What can I do now?

Is there no better way to fight this powerful opponent?

Brain cells are screaming because of the disconnected supply of oxygen. Kai had all his hands on the wrist of an armored martial artist whose neck was almost unconsciously tightened.

There was of course no loosening of its rigidity when I raised my fingernails.

Not yet.

I haven't tried anything yet.

Even if his neck was tightened and his airway blocked, the spiritual meridian is still connected to the 'Divine Stone' behind his chest.

If it is harder iron than the shield of the land god, it can destroy the flesh of the 'sheltered'. Then what would happen if we were given the power not to do so by the laws of this world?

(... I'll burn you)

"Divine Stone" fevered in the back of his chest.

The heat is gathered in his hands on the wrist of the opponent according to Kai's will. That's how I called it in.

"* * * Huh!

The reaction of the armored warriors was dramatic.

All of a sudden, Kai's hands caught in a blue flame burst into flames as he grabbed the arm that was about to kill me.

Fire magic… it was a fire of the other world that could not be extinguished even by putting it in the water.

Kai felt hot about the flames that erupted in the near future, but that was only because he was a magical manipulator. The fire, which emits only heat to let the water in the barrel boil in an instant, was not a very tolerable substitute even with the robust skin tissue of the armored warrior who housed God's protection.

Meat is meat wherever it goes. If the fire passes, the tissue will turn into an unspeakable mass of protein. It is only the thinnest part of the flesh in the human body, such as the wrist. The armored warrior, who was instantly carbide of the tendon (kennel) to be concentrated there, let go of Kai's body, which was hoisted with a stiff and deafening oddity, and retracted a few steps in a weird outfit with both wrists, as if the blame were also fitted in shackles.

The fierce fire caused some of the flesh to heal.

After quickly detecting the condition of the wound, the armored warrior forcefully snapped off my stuck wrist. Some of the peeled skin flashed in the wind.

"... zah, well"

Even Kai, who was liberated, can't get back on his feet right away.

He repeatedly breathed roughly as he coughed up again and again, raising his face to stare at him drooling.

To a 'protective' opponent, it seems to be quite efficient to bake on fire.

Kai was obviously tempted to challenge the armored martial artists who could tell he was the superior, of course, because of such short spears... not because he asked for such a weak weapon as would be used by a miscellaneous soldier of an unforgiving people. There was a hidden sphere called magic, which kept him on the spot without escaping.

I wasn't quite sure what Kai's presence was like yet. Because Kai, who was suddenly bestowed the grace of a land god, had no chance to receive teachings from experienced predecessors.

Armored warrior...... only a mighty warrior with the prestige of Six Heads General (Rigdalos) and so on also led to the expectation that whatever he did would be hard to break (...).

"... 'Curse' ka"

In the Pork (Aug) tribe, magic is called "shiyu".

Well, it's a simple way of running spiritual power. The intelligent pig (org) tribe should not know that much. It seems that even the people have a wizard known as the 'Messenger', a leading lord of the centre.

If magic has been so effective in fighting each other with 'shelter,' I was rather wondering why everyone would not try to use it.

But the question also melted away at the next moment.

An armored warrior who was watching Kai put the fire in his hand and put it together in order to make sure that his will began to pass through his fingers and made a mistake.

"'Curse', 'Ni asked Renado to stop laughing'"

Because of my mind, I feel more like an invisible intimidation I receive from armored martial artists. Kai figured it out that those who came to the battle between life and death would be like a lull.

That's how the armored samurai have been releasing a straight kick to shatter Kai's heart, which was about to rebuild its feelings by finding a winning chance.

No rush or nothing, really just a kick...... but it was a whirlwind-like kick that a regular person would mow his life lightly.

(I'll burn you)

Kai, who was breathing neatly, held his breath and waited for the kick to arrive.

Catch it, burn it. That's all I thought about.

Hold the toe of that braided shoe, which is iron, with both hands, and pour in your spiritual power at once to burn it down. Kai's kinetic vision quickly identified the kick and stuck to his feet as he absorbed the momentum as he jumped up.

