."

"The monastery has long said that martial arts are not based solely on divine prints"

The two of you are now bickering.

It can be said that it is a monk-like statement that does not depend on the protection of the Land God, but goes a long way towards crossing the limits of man by means of 'divine stones' and rigorous training.

The soldiers who were watching where the battle was going are arguing about the battle as excited as they are because they feel like they saw that boy's back ahead of us as we are ultimately moving forward. If basic abilities such as strength and speed approached to some extent, then the rest could approach the castle of the "Protectors" with the handicraft of martial arts… that's exactly what I saw.

Even around Kai, our people are bumping into each other's views on the contents of the struggle.

"... How about Kai? How do you challenge that boy?

"Anyway, I was quick to get my stuff turned around and Orha attacked me all the time... Orha used a wooden sword, so I just" cut "and" poked "less..."

"If you were to" poke, "you might have slipped into that protective gap in the iron wall. You did."

"How did Manso attack you?

"We're basically spear-headed, so we're gonna poke and poke and poke. Well, in the first place, I don't think it's going to work for people with half protection, but then you're going to lose your posture with Zula's" tangle moves. "

"After all, that's the only way"

To Manso's view, Kai is also roaring in arms.

Kai thinks that the 'eyes' of your boy are too good to be the cause in the first place, but no one seems to notice the 'glowing eyes' of your boy, so he won't put it in his mouth. It's just a tiny, distant, seemingly pine glow... but if that's the operation of spiritual power... Kai can't help but interpret it as a kind of 'magic'.

(He's a good prophet and all, so maybe he's doing something like "Rochi")

If you have moves you want to preface, what would you do?

Kai also replaced Master Orha's arrangement with ours, obsessed and engaged in a battle of brain assumptions. The sight of many of the soldiers in the sight moving their arms while sitting was quite interesting to third parties.

"Using my usual training time after this, some of them are going to the woods with that boy's escort, but I wonder if there's a 'selection' or something."

Quite a few soldiers seemed to crave the opportunity to be taught by your boy, and the anticipation quickly arose that there might be many who would raise their hands. I hate the work of patrolling the woods where there may be an inherent killing with the sub tribe, but this time it seemed like it was going to be a drag again.

"... I'll ask."

Kai stood up, looking for Vasco, who was headed by a soldier sequence, and walked out to you. Vasco has been talking to Setta about something in the corner of the training ground.

Seriously paired, Manso, who was slapped to death by the tremendously growing Kai's power, gave Kai the seat of leader with a natural face. Manso has less chores like Kai is doing right now and I'd rather be happy.

Manso's intra-soldiers sequence is still quite high even when it comes to losing to Kai.

There doesn't seem to be much loss from the women, either.

Kai, who became famous for his sequence Decathlon, on the contrary, was often time consumed for chores.

Of course, as a more or less responsible person, the number of guests in charge of the night shift has increased during their stay, and the chances of going to the valley are visibly diminished.

As usual, the patrol envoy will be gone in about a seasonal patrol (7 days).

Believing the words, Kai concentrated on doing the work in front of him.

"... I don't see any baboons today."

Truth Explorer Nada was slowly looking around, climbing on a promising large rock in the woods.

Coming to Orha, who waited downstairs without waiting so long, I let him write down what I had 'seen', pointing all over the map of a nearby area of the Moroccan tradition that he had spread in his hands.

"… the description and the current situation seem to be a lot different"

"It's a map written by my ancestors nearly a hundred years ago. The forest is much wider than it was back then."

Because of the dwindling number of people in the soil, the demand for trees is diminishing and the expansion of forests cannot be stopped. Places that should otherwise be deduced among the young trees can be left untouched by the threat of the subraces. Trees can't be easily deduced anymore when they grow.

"… Do the people of the Great Monastery (Mars) often use the" Hundred Eyes "technique like that?"

"... because we are trained everyday as part of our training. However, investigators who have been hit everywhere have been chosen to be particularly 'eye-catching' … not to be missed even a few signs."

"... even with the earlier arrangement?

"The Laksha Congregational Tin Length technique was born as a protective technique for patrol monks to defend themselves, but there is a technique in that technique to beat down bows and arrows with signs. The premise is to use the eye, so it can be applied to nature and other moves."

"... that's vegan. Professor, I'd like to ask you something."

"Will Master Orha be able to leave home?

Orha tilts her neck at Nada's inquiry.

And I realize that the monk's eyes in front of me aren't laughing.

"... why are you leaving home?"


"Because it's a secret to going out the door. Some royalties leave home once to get that secret. … but it is the monastery's decision."

"... right"

Nor did Orha ask any more.

Those who have obtained the 'blessing' of the Land God will not be able to leave the land for long. It is said that it is the 'curse of the land' which will be the consideration of the grace given by the Land God.

Basically, the only time I get out of the house and get into the monastery is while I don't have a 'blessing'. It was also those circumstances that worked that made the monks bitterly miserable to gain strength without protection.

Even those with the same divine crest, the "guardian" is tied to the land, and those who crawl up only with the grace of the "divine stone" remain free to move around, all of the difficulty in order to have power.

"... so what do they do around here?"

"Unfortunately, no"

Nada sighed, correcting her own words.

"... technically, it doesn't look like it."

Even with the secret of the monastery, the Hundred Eyes, it is not easy to foresee anything sleeping in the ground or under the water. Even if it looks convenient, it's not omnipresent.

"He exorcised four baboons yesterday, but how much did he kill in the last year or so?"

"... roughly a hundred or so"

To kill all the Ash Monkeys, the village of Rag has lost fifty soldiers and a dozen women and children. It is only done to that extent because we are helping each other with the nearby villages. But still, the dead clearly outnumber the growing population, and the village is becoming less vibrant year after year.

Nada pointed in the northeast direction and spoke pale.

"I saw the colonies of those baboons in that direction."

Orha shivered slightly, looking into its yet unwavering quiet eyes.

"There seems to be some, but a few times as many of your villages seem to be swarming. I don't know if that was the original number or if it came together from the other side."

"... No way!

"I actually looked at it, so there's no mistake."

Grey monkeys (macaques).

Orha was stunned by words she hadn't imagined.

"... you'll be drinking this land any day now."

Truth Agent Nada said, pompous.