Kai could not even take a decent defense at any given time, just lagging back, pushed by overwhelming violence, and cornered by a tree that blocked his back. And he kept being exposed to lethal indiscriminate beatings.

The meat burns and explodes.

Bones that should be stiffer than steel stings.

Consciousness is filled with constant pain that continues to be inflicted.

Still, Kai was able to endure because a glimmer of hope was still dyed.

Not yet.

Kai's eyes cannot be closed even in the midst of a life-threatening situation.

I hold my breath and continue to crawl for the opportunity as I crumble to see the intention of the armored warrior to slap me from his hands and feet.

Considering your resistance to magic, chances are just once.

You must identify the moment when my hand will surely reach the enemy's life.

And Kai's glaring strength, which never stops him from fighting, spreads a mad grin on the face of the armored warrior. A backfist-like blow with the iron of the armor changes.

Kai's eyes looked so good.

Poking like a bird's mouth (beak) with its fingers stretched straight comes to you with increased sharpness. Kai kept seeing what that altered attack would do to me.

I twisted myself and the attack was only done to make it faint... but the next moment, the skin I came into contact with bled. Kai, who had seen it through to the end, was to look more surprised than pain.

"Responder Seyo!

I wonder what the only martial arts are rooted in the Pork (Aug) tribe so that the Hordes can learn the martial arts called Zula Flow. A wet fingertip in the blood of an armored warrior was picking small pieces of flesh.

Horribly, the armored warrior pinched Kai's flesh in an instant, twisting it so that it could be pulled a thousand times.

The armored martial artist laughed like crazy. I saw a piece of Kai's flesh that pulled a thousand pieces so that it could never be more interesting, and I threw it into my mouth and chewed it. Kai endured the severe pain that came after him by letting his teeth clasp.

"Successor gakoletoha...... arrogant no newspaper Iyo"

Terribly enough, he showed the hard shield of the "guardian" twisted and chopped just by the power of his fingertips. Was it one of the hands in the martial arts of the Pigs?

Instinctively, I sensed that it was a move that could not be done without a strict 'difference in divinity' between Kai and the armored warrior.

The god of the valley is inferior to the pig (org) in front of him in "divinity"...... the perception begins to stain Kai's brain marrow like the poison of thought. Kai's feet unconsciously fall back.

He went over my guard just at his fingertips.

In other words, armored warriors can slaughter Kai at any time with no hands.

Kai also knows that the land God has a 'character' according to the land he protects. Even the unschooled soldiers in the village know as much as your lord is Four Years Old and Olha is Three Years Old.

No matter how much Orha practises martial arts in that way, the Lord has an isolated 'strength' that does not come close at all. From the perspective of those who did not have it, it was only a distant story, such as the difference between 'sheltered', but when we caught a glimpse of the historical performance difference, we also knew why Master Orha was always regretting it.

His body skin is only slightly less stiff than iron.

As the same 'protective holding', Kai's body skin has just the same hardness, perhaps not. Probably a little softer. Therefore, the Armored Warrior's fingers can be cut a thousand times by simply pinching and twisting Kai's skin like a scissors.

And the power of the Armored Warrior's beating is so heavy that it cannot be compared to Kai's.

I find that physical forces such as this beating, kicking, jumping, etc. are not uniformly empowered, but that God is only adding strength to the muscle power that that individual is inherently capable of.

In other words, the violence that can be inflicted by training can be increased.

I understood from the bottom of my heart that this is why the Lord is so strong but not indispensable to workout.

(Ha ha ha... I don't extend to this guy at all)

There is also a difference in divinity.

There is also a lack of training for me.

There was also a huge difference in the practice of martial arts.

I thought I had to run.

In order to do this, you have to manage to reward the opponent with one arrow and create a gap where you can see your defenseless back.

"... Valley Ha I Ga offender Shiteyaro"

Kai left.