And I beat the fire magic with the momentum that this is still...


A magical fire that gained momentum spread to the feet of the armored warrior, making a noise to try.

Moments later, Kai floated with joy, realizing that his body was being swept up as it was and thrown out into the air.

I was already grabbing my leg. My hands are apart.

And in my eyes, so intact an enemy foot at all.

The ability to 'hold protection' is due to the divine will of the Land God. That is not the power derived from the 'protectors' themselves.

"God no Spirit Ha Chang Nikokokoni"

And the armored warrior slapped my chest with a punch.

The grin that bruises the immature is spreading in its huge mouth.

"god ha shield to unoda......" possessory (more so) "shield langatameni"

Kai had his eyes open.

The armored warrior said that he was completely intact from the magical fire because God's protection had been granted. When the possessory (more so) "protective possession" is in danger of life, God grants adapted protections to eliminate the cause of the threat caught in his eyes.

God, who regarded Kai's fire magic as a serious threat, gave a new blessing that would not accept that heat.

Kai lands fluttered in the air, whilst stunned.

Does magic only work when it is not seen, when it is "the first shot"?

That's not what this is about.

Kai shakes off the shallow conclusion.

Just because it's "the first shot" doesn't mean the attack is bound to go through. If they had known from the beginning that they would use magic, they wouldn't have even gone through that 'first shot'.

Once the seed was revealed, magic and other things were just blinding... that it was only like an unusual oddity.

Well, yeah, that's why so many of the "protective hands" didn't even look at magic or anything. If it can be overwhelmed by force, it is easier and easier to understand. Because we just have to destroy the target faster than the speed at which the flesh regenerates.

In an attempt to ignite a fire, in an attempt to ignite a thunder, each time God will grant the protection of resistance. I guess the body of the armored warrior is now wrapped in highly fireproof protection.

Kai felt the winning opportunity had gone away.

And instantly, I'm determined to get away with it if I get the chance.

Few of the "defeating protectors" I've seen on the battlefield so far have ever seen such a sight. If "Protected" is thorough enough to escape, they will not be caught easily because they are good "Protected".

Kai glanced at the armored warrior.

His best path to escape is still behind that giant pig (org).

"Adult Sikh" Stone "Difference Sikh Out Se"

Although I have already been dealt with fire magic, I don't think I have yet gained any resistance to all of the magic. Its endurance against fire will surely also have limits so that the 'protective holding' body skin, no matter how hard, does not extend to iron. If we add excessive high heat to one point, for example, or we might be able to smash the protections God has given us on such a steep edge.

Besides, there are still things in Kai.

(Sword of Light...)

That conceptual sword, which even forged iron would break lightly, would probably be harder than that iron. Even the 'protective holding' bone must be able to break.

That sword would surely cleave him as if nothing had happened, no matter how sturdy his body skin was. At this stage, only the "first shot" has something written on it.

The armored warrior, who saw that no war had been lost from Kai's eyes, attacked with an obvious "physical skill" that would be the only genre. It was Kai who used all the extremities rolled out, not just the good eye, but from the look on his face, he quickly ran out of room.

It's so heavy, like every blow hit a rock mass.

I guess this comes from the difference in character between Kai and the Armored Warrior as a 'sheltered man'. From a normal person's point of view, 'sheltered' and others are all like monsters from outside, but the 'inequality' between 'sheltered' existed strictly.

The difference was that of the 'quantity of violence'. The total amount of instantaneous violence obtained from the shelter clarifies the difference in divinity.

If Kai, for example, can destroy the stone barrier in the village by hitting it with one shot, then that of this armored martial artist would be able to smash down the massive walls of the street.

I feel about that difference. The vibrations transmitted to the skeleton as they reciprocate the attack gradually start to hurt.

It was Kai who said that the beating alone could not settle the battle between the 'protectors', but gradually realized that it was a mistake.

The Strike of the Armored Warrior increases its power. As if I hadn't meant it so far...

"Next time Kosova kills Citeyal!

"... Khu"

"Valley no god wi"

The manic fever of armored martial artists was about to burn Kai down.