"Is there something I can't tell you about that graveyard somehow..."

The boy's request was well understood by everyone there.

We've come all the way to the depths of such a dangerous forest just to make sure of it. And the soldiers of the escort were desperate to take action to make that hope come true.

"I can't!

"How are you going to get there!

After the Lizard Man's (Laggart) low wetlands were cut off, he walked even more.

We are moving further and further away from the flatlands that are often ruled by the people, the land began to show clear roughness and crossed mountains and canyons many times.

That's how I climbed a faulty rocky galley field that was holding my sight back like a collision, and finally my open sight had... vast flats of land that my people would hardly have ever seen in the woods.

It was a rich land unknown to the people. It was so much a view to reassure the flatland tamed people that I was so anxious to have gone the wrong way somewhere and gone back around the village where it was originally. The untouched wilderness, which is still barely opened, is scattered among the neglected forests, and the soldiers who suffer from food shortages hold their fists for waste.

There was still a great deal of strife over such untouched land.

"Let's go into that place. What's wrong!

Ash monkeys (macaques) and pigs (orgs) are getting into the wilderness and grinding each other's tribes' lives down with screams. Even from a far away place, the land was so red stained that it could be seen.

Still, the boy tries to go.

It was also the soldiers who stopped it because it was something that could be ravaged by its monstrosity with the Two-Year-Old Divine Print (Doi).

"... at least until that battle is over... Wouldn't it be a good opportunity if one of them escaped and moved on to that sweep!

"Let's do that, let's wait!

There's no way such a fierce killing can last forever.

When I say wait, maybe it's just a few moments or so. Waiting for it to get dark that way and sneaking up on it would be a normal nervous mindset.

The two races are bumping into each other. Just like a brick pile, there are three towers lined up. It is a tower with a slender appearance that places the cup upside down.

There was the fruit of a burnt settlement around it, and we all understood that the tower was a 'graveyard' just for a glance.

Every race seems to have a cemetery covered with buildings.

I guess it really shows a desire to protect it from rainstorms as an important asset. So I needed to infiltrate that burned settlement in order to check the cemetery.

He was a rambling kid at first, but he had changed his attitude some time later when he saw a scatter of 'protective possessions' that seemed pretty powerful on the battlefield.

"… let's identify the trends in that battle before we infiltrate. … number of people, let's take Kai's squad"

A quick division of roles is made and everyone starts to prepare silently.

Everyone knows that my life is at stake. We silently accept that our lives will be used just to do one boy's research.

How many of these people can return to the village alive?

We've lived in a tough environment where we'd be killed and killed, but maybe we were all broken somewhere in our hearts.

Kai is quietly concentrating his nerves on signs around him.

Though the neighborhood is focused on the extent to which it can't be picked up, I can't even relieve the tension because I have a reassuring kid right next to me.

The battle between the Grey Monkey (Makak) and Pork (Org) tribes was eventually decided by the predominance of the Pork (Org) tribes, and the Grey Monkey (Makak) army fled and scattered into a sweep battle with nature.

At the head of the Pork (Aug) clan are armored warriors who rock giants and drive away the Grey Monkey (Makak) clan with their blunt-looking legs. Under that big horned helmet, I saw a scary red and black nose.

Obviously, it is' protective holding '. Moreover, he was an individual who felt a distinct difference in character compared to other "protected persons".

At that time, in Kai's brain, one word came up.

(Is that General Ligdalos... maybe that's him)

I can tell that the leader who is leading and fighting 1,000 people will definitely be him.

Being able to gather all those soldiers in a people's tribe would be about as good as Baltar's Buddhist Buddhist Buddhist Buddhist Buddhist on the edge. Perhaps you should think of yourself as the owner of as powerful a protection as that.

The excited Pork (Org) tribe perseveres in pursuit of winning the 'Divine Stone' of the escaping Ash Monkey (Makak) tribe. It is a 'divine stone' hunt on the battlefield. Therefore, the pursuit hand of the soldiers chasing their defeating opponents is hard to stop. So did that pig (org) soldier who hunted Kai down to the valley, but every race wants so much 'divine stone' to grow me out of their throats.