Even if we run here, this guy comes to the valley. And this is probably not the only one who's coming. The pigs broke into the valley in large numbers, and the abundance of fruit in the valley appeared to them.

And God's graveyard is violated, and the girl who will be there...... Alue is definitely slaughtered. It came to my mind that the spitting habits of the Pig (Aug) tribe would not kill her easily.

Kai shouldn't have tried.

We should not have shown that there is God's protection in the valley.

We have to kill him.

The valley is tainted.

Beautiful valleys are ravaged by the ugly.

We have to kill him.

Know that God's successor in the valley is immature.

A deceased trying to deprive me of shelter pushes me into the valley.

The decision of indiscretion to fight had cornered Kai to the point where he was already impatient.

Kill him!

Life or death.

Even if I stab him wrong, only this guy has to be knocked down here.

And if there is a next time, we must hide who the God of the valley is. I shouldn't have revealed who I was until I gained enough strength.

Kai hid his right hand behind his back. I just have to bet on that 'sword' anymore.

"Mada Weapon Hidden Citaitaka. I, Nihatsu Jinuzo."

The armored warrior totally insulted Kai and stood idly by to say that whatever hidden weapon this one had taken out could be dealt with. I don't notice Kai forming The Sword of Light with his hidden right hand with unprecedented strength.

(... he's far away. Length available)

Kai builds the 'shape of the sword' he draws in his head. The "Sword of Light" then stretched as it was thinned, and its tip touched the grass on the ground.

At that moment the grass around me is cut and scattered, and the sword shrinks only for the minute the reaction has occurred.

Kai is in a hurry to see how the armored warrior is changing. I immediately misled by pretending to back off and stepping on the grass around it.

(Longer... Longer)

Now allow space for arms to be extended diagonally.

So Kai glanced at the armored warrior and pushed his left foot, which was a handy foot, just half a step, as if he were afraid of you or something.

The relative distance from armored martial artists is generally two yul.

Half a step forward, one and a half yul.

Perhaps one yul left in one last step.

Cut one yul for the rest if you lean forward from your hips.

(There's still room for spiritual power... yes, it's a "sword of light" from 1 yul)

The left toe that was stepping out grassroots. The movement of the center of gravity begins in the twist and cai.

And the move must be through martial arts. It was also passed on to armored martial artists.

I'll bite off my bitter thoughts that if you come at me from the other side, the distance will shrink, and I'll take a look at the armored samurai waiting to identify "Kai's Hidden Ball".

He seems to be aware that something is still out there because of Kai's state of mind, who won't lose his will to hunt him down this much. I guarded the steeple with both arms, like a heavy-weight boxer.

What, a heavy cube?

Kai finally started acting, laughing a little at the memory of his past life without a recap.

There's nothing this sword can't cut.

Using the left foot that was stepping out as its starting point, Kai's power is transformed into explosive propulsion. It conveys the feeling of a bump and a thousand cuts of grass behind your left foot. Kai's power is efficiently converted into kinetic energy because they are clinging to the ground.

The armored warrior seemed surprised that his right hand, which appeared from Kai's back, was still a bare hand with nothing. The armored warrior intercepted it in the defense of the iron wall, which was supposed to be just a 'knife'. He did not take Kai's attack lightly, which he regarded as an understatement.

iron wall, the metaphor would have fired exactly the right (blackmail). Its thick, thick arms, stood as guards by armored warriors, consist not only of a robust body skin comparable to iron, but also of polar bones that should be exactly stiffer than iron, which is the core of its structure.

If it had been a normal attack by an iron weapon, it would have been completely blocked by sacrificing some of its arms, no matter how powerful it was.


I don't know armored martial artists.

That the attack unleashed by the "protectors" of the people who did not take it lightly was caused by the "invisible sword" manifested in an utterly unknown concept.

It was only a moment later that both the armored warrior and the god who was giving him his protection knew for the first time what the knowledge of the other world meant by the blow.