Kai stared at the armored warrior who stood by the way.

She is three yuls long. He was one or more taller heads than a regular pig (org).

And the width is also unusual. I had never seen a muscularly tight pig (org) or anything, but I still have a strong impression that the armored samurai's slender, thick torso has plenty of muscle hidden in the saggy skin rather than a chunk of fat.

Evidence shows that whenever the armored warrior walks, the thick skin of his protruding hands and feet shakes and his muscles seemingly seemingly seemingly seemingly seemingly seemingly twisted through the thick wax behind him.

The armored samurai of the pig (Aug) gently pulled through the axe that stood against the tree, knocking it toward us.

Much lower than other individuals, making a convulsing sound. Whether it's pig (org) language. Of course I can't even tell the Kays that.

(... I wonder if this guy can speak Mandarin too)

I think Kai fu.

The sub-races are more intelligent than you can imagine. I even wonder if you're smarter than a human race just because you can understand the languages of other races.

but armored martial artists never spoke in human language. I found out that I was treating miscellaneous soldiers who didn't have enough to take this one, even though I couldn't feel the need.

It was like going into the woods and killing the weak beast I happened to encounter on my shoulder... that atmosphere. So the Armored Warrior's first blow was just a straight down, like watching this one react.


If it had been a genuine blow to "Protect", it would have been difficult to squeeze. Skin toned armored warriors like reds and blacks have yet to show off the neighborhood. I just found out that I obviously didn't mean it.

It was a man named Chito who was running the lead who was targeted. He was a man who was maneuverable and had more difficulty taking up short spears and knives than long spears. I guess it was almost a reflex, it was helpful that all these times the master was showing me how to fight "hold protection" in training.

A short spear pattern glides the axe blade and spitefully smudges a terrible blow. Still, I twisted my wrist grabbing Chito's spear in an unpleasant direction without letting go of the armored warrior's suspicion.

Chito must have realized in an instant that his ability to continue fighting was lost, rolling as he could, and letting him escape from the front of the armored warrior. Now one nail has begun to retreat as a result of his detachment. I could see its rising and falling back across the grass.

Kai also, of course, wanted to escape quickly, but it was obvious that even if he ran away like this, he would be captured as soon as the armored warriors were serious, so it was necessary to devise a way to increase his survival at all.

(... they all split apart, 'scatter' as usual, but still can't earn distance without buying a little time)

There was something called the escape method that a soldier of a human race would always take when he encountered a difficult opponent. In order for the maximum number of people there to survive, they will all show the direction of escape and scatter 360 degrees in all directions as if a spark were to start.

It is taught that no matter how fast the opponent is, if the two are scattered, it will take more than three times longer to capture them, and if there are three, it will take about ten times longer to catch them all.

Here are those three.

Nail is already on the run.

Chito has also identified its escaped direction and is running in a different direction.

Then Kai can get away with it, too, and if he's lucky, he can keep running about ten times as long as the first one gets caught. The time I could spend earning that distance was exactly the time I deserved gold at Seto in this life.

but it is the wisdom of the loser when faced with an overwhelming strong man who cannot have the means to resist.

(I don't want to run...)

I have feelings springing up out of my chest.

Kai sees a pig (org) armored warrior and looks at the situation nearby. Kai is now being passed over by armored warriors, but behind his enemies lies a low-humidity zone that is the territory of the Lizard (Lagart) tribe.

If this guy manages to get over it, he'll have a safe escape route behind him. The direction in which Chito and Nair fled was left and right against armored warriors, and not very much in line with the aim of escaping the forest.

(... this guy is still alarmed)

Therefore, I want to destroy his body to some extent with the first blow.

What Kai has in his hands at that time is a short spear loaned to soldiers from the same village as Chito. One is left behind to make fearlessness, twitching and backsliding with the trembling tip pointed at the target.

That armored warrior's armor is stained red and black with returning blood when viewed nearby. It is a kind of thing that is tied together by a string of skins with a breastplate and a torso like the one struck out of iron. I have some kind of beast fur wrapped around my hips, but that one seemed to be already stiffened and bloody awesome.

