In my hands, there is a terribly large 'Divine Stone'.

Inside that bone, which is full of bits and projections, is stuffed with something unobtrusive... Kai was letting his spiritual power gather in his unconscious hand and let his' divine stone 'pass over his power.

"... that's his' stone ', isn't it?"

Old Polek looked at "Divine Stone," which is as much a baby's head as it is being lifted with Kai's hand, and leaked pompously with a seemingly complicated face.

It is the end of the captain of the Pork (Org) tribe, who continued to kill all the dwarf (Colol) tribes until recently, and even endangered the survival of his family. It was undoubtedly more 'divine stone' that they were treating as a symbol of their personality, even though the remains of that person were now lying at their feet.

"After some time of death, the Spirit of God will return to the graveyard where it should be. I was wondering if it would be better if you took it in."

"... can you take in the power of that land god if you eat this"

"I can't seem to double take on 'protection'. But you can eat some of that divine authority… there is no time to return. Let's get you out of here."

"God can't escape because I'm 'sealed' right now. We have time."

Kai gathers spiritual power and makes sure to envelop the 'Divine Stone'.

The return of the Spirit begins by losing the spiritual cortex (...) by the death of the host and being exposed to nature... Kai understood why that worked. In other words, as long as Kai can continue his efforts to envelop him with spiritual power, there is no way the Spirit of the Land God can be lost from this' Divine Stone '.

(... well, you don't get two or three 'blessings')

While I was somewhat disappointed, I thought someone would be doing it if I were to be able to gather protection from many land gods without any moderation. If, for example, the greatest Horizontal uncle in the soil were concerned about it, he would be able to gather protection for as long as he attacked the weak 'sheltered' things around him. Because I never even heard a rumor about that. Polek, I don't suppose you're lying about what Old Man is saying.

Kai's inner voice said, 'Seal it.'

Perhaps there is something else, another way you can take it in this case.

"God of the Valley?

"Do you have any use for this other than what I eat?"

To old Polek, who knows more than he does, Kai asked.

Knowing that Kai had just inherited the patronage of God in the valley, Old Polek opened his mouth by gesturing at the dwarf (Korol) tribesmen who had gathered around him after showing him how to conceive between the bundles.

"… in the higher gods closer to heaven, we may also choose the faithful close to us to 'give' the protection of the Land God. Grant the protection of the Land God to certain persons, and follow them under slavery instead"

Loyal ones, is that the dwarf tribe here?

Of course Kai still doesn't fully believe them.

Old Polek, who saw how Kai was doing, would have decided that there was no possibility of a new 'sheltered' being born to the dwarf (Korol) tribe, "Is there not a better one for God's kind?" accompanied by words.

Kai shook his head, thinking only a little of the faces of his fellow Rag villagers.

There were a large number of trustworthy associates, but I thought that would likely cause rubbing in a peaceful community.


"If…, may this place be used without hesitation to enhance its own power… there is as much powerful 'shelter holding' in the world as there is. In order to continue to protect this valley, we must quickly acquire the strength to serve, for example, the fierce, roaring six-headed generals of the Pigs (Aug)."

From Polek's old mouth comes out a lot of knowledge of subracial neighborhoods unknown to people.

As there are also powerful lords with two names in the people, there are quite a few powerful 'protectors' in the Pork (Aug) tribe that can be awed from a multitude of races. It seems that pigs (orgs) are powerful in these areas, so it is these pigs (orgs) who will pose a direct crisis to the valley.

General Ligdalos?

Were they among them during the previous battle in the village of Bagna?

Seeing the 'Divine Stone' in his hand, Kai makes an immediate decision.

Especially since I don't have the means to keep it like this, and then I'll eat the medulla while it's fresh and expected to work. Although it was not yet a situation in which we could increase our fellowship, if the nourishment contained in the medulla had been increased by "sealing" the Spirit of the Land God so as not to let him escape, then that strange revelation would have made sense.

The "Divine Stone" in "Holding Protection" was terribly hard.

Every bit of it seemed to represent the strength of the bones. Kai, who boiled his business to beat it to the rocks on the ground but could hardly crack it, shredded some of his bones to activate the 'Sword of Light' at his fingertips to take the lid of the bottle.

Old Polek peeled his eyes off as he did. The part of the flying lid was taken exactly to his chest.

"... I'll do that. Recommended."

"... because you don't mind?

"My grandfather helped me too."

Among the round-opened 'Divine Stones' is packed with amber mistletoe contents. Even though the quantity was nearly ten times that of the usual one, even the massive amount of yummy juice dripped into abundance, and Kai's stomach snapped.

I got a rash.

Stick your mouth into the rampage and squeeze, sucking.

Soon that little opening was not enough, and I broke it into plenty with The Sword of Light.

That's how I kept eating guts.

For the dwarfs, it would have been just coveted 'adult eating'. A lot of people are throbbing when they say that there were just so many deaths of their fellow men.

The same is true of the human race, but the dwarf (Colol) tribe also doesn't seem to get their hands on the 'Divine Stone' of their dead companions alone. Kai also thought it would make me sick and throw up even if they told me to eat it. He does not know that there are instances where a 'retired' lord can succeed him in eating my 'Divine Stone' for the transfer of that authority.

The medulla of "Protected" was terribly good. It felt as if the soul of a pig (org) warrior seeped into me from my stomach the moment I ate it.

And the moment I thought I ate up the obvious, something terribly resistant to Kai's stomach burst out in my body. Kai, intuitive that it was the Spirit of the Land God himself, held his mouth down for a few breaths trying to take him in at all and resisted it, but at the end of the day his presence faded away like air out of pores all over his body.

It seems that eating the god of the land itself completely is still something that cannot be done.

That's when Kai's heart bounced big.

(... hot)

"Divine Stone", the center of my body, emitted a little heat and spread to the five bodies so that something overflowing with it boiled the blood of my whole body. It was like all of us, but it felt horrible to be rebuilt inside leaving skin in the shape of a person.

No, I can't stand.

When Kai pushed the 'Divine Stone' into his nostalgia, which he had not yet eaten up, he fluttered in his footsteps to the valley. Old Polek also sat as intoxicated by the recommendations he had been given, but when he realized how strange Kai was, he ordered the tribes to assist him.

Kai simply said "go home" while getting rid of the help.

That's how he squeezed his last force to shake them off and ran along the edge of the valley, calculating and flying the cliff. I was going to make the lake water accept us.

When his fluttering body conceived the wind in the air, he could not help but see the little figure of Aroue, left at the bottom of the valley and crying alone. She was crying trying to cling to God's grave in the valley.

She didn't want to go to her companions when they said they were being attacked, she just prayed there even. I have found myself starkly martyred by the 'serving Kai' condition I was given.

Maybe I can trust that guy.

Kai somehow thought so.

He was taken by the lake water and struggled to shape an idea that was hard to come together as it floated from its cold waters to the surface.

That's how he got so wet he felt very close together with the beautiful view of the valley and the girl rushing over here.