"... what the hell, it's not enough. This is it."

"... stop. Hey."

"I use my body all day and I won't hold it with this. At least a little more..."

"... sorry. Because if we don't reduce it, we're not going to reach everyone."

The daughter of the caterer for dinner bows her head in regret to the wandering soldiers.

All I had for dinner today was a thin soup and a solid-roasted bread broken in half. Most soldiers don't even turn their attention to that little commotion.

(... well, it was the same last year)

Kai's team already got what they want and it's on the table. Even on Kai's plate, which was recently favoured by the women, there are only similar items on it. The food situation in the village is really pressing.

"How long is that frog bastard going to be here?"

"You know what? Until you're done looking into it."

"... I heard that this soup, the one that thinned the rest of the frogs out because they were bad or something. He only eats a little, but when he serves fewer dishes, he wakes up and slaps the servant's daughter."

"... the other guy at night is in trouble too, isn't he? I saw a woman crying in the shadows."


When guests accustomed to the luxury of the capital visit the soil, they often repeat their insensitive demands without knowing the harsh food conditions. Such intangible demands, especially in times when royal power became difficult, would have also been a reversal of my anxiety about the fragility of power.

It didn't leak to that example, and this year's patrol envoy line was pretty bad. It was becoming an unfortunate joke that the village might be inclined to with just a few luxuries.

"A woman..."

"Come on, you look like Kai figured it out."

"Stop it. Kai is only a child."

All my squad mates are older than Kai, so I'm going to make a fool of myself in the same tone that I soon found out. Even if I know it's half a joke, I won't put up with Kai either if I get upset.

"You guys, tomorrow very soon."


"Yes, you're dead. I'm sorry."

A slight flower of laughter blooms in the mouth of my friends in the pointing out of Manso, who looks great in arms. He regarded it and blew it out, rocking his shoulders at a sneak laugh.

While dissatisfied with the reduced diet, the soldiers still largely accepted the situation. I tried being a soldier and they reduced the amount of my meal, all I had to do was put up with it until there was some next harvest. Because it was something I could do with my personal patience.

But that couldn't be the case with the women in the village.

Because it's only a disaster to be seeded in comfort by guests who don't even live on the land. Even more so if you are a high-profile guest who only thinks of a woman as a tool of entertainment, you will throw her away and leave without being remembered.

Abortion pills that fry herbs also retain adverse effects on the body. They wish to have a child with a man they can rely on as their lifelong partner if they can.

Kai's eyes make the caterer's daughter look uncomfortable. I haven't got my hands on it yet, but I think he's telling me not to doubt it.

In the chairman of the lord right next to them, where they stand, there are the children of the lord, who make the meal somewhat better than the soldiers, and the white princess, who is thinking with a difficult face.

To your lord, Master Orha, the Ladies are not there either.

They're all trying to distract the guests by attending their dining seats. I can see that the fact that Princess White is in this seat means that she's doing it deliberately to keep them out of the eyes of the guests for more than half of the time.

Exactly, I don't think many customers are thick enough to demand night games to the lord's daughter... in her case it was apparently for the opposite reason.

"... I hear the White Princess is dealing with the patrol envoy."

"Are you serious about that?"

"Looks like Carolina can't say anything to the guests, I heard the White Princess is standing on the arrow and resisting... the froggy bastard is after her 'raw daughter'"

"... he said he'd be happy with the rest of the house alone."

There are many afterhouses in the village that were left to die prematurely by men. These unpleasant roles make it easier for bowls to turn to them with less damage than they do, but many backhouses cry about nasty things even if they are ordered at the Women's Club and can't be rejected by the air.

Naturally, because even though they might also be able to catch a new young man, the role that might be seen with weird eyes is clearly only a loss.

"... and was in the patriarchal land, in the spirit of the majestic land God..."

Princess White's pre-meal prayer began.

When her cool voice echoed in the dining room, everyone there began to recite it with a strange face.

As the food situation in the village persecuted, an instruction came among the soldiers.

The order, intuitive to everyone that it was a 'temporary slackening', was issued by your Lord in the form of a request for an investigation by a monk named Nada, a truth investigator who is staying in the village as well as a patrol envoy.

"Divide into the depths of the forest. Selection is determined by the label (lottery)"

Going deep in the woods, that was pretty scary.

The people are finally outnumbering the sub-races who beat their physical abilities by compensating for their disadvantages in a mass battle. It is not suitable in the woods for that 'mass battle'.