The armored warrior struck his tongue. Its eyes are chasing the escaped chitos and nails.

Kai noticed that his opponent's attention was getting scattered and immediately showed his back that he was going to hit the run as well. It is a great invitation.

That's how armored martial artists have almost clapped their hands and slapped their axes. It was a blow that was going to shatter every skull when it hit it, but it was too stupid to be honest and filled with gaps.


Kai makes the back facing motion even bigger, and a moment later he's twirling and turning and already turning to the front. "Protective" but not serious attacks, etc., were obvious and natural for the same "Protective".

Kai opens his eyes and pushes his body out as he rolls out his short spear, looking at the orbit of the hand axe that strikes him with his dreaded motion vision. Simply because the short spear killing zone is small, he packed my distance. Wet the hand axe down to look sideways and calmly calculate between moments.

The skins are surprisingly defensive, so the connection is rejected... it seems better to aim for a spot where the scalp is unexpected. Face, under chin, armpits, thighs, wrist...... if you scratch greed, you want to aim for face or under chin, but you didn't want to fail to underestimate the armored warrior's ability to dodge.

in a moment's time that prolongs to the point where the nerves are sharpened.

I could see that the armored warrior gave Kai a little bit of a jump into his nostalgia all of a sudden.

(Got it)

The attack on his head was immediately dismissed because his left arm, like Marutai, had been pushed to defend him. With enough certainty, he thrust a short spear into the inside of his thigh where the meat was a bump...... Kai was suddenly being beaten to the sidelines convinced of his success.

Consciousness hits the side violently.

Turn your eyes to the heavens and the earth that turn upside down as you roll into the grass. Blood overflowing from the back of his nose spread to the back of his throat with a sense of heat.

Moments later, Kai didn't know what had happened to me.

I see a hand axe flying in a direction that is not in the corner of my sight, and I stop seeing the emptied armored warrior's right hand making a grip on me.

Yeah, I found out he'd let go of his unstoppable hand axe in the air and hit me with his empty right hand aggressively. I wanted to penetrate what kind of reflex nerve it was.

Hansha Shinkai?

I can only tell that the word is not incorrectly used even if I don't know it. There was still room in Kai's spirit.

The armored warrior's stirring voice echoes. The atmospheric thing has been conveyed that I guess I'm in bad shape even if I don't know what it means. This would also have made it possible for Kai to be 'protective'.

I stood up with my hands from the grass and paid for the dirt on my body. Kai's body also has few scratchy wounds except nosebleeds.

In terms of stubbornness, Kai was also the owner of a body that couldn't say anything about people.

"You're pretty strong,"

Fly blood with your hands and nose.

"* * * ugh"

"I don't know what you're saying, but I'm probably strong, too."

Kai's first blow could not harm the body of an armored warrior, but instead succeeded in taking away an important weapon called a hand axe.

Though "protective", unarmed also greatly reduces its attack power. In the struggle between 'protective hands', each other's skins are too sturdy to yield their opponents only on foot.

Kai begins to let the neighborhood float in its face.

Seeing its characteristic divine crest, the armored warrior silenced for a moment.

I somehow found out that this huge red and black pig (org) knew "God of the Valley". A black divine print begins to float on its nose.

The tattoo looked quite complex and elaborate even though Kai had seen it. This one is clearly finer compared to the prominent divine crest of Molok Vegin, the head of the Lordship of Rag Village.

Because your Lord is the Four Years Old Divine Print (Qwart), this armored warrior will have to be considered five years old or older.

"You're a six-headed general."

The armored warrior responded clearly to Kai's query.

To honor someone to admit, I showed them the way to correct their place of residence. A mouth beneath his big nose opened into the form of a grin to show the joy that gushed from the bottom of his heart, loudly and firmly. The horribly developed dog teeth were like carnivores.

"mediation no god ha......" he "ha death Ndaka"

A loud laugh struck the ground.

After a glimpse of laughter, the armored warrior's eyes looked seriously at Kai.

"Decay etana, valley no god"

That's what he said.