There was little to wait for, and the creature almost disappeared from the battlefield.

"Let's go."

Says the boy, Kai and the others start chasing that back that ran out.

"Good luck."

"Don't die!

I hear voices from my friends who stayed on the spot.

Even if it stays on the spot, they are also asked to do a plain and dangerous job of supporting the Kays in their retreat. We should ensure exit routes and, if necessary, carry out positive movements that will attract enemy soldiers. Of course, there is no 'shelter holding' among them, so it was rather they who could not help but be dangerous.

No pig (org) notices the Kays flying out of the woods and using the ups and downs of the land to reach the settlement. The rest of the group were all desperate to devour the 'Divine Stone' of the Ash Monkey (Makak) people and didn't look around much.

Only one was noticed, but just in the middle of chewing on the medulla, where the boy quickly jumped in and smashed the bones of his neck with a tin cane so as not to speak.

Boy scolds and runs his buddy who's about to stop wondering if he won't take 'Divine Stone' for a moment. Things have a thing called priority, and the one who doesn't get it will die blinded by the greed at hand.

That's how I finally got to a place where I could see a brick tower up close, like the one I was looking at earlier, like a downed liquor cup. Seen nearby, it also resembled a temple in the village of Rag, with an establishment with a perfume furnace like a chapel, beside which was a wooden door that went into the tower.

Of course now the door is open.

A sentry just stood at that entrance, glaring at the intruders into the tower.

And at the foot of that sentry, I guess it was the inhabitants of this settlement, with a bunch of subracial corpses rolling around, looking like mountain deer, bearing horns like tree branches on their heads. This is the first time I've actually seen it, but is it a deer man (Ouzel) with the same number of dwarves (Colol)?

A lot of blood has already been extracted from those bodies. The horn is rare among people because it is a precious drug ingredient, but it is left uninterested in pigs (orgs).

Kai and the others look around and pay attention to whether the enemy is close. In the meantime, a boy with considerable 'protection' jumped at the outpost pigs (orgs) and others.

The first one would probably have been left to despair without even realizing it himself. The scepter that the boy used to poke and walk like a scepter has his head pulled out, and at some point the blade of the planting has been stripped out. The blade was piercing the medulla oblongata.

It would be like breathing a mass battle around here. The moment the first one fell, the Kays were jumping out of the shadows. The rest of the outpost, whose eyes caught on you reluctantly, could not deal with the boy who emerged from behind his falling companion.

The pig (org) soldier fell as he hit his back against the wall after he was bladed from his mandible into his brain and jumped in a big way.

This kid, he's serious and strong.

Without time to be impressed, the boy breaks into the tower.

The tower was filled with the smell of blood and raw odors. There's hardly anything in the tower that looks like a window through the air, and I guess the strange odor emitted by the dead will stick.

Everyone, including the boy, steps into the dark with his nose blocked.

"Fire. Get out of here."

There was a blue flame in the hand of the crushed boy.

That was undoubtedly the 'fire magic' that Kai also uses.

Without noticing at all how he is looking at him, etc., he takes a small spelling out of his nostalgia and starts reading the inscriptions inscribed there.

Kai wonders why this kid is bothering to look at such an example and read it down, and oh this guy reminds me that he's not 'protective'. With the grace of the Land God, perhaps this tomb inscription can be deciphered as natural by simply touching it with your fingers.

Kai gently touches his finger on the inscription the boy is looking at.

The inscriptions on the front are still so lined up with words that I don't really know what they mean. So somehow I went around to the back of the grave and read the short letters there.

I am Nazel Kazel.

The inscription just states that.

There is no name for a slave god. I guess it's just a lonely god on this earth with only one pillar.

Kai somehow made sure that no one had seen him before gently joining hands. This god would have been considerably weakened by the vandalism of the land he was protecting. I thought it was pure poor God.

It was then that I felt signs of something.

Kai lifted his face as he sensed that the boy was about to walk over here. That's right, if you're simply going to read the name of the Lord of this grave, the back is quick.

It was little footsteps for the boy's, but Kai didn't notice.