Kai ascends like a wind blowing up a cliff in the valley.

As such, he entered the scene where the dwarf (Colol) tribe was being slaughtered. A pig (org) is about to strike an axe at a dwarf (colol) woman who begs for her life.

It's not a warrior class, it's like being a pig (org) or being located in a miscellaneous soldier.

"God of the Valley."

A woman of the dwarf (Korol) tribe dressed as a fool made her voice play with joy.

Although the pig (org) soldier expressed surprise at Kai, who suddenly stood in front of him, he laughed barking, realizing immediately that he was utterly helpless.

And I've been kicking the hand axe I was waving at me.

(... slow)

To Kai, who can follow with his eyes the weapons of Molok Vezin, a samurai said to be the "Iron Taurus (Tor)," avoiding it is no longer tantamount to a prank.

When you identify that orbit to the brink and then deflect it with minimal motion, you step on that hand axe that hits the ground and let it enter.

That's how I could afford to explore around my waist and take the knife for the cut I was carrying.

The pig soldier (Aug), who sensed that Kai's licking gaze was exploring my steeple, tried to escape backwards when he gave up his hand axe.

but I won't let you get away with it.

A pig (org) soldier who was rushing to change the direction of his body showed him, sticking up to his roots in the thick medulla oblongata, uncertain if it was his neck.

The pig (org) soldier cramps for the first time at that moment and falls in the direction of the knife being kicked down without pulling out.

Though there is a sense of lethal injury, I don't feel comfortable with the knife because their skin is too thick.

(… Do you still want to use this?)

Pull the pig (org) soldier's hand axe off the ground while he was stuck in it.

I've had it once before, so I don't feel that uncomfortable. The hand axe taken from the corpse then was confiscated as one of the loot when he returned to the village. The iron weapons commonly held by pigs (orgs) are of poor quality and are quite valuable in the surrounding soil.

It seems that the Pork (Aug) tribe dominates quite a vast area, and metallurgical technology is progressing beyond ridicule.

"The god of the valley is here!

"* * * *, * * * *, * * *!

A mixture of human and dwarf languages.

I guess he's throwing up some powerful words that bruise the pigs (orgs) out of the atmosphere. Well, apparently it was a pretty critical situation, for them, because it was an occasion where they had to get their feelings aroused, so there would have been no choice.

If you look at it, there are already many dwarf (colol) bodies lying around.

I wonder if the Pork (Org) tribe is willing to eradicate the dwarf (Colol) tribe. That's how I realize.

(... to wipe out all the blood muscles trying to obsess the land god)

The same goes for Moloch, the lord of the village of Rag, but I guess the strength of that obsession that keeps him from grasping and letting go of the land god even as the village goes on is only harmful to the new ruler. Treating a land god as a family treasure, which is forever passed on to the clan, is no different even for the people. The dwarf (Korol) tribe will also try to recapture the land God if he takes it, as intransigently as it is raw.

(... well now, I don't care about that (...))

We should be more worried about something else now.

Kai searched without alarm for the appearance of the enemy, making sure to carry his hand axe on his shoulder.

The problem was that the other sub-races easily stepped (...) into the 'Valley of the Divine of Mediation', which they were trying to stay away from for fear. It may have been a failure to let the dwarf (Colol) people live temporarily. Seeing them start their lives normally on the edge of the valley, the pigs (orgs) are no longer afraid of the valley.

"Then give him awe."

On Kai's head, I felt like someone whispered.

At that moment the heat began to roll from all over my body. Kai also found out that 'neighborhood' is probably starting to appear on my face.

"Not a single one must return alive"

That's the only way to keep the valley at peace. I fell off my chest.

That is how he drew the sincerity that the master of the previous valley had to constantly and harshly drain others. The previous one really loved the valley.

I feel the power coming over me.

Kai had argued that I had become a 'protector', but he did not objectively grasp to what extent the protection of the 'God of the Valley' was. Although there is such a thing as certainty that if you are an opponent without protection, I wonder if you can kill the pig (org) clan if they are participating in this battle.

But it was no longer the case that he was lost.

Kill no one left.

Kai quickly looks around and taps the pig (org) tribe's positional relationship into his head. In that order, which seemed most efficient, the crowd flew one after the other with deviant physical abilities, sinking the pigs (orgs) under one blow.

Kai, who wields an inherently heavy hand axe as easily as a tree branch, would have been a clear threat to the pigs (orgs), who noticed that the pigs (orgs) had disappeared from before Kai as they accounted for the number of defeated three or four.

I realize that the pigs (orgs), who were so scattered, were finally starting to line up, probably because they were caught off guard with their weak pedigree opponents.

Behind it was the figure of those who were flourishing in instructions to the scattered tribes. The commander of the pig (org) soldiers on this scene, was undoubtedly their 'guardian'.

"... God of mediation!

Old Polek, with his slender sword, came running over.

I guess the sword that is so glowing with its blood fat has already taken some lives. Old Polec, the only "sheltered" of the dwarf (Korol) tribe, would certainly not lag behind the miscellaneous soldier of the pig (Org).

"I'll take a scalpel."

"... nothing. I'm not here to help."

"Unforgiven (...) intrusion into the valley, which is a forbidden land, is unforgivable. I was wondering if you'd mind."

Old Polek grinned, emphasizing the place "No Forgiveness".

The dwarf tribe is allowed in.

The Pork (Aug) tribe trespasses illegally and is foolishly disputed in touch with the wrath of the Valley God. Though the structure is simple and Kai made sense.

"Are you using me?"

Kai clearly expressed his discomfort to old Polek, who stood beside him.

Taking it, the old man shook his head small,

"It happens to be exactly by chance (...) that this is the way it works"

And I'm going to meet you sideways to apologize.

To Kai, who remained silent, the old man's words continued.

"If we don't show 'Wei' here, the pigs (orgs) will show up in this valley without any further ado and will try to take possession of the valley. Their greed is ruthless."

"... are you after my valley?"

"No way. Thus we are a people whose bodies are also small and powerless. I've been around a lot."

"Do you swear not to invade"

"Of course there is."

"I'll accept you now."

"... thank you. The people of the village of Hachal, the dwarf (Korol), will return to the god of the valley today at this hour."

A simple vow in front of the enemy.

But when he received the word, Kai felt that the 'Divine Stone' in me had been paralyzed by Jin. I found that some kind of incredible 'contract' had been made, even if they didn't explain it.

From now on, not only pigs (orgs) but various sub-races may flock to take the valley's cemetery. Calculations also worked that the valley needed a "guardian number".

"... then I'll kill him"

"Be my guest."

Kai slowly approached a group of pig (org) soldiers with his hand axe lowered. They would also have seen clearly in their eyes the appearance of an impending enemy with the pine lights they themselves had raised.

A small ethnic warrior who manifested himself in the neighborhood.

The pigs (orgs) began to get upset by the sophistication of the divine crest that surfaced on their faces.

"* *, * * * heh!

I have no idea what the pig (org) said, and I wasn't interested.

Just even, only the intent to kill overflowed my mind.