I had seen 'sheltered' fighting each other.

The collision of its forces and forces, far beyond the realm of the ordinary man, was out of the ordinary orbit but thus always even divine. And Kai had yet to see the 'end' of the struggle.

"... you will not return alive"

Upon hearing Kai's terrible oath, the pigs (orgs) strapped shoulders to shoulders with each other, apparently frightened. The pig (org) who is twisting this one behind him barked at his anger.

I don't understand the language of the Pig (Aug) tribe, so it just sounds like a tall nagging.

But as his voice pushed him on his back, an avant-garde pig (org) soldier stormed at Kai. I guess the anger of the absolutes in the troops was more terrifying than confronting the 'sheltered' people of the unidentified.

Kai stared at the pigs (orgs) soldiers who came to the crowd with their eyes running blood.

Of course I haven't found any element that makes me anxious to repel them. What Kai cared about was creating unexpected disadvantages, such as whether by responding to the madness attacks on their deaths, I would make a gap in fatality, or whether I would show fatigue in later battles against fate by being cut short of strength.

"... I'll pay for it."

Old Polek stepped forward as if he had drawn Kai's mind.

As if trying to prove the loyalty of every man who vowed to surrender as the Lord, Old Polek intercepted the attack of a pig (org) soldier to become a shield himself.

The slender sword in its hand demonstrated its annoyance after entering into the gap of the enemy giant so as to make full use of the dwarf (Colol) tribe's pettiness.

The speed with which we jumped in between was like a breeze for a while. Every time I leap on my body, a fine sword held to accompany me scrapes to lick the fleshy enemy's body.

And in the moment that fell behind the opponent, the sword slashed off his ankle and the steeplechase behind his knee, all with a souvenir. The enemies who had their tendons cut and bled were a sign that they were in inaction when they realized it.

Well, it is also logical that the sword is bloody. From the beginning, the pig (org) soldiers saw the sword moves of the dwarf (colol) tribe, who had insulted themselves, and inexplicably fled to the left and right to clear the way.

"Come on, god of the valley, be full"

Old Polek quickly waved his fine sword and paid for the blood fat.

Kai was no match for this old man in martial arts itself, but I am still convinced that if we bump into each other, we will not lose ourselves. Around that time, the protection of the 'God of the Valley' was overflowing with superordinary powers.

That's how before Kai, something appeared to be the way to the enemy captain. The pigs (orgs) were also forming on the captain's side, but they never came forward as shields in the spirit of self-sacrifice.

In addition to Kai, even the dwarf (Korol) tribe's "protectors" appeared. Instinctively, you saw that the opponents of "Protected" are only part of "Protected", and the Miscellaneous Pork (Org) soldiers try to hide in the shadow of the Captain we rely on.

(... kill this guy)

The captain of the Pork Man (Aug) had also brought up my divine crest, "Neighborhood Pickup," which had led up here. Kai doesn't know what kind of 'info' that 'neighborhood pickup' would give him that would show a tattoo surrounding his nose with a circle.

If there was someone familiar with theology on the spot, the captain of the Pork Man (Org.) would have determined the divine mark to be equivalent to the Three-Age Divine Print (Tress). It was a divine character most often distinguished as the grace of a land god, worthy of being sacrificed to a village-sized settlement.

And while intimidating the enemy soldiers, Old Polek's is seen as a slightly inferior "two-year-old god print (doi)" to shelter. Both would have said that it was a proper blessing for poor marginal soil lands.

And taking a step forward as he was urged, Kai's prominent 'neighborhood takeover' clearly differed from the other two.

* * * Huh "

Old Polek is shouting at the pigs. The pigs' (orgs') profound frustration showed that it was probably like ear and dirty intimidation.

Being speechless was completely inconvenient. I'll have to ask you again later.

The captain of the Pork Man (Aug) had called out to Old Polek in pig (Aug) language, but he quietly stood up to the slowly approaching figure of Kai.

"Humans, Relationships Nye"

The obsessive Mandarin was pronounced from the fat throat of a pig (org).

Though difficult to hear, it wasn't impossible to pass it on.

"Here, dwarf (colol) t pig (org) no problem. Relationship Nye...... Interference"

"It has to do with it"

"... Nani"

"You entered my valley on your own. So I'll kill you."

"... valley? Nani saythe...... Omaeno 'valley' dato?

"That's right. My valley."


Unexpectedly, the captain of the Pork Man (Org.) stretched out his reddish giant.

"Valley...... Valley Dato?!

That is how the will of each of the three who were present was finally shared with each other.

Thus, as the captain of the pig (Aug) first noticed the presence of Kai, he saw "Neighborhood Pickup" floating on his face with a shiver. The drastic change in that expression was worth exactly a glance.

