I felt insulted.

It emitted heat in Kai's mind.

"I'm immature."

I know that.

I feel like God is watching me from the valley even while I'm doing this. Leaving here without being insulted is unacceptable.

"Are you stronger than me?"

As he watches his opponents emerge, Kai continues to think dizzily about the way to victory.

The power as a 'protective person' may be more disadvantageous to the inexperienced Kai who watched calmly. We already know that the opponent is quite superior, seeing the appearance of the divine crest manifested in the armored warrior. In the corner of my mind, I wonder if I can beat a stronger opponent than you, but of course, Kai can't count on the "line drawer" around there because he has never been serious about the person in charge.

The only thing that is more advantageous to Kai at present is whether or not there is a weapon in hand.

Grab a short spear and put your thoughts around its mere existence.

It would be on the sharp tip of a strike out of iron that makes the strength of the spear a certainty.

Iron is hard.

And the flesh of the creature is soft.

According to such a discerning principle, iron can break meat.

Is the meat of the 'sheltered' softer than iron? Is it hard?

This is not all I can say if I don't actually try. As far as touching your own body, your senses are no different from normal people. Therefore, I do not know why the 'protective holding' body is sturdy out of its regular orbit.

Armored warriors just wait to be unarmed. Kai begins to move around the armored warrior with the foot roll of Zula Stream's "Walking in the Circle". With the relative Kai shifting his position, the armored warrior is also unable to calm down to rebuild. Targeting the moment its leg floats is also one of the basic breakdowns of the Walking in the Circle.

Kai's sharp poke targets the jaw tip of the armored warrior.

If you let your torso escape behind you, it would have been very difficult to move the center of gravity.

But the armored warrior pays off the spear tip lightly with the iron armor, and does not let the center of gravity put down slightly.

I give up trying a few times and saying I can't collapse on a small tip.

As such, the circle continues to move and the skirmishes continue, while suddenly switching to a straight line of motion. It's a uniquely eye-catching blow to the Zula stream, where the ancestors of the genre are mercenaries. Only eye movements go on the 'Circle Walking' to catch the opponent and actually move abruptly from there to the attack.

Suddenly approaching Kai suddenly from body to body, armored martial artists have stepped in themselves without being confused. He strikes down Kai's poking from body to body with hateful skill, with his right hand armor, and at the same time his stiffened left fist hits him with a grunt up.

Instincts frightened me by the proximity of 'death' hidden in that fist.

Still, it doesn't come to the imagination that the sturdy body of a 'sheltered' can be fatally wounded by a fist just wielded. Even though I was prepared to strike a match, the first priority was to verify whether having an iron weapon really favoured my 'protective' opponent.

Still, Kai's eyes firmly capture the fists that are coming to kill him. Though the physical ability of "holding protection" is truly surprisingly bottom-up, for the goodness of the "eye," the grace given to Kai was at an astonishing level. Of course, there is no knowledge at this time that Kai can compare it to others.

I can put my strength into my stepped foot.

That's how Kai pushed his body further forward as he swept across the earth.

Increased velocity and forward-leaning lead to a fist aimed at Kai's lateral side blushing his hair to the back of his head.

The aim is the belly, which is the greatest.

It's the part of the connection that's not protected by the iron torso. I abruptly imagine what creature that blood-dyed skin was taken from. I thought it might be peeling and using people's skin.

The tip of the spear ate into the contour.

And even if we put this many ramps of abandonment up as expected, the spear will take the resistance. I found it inhibited by the body skin of an armored warrior.

Give up!

Kai solidified his right fist and struck him with a short spear butt, stone bump hardware, behind him.

The impact transmitted the pattern of the spear and sent it to the tip of the ear. At that moment, the spear was suddenly pushed into a soft, irresistible sensation, as if it had broken through a hard shell.

'Protective' bodies are softer than iron.

It was one answer.

"* * * * Heh!

Armored martial artists barked.

A short spear, away from Kai's hand, stands against the belly of an armored warrior. I definitely hurt my gut, I was convinced. And Kai caught his guard.

A fire exploded in Kai's belly. Burning fever spread before the pain.

The armored warrior kicked Kai forward on the soles of his feet without moving at all to his wounds. The toe of the braided shoe, which apparently plants iron, pierced Kai's ribs from the bottom.

The armored warrior was never 'handless' or anything.

Dancing through the universe between bundles, Kai finally stops by rolling through the grass and hitting Barren Cedar's rugged roots in the back. My lungs don't move aggressively, spitting out all the air. Diarrhea and blood erupted from his mouth before breathing air.


Ouch! Ouch!

After spitting it out, the air is finally pumped into my lungs.

I feel like my guts are messed up. An armored warrior approaches as he grips Kai rolling with his stomach in a pulsating blunt pain. I don't even care about the spear that stabbed me in the belly.

Is he immortal?

No, wait, it can't be painless. Because even he's just like Kai, he's just 'protective (...)'. The only thing that's strong enough to compare to iron is a piece of body skin that covers your body.

One of the reasons for the robustness of "shelter holding" was that the divine will of the Land God reinforces the next sturdy 'skin' of the bone by an unusual amount in the parts of the creature. The flesh under the skin is not that hard.

And the analogy is that 'bones' harder than skins will probably be harder than iron. 'Covered' probably doesn't break fractures that easily.

Roll to escape the approaching footsteps and wake yourself up eating your teeth off. Blunt pain is distant by then.

Though not hard, 'protective holding' guts are also still sturdy (...) out of common sense, he says. The pain isn't paralyzed, it's beginning to heal. The power to return to its original state is unusual.

The question about the body of "Protected" was largely understood.

In order to ensure you kill your opponent, you need to inflict such fatal injuries quickly that your recovery will not catch up. Like the other day, when Kai slaughtered the pig (org) tribe's "guardian."

Robbing the 'Divine Stone', the backbone organization of the grace of the Land God, was one of the most efficient ways to kill the 'sheltered'.

An armored warrior finally pulled Kai's short spear out of his belly and abandoned it abominably.

Perhaps what didn't pull me out right away was waiting for the super healing of 'Hold Protection' to make my visceral wounds smaller.

While Kai managed to get up, he even hoped that my recovery would catch up.

And the armored warriors also knew they didn't have to say how to fight each other with 'protective hands'.

In other words, don't just heal the opponent.

A series of armored warriors lightly bounced off a knife for cutting, the last lifeline Kai pulled out. He finally hangs a huge hand around his neck while making him stand on the bar with an attack that won't even give him time to fall through those empty Kai.

Are armored warriors confident that they will break the bones of the neck of a 'protective holding' harder than iron into two with only a grip? No, or are you simply willing to choke me?

No matter how enhanced, breathing, no matter how 'sheltered', was the primary life-support activity.

Vertigo and all neck tissue are destroyed.

Kai was convinced that I would be killed in a few moments.