"Dear God, welcome home"

By nightfall, Kai had come to the valley.

Apparently he was hanging out in the "cabin," Aroue wakes up to the slightest sound Kai has made and comes out happy. That's how I forced myself to stop trying to lay low with my hands.

The body of a little dwarf (colol) girl is very light. Kai's 'way of stopping' was a somewhat forceful way of grabbing and lifting the back of her clothes.

"My uncle is fine"

"... but"

"Fine. It's tough"

Dropped off to the ground, Aroue blinked as bewildered, then took a deep breath once and bowed his head to the point of meeting "If you want me to, I will," after rebuilding his feelings.

Kai also wanted to correct the name 'God', but in that case he had to name himself, so he had to accept that he was not going to go out with the dwarf (Korol) clan to open his chest collar (today).

A starry sky cut round into the shape of an overhead valley brings slight light to the valley bottom. Kai was now fiercely interested in something else.

"... this cabin is"

Aruet smiled with a very good grin in his voice that included Kai's surprise.

"God, let's be surprised, I thought, as much as I could, I fixed it"

It was about a few days before Kai came to the valley. It's only been about half a month since the day I accepted Aruet, but she remembers learning from Old Polek, and her ethnic language has become quite fluent.

Kai glanced at my 'cabin', which had changed a lot. Even the most favorable expression for a child's secret base, the building, was splendidly reborn into a "cabin".

Soon afterwards, he questioned Aroue, who was aware of a possibility and was good at it.

"Did you bring down the dwarf people to the valley?"

I realized Kai's condition had changed. Although Aroue turned blue, he immediately defended that he hadn't done that and spread his hands to show Kai.

It was a painful little hand full of cuts and abrasions.

"I only had the tools unloaded. My family is now building a village over the valley. I got the ingredients, but I didn't let anybody in."

If you look at it, there are woodcuts scattered around the corners of the cabin that are in the process of being machined, and a variety of tools are placed there. Kai also understood that the hands of the dwarf (Korol) clan were clever, as was Aruet.

"Fine then. Aruet, that's amazing."

"...! Yes!

"The one in the gap on this board, what?

"I also use it in my family," Black Mud (Collard). "Once the grass is collected and boiled, it can be done at the bottom of the pan. Play the water, so I'll even apply it to a barbecue or something."

"There are stairs too."

"It took me half a day to make it"

Once inside the cabin, I was first surprised that the floor was properly adjusted straight and horizontal. It seems to be an easy adjustment to just place jade stones of varying sizes to fit the slope of the ground while lifting one with an arugula. Because of the lumber cut out by Ky's luxurious thickness, the middle doesn't seem to deflect either.

The corners of the floor, like the walls, are crushed by the cutting ends of the lumber and the black filling material.

Look at the ceiling, but it looks like you're still untouched.

"To the graveyard of the land god, bring the roof, rude"


"God made walls, they're sturdy, so putting them on just like that won't break. I want God to do it because I can't do it to Aroue."

Well, if it's a modification to that extent, it's easy, so I'll smash the long plate in half for the roof and put the plate from the outside to the middle as directed by Artue, so that it overlaps. The wall on the side to be put up also has a proper slope to follow, as the ground surface at the top end was already cut off by Aruet.

Above the slab, dig out some rocks that were exposed to the shores of the lake water, break them down, and then leave them as heavy stones. They said the roof clearance was needed for ventilation, and it was to remain there.

Mmm, great!

I didn't know there was going to be a day when I could have my own home.

And inside the cabin, we even had a bed covered in cloth on the back over Straw Mountain, so it was like we already had plans for this evening.

"God, if you don't mind,... heh, it's mundane!


For some reason, Aroue just started flat out, like, stopping me, but now I didn't want to stop that on Kai, who just wanted to make sure the bed was comfortable.

Jumping into the bed, the smell of a reasonably dry straw gushed.

This is good stuff.

"... you know, mundane..."

"... supi"

Kai said he didn't need so much sleep, but soon after his mental fatigue during the day he became captivated by a fluffy bed. I had already fallen asleep when I thought I'd been here for a little while.

Arueh pounded all over its back, but the robust Kai body didn't even shake small on such an 'attack'.

It was probably not that long before Kai was asleep.

Kai got up feeling some sign. At that moment Kai is shaking off his drowsiness.


Next to Kai, Arueh was asleep to be buried in a soft straw bet.

I guess you're pushing yourself to fit in with Kai's life cycle, which only returns at night, with no sign of waking up at all.

(... what, like this)

Kai went outside the cabin.

It's quiet now for some reason, even though the chilling bugs are usually ringing.

I wasn't sure what it was right away, so it was Kai who tried to draw the water from the lake, wash his face, and start cleaning the graveyard that he made his usual routine when he was in the valley... but in time I heard the birds noise far away.

As he was thrust into motion by his intuition, Kai twisted and climbed as he rubbed the large tree that was following the graveyard, and saw the bird's voice better. Concentrating on "seeing" reveals what lies beyond the darkness due to the excellent vision of "having protection".

There were more signs that the dwarfs (Korols) were creating temporary settlements, and that there was a dispute. Though not clearly audible, the creeping crowd and sound of things echo.

and some lights lit up then.

At first, I wondered if the dwarf (Korol) tribes lit the pine lights... Kai's eyes were reflected in the lights, several times more than the dwarf (Korol) tribe saw a certain giant.

It was the Pork (Org) clan waving their hand axes to mow the grass while letting their crushed giant noses snap.

That's when a loud voice happened.

"God of the Valley!

Because it was also a clear Mandarin, it clearly reached Kai's ear.

The dwarves (Korols) have been attacked at night by the pigs (Orgs).

You woke up with the current scream, and Aroue jumped out of the cabin. And behold, the stunned sight was of the tribal settlement, and of Kai.

She says nothing. The only thing Kai allowed the dwarf tribe to do was to get up on the edge of the valley, because he didn't say a word about putting it under asylum, etc.

However, the staring eye reveals a color that is difficult to avoid.

In the meantime, because across the valley, "God of the valley!" Many times there were shouts from her tribes.

"Pork (Aug) tribe, I've come to protect your uncle, to take away"

To Aruet's words, Kai perceived all the circumstances.

The Pork (Org), who took the land of the dwarf (Korol) and the graveyard of God, are trying to take it completely to shelter by killing the gracious old Polek.

As such, Kai overlapped the figure of the Pork (Org) tribe with that of the Grey Monkeys (Makak), who continued to target the land of Rag.

(... well, that's why they persist in attacking the village too)

The land I took is not what I'm looking for.

Taking away the cemetery there doesn't make sense if the grace at heart is empty. For the first time, the Spirit of the Land God will be returned to the Gray Monkeys (Makkaku) for their purpose of obtaining shelter.

Though he took two villages, including the village of Eda, where Kai was born, the grace of the Land God is still the form the Moroccans are plundering. The reasons why the Grey Monkeys (Makaku) obsessed with the village of Rag were actually clear.

It was a "realization" that could be gained because it went out into the land outside.

"Don't get upset with them"

"... God?

"I came into my valley on my own"

Kai was running out.