"... to be teh"

"I won't wait"

"Warelaha Quok. Giving Up Mel...... Dakara"

"You guys, I'll be back here when I get home. So I'll kill you here."

"... please m... please mimas"

"No, you can't."

You felt a clear disadvantage from the atmosphere, and even the Miscellaneous Soldiers of the Pigs (Orgs) made you anxious. He lay flat one after the other to shelter the captain, who had thus begun to lag behind.

"* * * ugh"

I don't know what you're talking about, but it only conveyed desperation.

But Kai is unshakeable. I also think that Kai would be forgiven if he lay low and begged forgiveness for those who had slain the dwarf tribe to eradicate it.

Besides, the dwarfs are his protectors. We couldn't get these pigs back to their homes safely after making sure they were safe.

Leaving it to the rage of suddenly creeping up, Kai slammed his hand axe against a tiny rock at his feet. When it was crushed by Kai's power, the pigs (orgs) simultaneously shrunk their bodies to the loud crushing sound of its explosion.

At that time, Old Polek commanded the tribes who were watching over him in the dwarf (Korol) language.

"* * * * Huh!

"* * ugh"

Each word of the Subhumans flew, and the place moved at once.

The dwarf (Colol) tribes were attacked by pig soldiers who had their tendons slashed and were unable to move, with a blade equal to a household wreck in their hands. The fallen pigs (orgs) also fought my death to the present day, but it simply bought only a small amount of time to die.

The pigs (orgs) whose companions were so tragically murdered continue to ask Kai for forgiveness in an effort to protect the precious' protectors' of their families, even as they look bitterly at what the cause and effect have repaid.

but it also lasted until they were completely besieged by dwarves (colors). The dwarves had no intention of taking my village and forgiving the pigs (orgs) who kept killing my people.

If he stays flat, the dwarves will kill him.

The pigs (orgs) stood up and gathered around the captain, but after seeing the bows and arrows brought out by the dwarves (colors), they fled to scatter around in their instinctive movements.

The captain was also escaping again.

Kai follows it.

And to stop the captain from showing off his fearsome escape, Kai was throwing an axe, the only weapon he had in his hand without hesitation.

The captain of the Pork Man (Aug) almost intuitively defeated his flying hand axe with his own gain, sparing him death with a single hair.

"God of the Valley!

Old Polek screamed.

Kai remained almost unconscious, but he remained powerless.

"Death Nuno, Omae!

The captain, who saw that Kai's loss of weapons had kept his defeat away due to a weakness in his physical abilities, turned and set up a disobedience. It was too foolish to abandon the weapon that was necessary for an attack when it came to "holding protection". No matter how suspicious you are, the beating of your bare hands lacks the decisiveness of a single blow unless there is so much difference.

A long, bladed axe so large that it seemed to snap a person's head just because of its weight, was specially attached as a 'protective holding', which tore the night darkness apart by its terrible force.

Kai intercepted the impending death storm with a cool face.

(Sword of Light...)

Most importantly, Kai just threw away an unfamiliar weapon.

In an instant of concentration, he had his spiritual power gathered on that knife, producing a 'sword' in the procedure of cutting trees.

Its magical sword, which is probably limited in its' quantity 'of breaking things, only exerted a half-way force against Oki, but if it was a weapon opponent of an enemy that was clearly thinner than that, it filled up enough for it.

When I slapped him with a knife from across the side, the long-shaped axe was double-tapped the entire tip of the iron blade and spun into a separate body. Because there was not much resistance to be cut, the captain of the pig (org) was dressed as if empty, and he had let his body swim because it was in the natural position to guess.

You must have understood that your defenses had been emptied after you lost your posture. The captain of the pig (Aug) gave up badly and wished to strike again, but Kai had no ear to listen to.

"This is the first time I've killed a protector."

"To be teh...... to be teh"

"* * * * ugh"

A lingering loyal pig (org) soldier jumped in to defend his family's 'guardian', but Kai stiffened his fist and punched it.

I thought the normal ones would be enough. The soldiers, who rolled to be jumped as expected, also stopped moving with Pickle as they were.

The pigs also seem desperate to protect the protection of the gods of our land. And the dwarves of old returned unto them. It was around cause and effect.

"To be..."

Kai's knife broke the heart of the captain of the pig (Aug) from his side.

That's how Kai pulled out the hard 'something' he felt at his fingertips, all at the expense of going.

A grip appears in his hand from the fat that sprays blood.

Kai realized that it was a 'divine stone' bigger than he had ever seen before.

"Seal it!"

Something said in Kai.

Kai obeyed.