Therefore, the people did not go deep into the woods, and they could see that they were able to protect the land because they were concentrated in the open land. It was the usual area of activity of the people, even when divided in, to the depth of being able to get out in a moment or so.

A leader of about twenty squads was gathered and pulled a label that just colored the thin stick. Kai's squad is pretty top if he's strong, but Kai himself was the new America as a leader, so he was last to pull the tag.

Thus, as a matter of course, Kai's squad was pulled off one remaining bottle and was chosen for selection, with or without mention of it. Actually, it's this "stick tag," but there's this "sloppy" that's used to somehow figure out the hit. Should there be a loose 'run' available that older people can refuse tough assignments?

It was an outfit where a bowl of dangerous work just came around when it came to new rice.

However, since it would be dangerous work, there would be a slight preference for the distribution of food, and there was no possibility of accidental food security in the woods. The season was the most fruitful time of year, and there were great prospects of getting nuts, mountain vegetables, greasy beasts, etc.

If it were said that the danger of deep death and whether the balance matches, that would have been the only difference in the way individuals feel anymore.

"Pleasure, you can eat all you want."

Instead of Kai, who couldn't explain and was enjoying himself, Manso said something difficult to say to me. My people seemed half ready, and they pretend to be happy.

They were good people.

In this way, the sardines, along with their companions, examine the travel costumes and carefully take care of the weapons themselves. The next morning I was encouraged to go to bed early because of the departure, but no one tried to sleep because of the life-threatening tension.

Kai went to the pantry when Manso told him to share the food from the expedition. Even in silence, it was food to be paid in the morning, but Manso said he could get the one that wasn't rotten if he picked it out first, or maybe even put it aside.

I guess this is the kind of knowledge that leaders need. There were already a couple of foreigners in the pantry by the kitchen, and they were flourishing with a big red-haired woman.

The red-haired woman is called Adelia, and she was a pretty intense person who is seen as one of the "Women's Club" threesomes. You have to watch out for inadvertent remarks because they call you 'Shiatsu' for adults and children alike. She can be the administrator of village food and the wife of a soldier-led Vasco.

"... plus three slices of each dried potato! I'm not putting any more on it."

"If that's the case, it'll be gone soon! At least put on another ten slices!

"You're not gonna talk about it. Give me the proper food, if you don't like it, then bear with me!

"... Shit,... Damn it, Bubba"

"... ahem?

As Adelia said, "Did I say something," I put my ears close to the frivolous man. I teased the guy with a sharp head poke as it was, and he said, "You're upset, come back out!," he says.

Her position in controlling food is terribly strong. The ones who were watching laugh at you.

And that's when Adelia saw Kai better.

That face, which I was just going to come up with a little bit, made a funny little grin and asked me to come over.

I somehow thought there was no way to defy him, and Kai approached him as prompted. I was hand waved to lend my ear and whispered in my ear.

"... I'll do the dried potatoes later, so can you help me with the grocery store work for a little while?"

"... me, busy..."

"Fine, help me. You need to get inside from over there."

He was forcibly blocked from defending himself and forced to help.

Indeed, it is known in the village that Kai is a notable growth stock and is quite a monstrous force. When I went into the pantry to be told that I would be allowed to carry crazy baggage, there were busy working girls there who seemed to be Adelia's men.

When one of them found Kai, he came close with great momentum.

"Come here."

"... why"


The pantry was quite large, but the room was divided like a stables, and there were a number of shades in the back that were hard to see by humans.

It was in the deepest part of it that Kai was brought. Even when it is dark, the lights are on, so there is brightness to the extent that there is no obstacle to the work.

What I found there was a girl who used to give me a pile of Kai plates when I was a caterer. Speaking of which, it was Kai who is recalling that he had never seen it in recent times, but the girl looked at him more like him and squealed his raised face in tears.

That's how they try to hit me in the chest and hug me and I don't know what it is.

To the silent girl forever, one girl by her side accompanied her with words.

"... Kai-kun, comfort Elsa"


No, hey, I don't know.

The smell of softness and indiscriminateness of the woman is irritating.

Elsa's been nominated.

The meaning of the girl's words was not immediately apparent.

At that time, there was strength in the hands of the girl who grabbed Kai's clothes. That connects Kai's consciousness, which seemed to float.

"This kid's got my eye on him."

To an unexpected development, it was a moving Kai.