No way this kid did.

'Raw Daughter' that that patrol envoy was heartless...... even though he thought it was a bad story, Kai, who had felt the matter as if it was something far away, was shocked as he had accidentally eaten even in Binta.

A girl's warm body in her arms tells her that's reality.

As Kai raised his face because it was only in his faint footsteps that he saw Adelia and the accompanying women trying to get out of the pantry to see how she was doing.

Why did you push this child against me... and Adelia's unwieldy wink pushed the complaint out of my mouth when I left?

(... I'll take care of her.)

That's what I found out for some reason.

As such, Ky and the girl were the only ones in the pantry that stayed up late at night, and the girl who wandered and looked up...... Elsa, who was supposed to be some older, turned an anxious little childlike look, was eager to be strongly protected (...).

"... I like Kai-kun"


I had never been so straight and favored by the opposite sex.

While confused, I have feelings instinctively feverish in Kai. A man and a woman is something that can be managed with an instinctive part that is not that rational, and the dizzying atmosphere in this place must have been prepared by everyone who stayed as close as possible to that flow.

Kai was hugging Elsa, not even knowing what to do.

It was Elsa who moved.

When I saw her face suddenly approaching as she stretched out, Kai had her lips together. So he unfortunately slipped out of his hips and put his butt cake on the wall.

Two bodies intertwine.

That's how the two mingled in the dark.

The expedition to the woods left the village the next morning.

Nada, the truth investigator at the heart of the investigation, and four squads selected, a total of twenty soldiers, followed him as their escort. Many villagers dropped me off when I left from the village, and Kai's squad waved back again and again.

"... there was something wrong with you."

In the morning, I saw Kai returning to the barracks full of powder, and no one came without a pin. Manso silently slapped me in the back and said, "What do you think?" I was asked.

They all didn't sleep one night after all, and it wasn't as if there was a gap to hide circumstantial evidence in Kai, which they found as soon as they returned.

It seems that Manso, who was already an 'experienced', would do something to make fun of other people again, so he was bitten forever and couldn't bear it at all.

Of course I don't confess carelessly. Kai thought it was more a matter of that kid's pride than embarrassment and his own man's sales voucher.

"... are you okay"

"... good. Probably okay with this now. That's what they all said."

If that's what you want, he thought you could beat that shitty patrol angel up at our house this evening.

But she said, "Okay." Kai left the village as planned as a deep expedition in the woods.

The Woman's Guild promises to keep it, and she says she doesn't care about Kai's guests anymore... but she couldn't stop being angry at herself for not being able to do anything.

Anyway, let's get this job over with and get back to the village.

That's how I took her to the valley, I thought.

It is more or less one yuld to the edge of the forest closest to the village of Rag.

It spreads the parchment that appears to be a photocopy of the map, and the boy in the headscarf carefully sets the direction and adjusts the direction to proceed. At first the boy was leading the way, but that's just impossible around the woods, so I tried to surround the boy with four squads.

Kai's squad was regarded as one of the most powerful, so he was set to take the lead.

The fact that he stands the most arm of the soldier means that Kai has a fixed position by the boy. Naturally, the person that the boy wanted to communicate with also meant that Kai, who was repeatedly asked questions about the woods for various purposes of the journey, daily conversations that were not enough to take, etc., was greatly shut down.

"... this smell bag smells pretty bad"

"This makes it hard to tell what we smell like. I'm in the woods. You'd better wear it."

"I see the subrace has a good nose. The smell of vanilla (herbs) makes it hard for us to smell it... and it stinks a lot."

"I'll put up with the smell"

"Let's remember the liver......... Now, do villagers get into this area a lot too?

"That's right.... but only the one who can fight, the one who gets here."

"Where does the range of activities of the Ash Monkeys begin? Are they the ones most likely to bump into this expedition?

"There are, well, a lot of them around here"

"I had a little contact with them before, but they're very belligerent, aren't they? When I saw this face, I suddenly attacked him. Are people always as hostile to each other as that?

"If we find each other, we kill them instantly. Show some room and let it go and you'll be licked."

"I hear that some subraces are harmonious with people..."

"The dwarf tribe."

"... are you going to be around here, the dwarf tribe?"


"What other subraces have you encountered?

There really is no limit.

It was long after the boy stopped chatting when he saw the shadow of the Grey Monkey Man (Makak), even though he had deliberately decided to settle down on the way in.

Sometimes this one has been in the woods for a while, and the grey monkeys (macaques) didn't come near by accident or anything just because they felt signs. It was to say that they had finally stepped into a land they believed to be 'territorial' in the true sense of the word.


"If you're just going to see something, you better not argue poorly"

Manso responded to the boy's conversation with care so Kai wouldn't try to talk to him.

If you do fight here and kill some of their people, you'll stir up that vengeance and then you'll lose your temper.

Though followed by the scourge of the Ash Monkeys (Makak) for a while, they went from the middle of nowhere to the wetlands... Walking towards places where the Lizards (Laggart) seemed to have strong influence succeeded in turning them around once.

That was how the first day was successfully completed, and we were able to set up a base in the midst of depression and growth.

There is no comfort, as it is just a base where we have pruned around the back of the box and managed to create just enough space to roll over to sleep. Besides, I can't even set fire to it. Because they will be discovered in smoke.

"... a lot closer to 'destination'. Wouldn't we be able to get there somehow if we walked one more day?"

"Two days in one way... if you use the Lizard's territory well, you can't even come deep."

While grabbing the hard-baked bread, Kai was looking into the unfamiliar forest landscape as impressed.

Although the vegetation with the high vallen cedar has not changed, the giant trees have grown overwhelmingly, and just like that, there are more twiggy trees and shrubs dangling low on the ground.

Someone tried eating as much fruit as a thumb that had grown on a snail, but he also said that it was not something that could be eaten because of its potato-like texture.

He was always a chatty boy, but at that time he seemed to be focused on something and quiet. Sometimes it must be back to me, and I keep writing something down on the map.

"... you have a lot of numbers coming together"

The boy said he was going to teach the situation to the escort today, and he gathered the soldiers to pass on all the information I had learned.

Around 1,000 Grey Monkeys (macaques) are gathering here.

And as opposed to that, an equal number of subpeople like pigs... probably mean the pig (org) tribe... they're hanging around in a group.

And in the center of the land between the two, there is something that the boy is trying to find out... what only belongs to the land God, and there is a "graveyard".

"The settlements that were around it seem to have been completely burned by yesterday. Looks like it was the pig suburbs that attacked us."

You mean the village of the Grey Monkey Man was attacked and taken?

"It may or may not be... there's just a fair amount of dead people out there for sure. There was a lot of spiritual light back in the circle."

Subraces don't just attack people.

They also continue to kill each other miserably in such an invisible place. People are down in numbers, too, but maybe so are they.

"Until you sweeten the death of so many of your compatriots, what is the land god you want"

He was a boy speaking in a calm tone, but the soldiers accidentally turned a blind eye to the unconscious light of madness he showed at that moment. Everyone must have thought you were a bad boy.

Kai blurted and thought about the valley if it didn't suck it couldn't even come to a place like this. He was less resistant to spending time surrounded by subraces.

I wonder what that kid who took me to the valley would look like, and just imagine it makes my heart nod.

That's when I finally remembered the other girl who was leaving me in the valley and said, "Ah."