Joining the boy as he pretended to look for things so that he could not understand that Kai had been reading the inscription, for some reason the boy continued to glimmer with the inscription on the front as before.

(... that)

Though surprised, Kai nods his ear at the boy's twinkle without being caught in that discomfort any further.

"... the land God who sleeps in this tomb seems to be called Nazerkazel. The monastery has the moves to untie the dark sentences of the cemetery. The gracious' protector 'still seems to be alive... like an ancient, founded God, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be the prophetic God I'm looking for"

The boy's crush, of course, would have been to make the soldiers accompanying him listen. Those who are putting their lives at risk in my quest, it would have been minimal courtesy to inform them of what they found out as their harvest, if anything of a less sensitive nature.

After I found out it wasn't what I wanted, I made a quick decision.

With the boy at the forefront, Kai and the others moved out of the graveyard. I stayed in the cemetery about a quarter of an hour (30 minutes), probably some time before the troops of the Pork (Aug) tribe returned.

I only asked for speed on my way home already, so I was immediately blamed by the pig (org) soldiers for the sound of things, but I don't mind focusing on shaking it off and keep running.

Now I think that the graveyard's importance was diminished because the Deer People (Ouzel) were still alive, and the guards were left thinner and more alone. Kai honestly thought he was lucky.

He also joined his companions who were lurking in the bushes at the edge of the forest, and a group of people embarked on a rushed return journey. First of all, he ran desperately for the low wetlands of the Lizard Man (Laggart), which could be regarded as a safe zone.

Using the territory of the Lizards (Laggart) as a smokescreen, they trampled over the wetlands and crossed the river, finally through the woods that were under the influence of the Grey Monkeys (Makak).

That strip of forest, whose sphere of power is changing due to the defeat of subracial strife, is now likely to remain safe for all of this time. They finally stopped there and started preparing for the camp. It was totally night around now.

"There's the one that hasn't caught up yet"

Guns and Ele are gone.

In this world where the ability is improved by the ingestion of 'Divine Stone', personal differences in physical abilities really become greater. Those who were lagging behind for a while gathered together more and more, but even if the last waited for a while after the rendezvous, there were as many invisible as the two.

The men of Rag saw each other's faces silently. First the leaders of the four squads gathered out of the boy's sight.

It was, of course, a consultation on how to find those who had gone missing. The two missing men belonged to the same squad and said as if the leader Khalik was done rubbing both hairy arms.

"... our squad will go looking for it. I'm sorry, but I need you to lend me some arms."

The boy knows the soldiers are discussing it with him right there, but he's pretending not to see it. Of course, the most combative in this group is the boy, but it is of course the main fall that wishes the escorted guest a broken bone.

"... I'm coming"

First Kai offered, and one from the other two squads was also extracted.

As Kai, the most sequential of the soldiers, was to accompany him, Khalik laughed relieved and bowed his head, "Please". The squad members, who watched anxiously behind him, nodded at each other and went into preparation for their departure.

Returning to his squad mate, Kai told Manso he would leave the latter to him, packing his own bags and wearing them. My tired, sitting buddies have been bitterly laughing, "Good luck," he said, "You're still looking good."

"You're in luck. It's bright tonight."

To Manso's words, Kai looked up into the sky.

Hundreds of millions of gems shine in a cloudless starry sky. The heavenly crest, the Great Spirit River (Ispi Rio), with its intense glow, can be seen standing flashing overhead.

It is the heavenly river of the stars, said to be the passage of the Spirit that returns to the circle.

(A cross section of the 'Galaxy'?... similar?)

There were some words that came to my mind unexpectedly, "The River of Heaven (Milky Way)," but at the same time I understood that it was something different from that.

The luminosity in the Spirit River of Heaven is moving slowly and truly along its flow. It was also one of the differences from previous life memories that every single gem shining there wasn't technically a 'star'. The stars that appear in the night of this world continue to change their phase very slowly and saggily in the water.

Kai waved back her heels as she saw the beautiful scenery that would attract her soul. Surely if it were as bright as tonight, I'd be able to find anything.

"Let's go"

The Kays search party began to return to the way they came again.

Not much of a moment after I hit the camp like that, I've come a long way back.

The footsteps of the first exhausted search party are heavy. Given the return to the camp, everyone must have thought it was time for Kai as well as Kai to be the limit.

But the search doesn't end because Khalik's squad, whose lives are at stake, doesn't make a lot of noise.

The territory of the Lizards (Laggart) remained unchanged and there were no signs of them, but instead it was in a rather dangerous state around what appeared to be the dominant area of the current Pork (Aug) tribe that had passed through the territory.

The pigs lined up to hunt the mountains.

He lurked in the grass of the territorial boundaries of the Lizard (Laggart) tribe and watched the pig (Aug) hunt for a while and the sound of a strange roar fly.

Khalik and his companions were swallowing their saliva in cold sweat. The colour of despair was also floating in the eyes of the fellow.

Everyone there, including Kai, was short circuited saying that the pig (org) hunt was trying to get out a lot of us who had fled. If there were any leftovers who tried to vandalize the tomb while they were away, they could understand that the villagers would go after the leftovers who fled angrily.

"... I can't exactly look ahead."

"But Guns and Ele..."

"Guzu, if we die for the lives of the two of us, our asses won't fit. I don't want to go any further. If you insist, just you guys."

"... hey, they're not pointing at us."

To someone's twinkle, everyone reflexively put their hips up.

Even if you lurk in the wetlands where the Lizards are supposedly in the territory of the Lizards (Laggart), you can temporarily decide to invade the Pork (Aug) tribe as they do.

That's how bad things overlapped, and at such a worst time screams appeared to belong to people across the woods.

Caliku and the other three who were leaning toward retreat, who knew they were still out there alive, disrupted their footsteps.

"There are those guys!


"I can't!

Kai and Kai could not stop Kalik from rushing out to those who spoke. Speaking out, this location was also torn apart. A nearby pig (org) soldier drops by as he gathers his people.

Kai bit his teeth.

I knew there would be no such thing as kicking the pig soldiers that would come if I meant it. At the same time, however, I was not willing to divert myself from the fact that I was a 'protective person'.

(... Am I being mean?)

I can help these guys if I'm prepared to throw away my current whereabouts. But after that, Kai's place will no longer be in the village. Ask yourself if you are prepared to throw all of your life into the reckless action butt wipe of someone you are not that close to, although you have the same degree of company as a soldier, and you immediately said no.

Neither of the two men sent out of the other squad tried to keep up with the Khaliks who jumped out.

Let's get out of here.

"Those guys are dumb"

In anticipation of the two of them turning their heels and fleeing, Kai followed the scene.

Pig (org) soldiers flock to the foolish Khaliks and quickly turn them into meat chunks. It was just a short scream.

What lightness of a person's life. The number of pigs (orgs) coming this way has clearly decreased because of the strife over the Kaliks' "divine stones".



A voice arose from afar asking for the salvation of the 'Guzu' who caused the Khaliks to die, but no one turned around.

The three Kys were the chosen ones because of their strength. I am running away with the certainty that if I escape at full speed, I will be able to do something about it, but something unforeseen happened there.

Something suddenly broke the wind and flew in at a moment when the squeaky screams of the Pork (Aug) clan broke out, bursting into the trees on Kai's escape route.

"... ugh."

It was a well-held hand axe of the Pork (Aug) tribe.

It was a huge giant to look up before the three of them who had stopped to do so, appeared scratching the stirrups and grass.

When were you there? I didn't know how he showed up.

The dull, glowing armor in the slightest light of the night sky made a sound at last.


He was a giant armored martial artist who led an army of pigs (orgs).